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  1. anyone heard anything about wellington point, victoria point, cleavland area?
  2. Hey guys, It has been a long time since I have been on here.. actually a very long time and after finally going out a couple of times after not going fishing for a while... and not getting anything, I was wondering if anyone knew of any good landbase spots that have been firing up well lately? Any help would be greatly appreciated =] Thanks guys
  3. With all the big decisions about whom to vote for etc there is always the whole thing of who will have the best interests for us if voted in. Being my first time voting and not wanting the greens to take away my rights to fish in alot of places etc.. etc... , as they continue to say they will do, I have sussed out alot of the parties and was still confused. ALthough, the other day whilst at fishhead, I was looking around and something caught my eye. I picked up a brochure for a party that seems to have the best interest for us. Like many parties who have empty promises, this party seems to genuinely care. />http://www.shootersandfishers.org.au/ Still trying to decided but this is looking more and more promising.
  4. Hey all, Heading out tomorrow with Mr Felix to coomera under the M1 bridge for a bit of a landbased flick. Will be there around 6:30 tomorrow morning if anyone wants to pop down and say hello etc if you have the day off. Should be there most of the day, providing we get the action. Cheers, Miss M
  5. In total agreeance with this, especially after my incident with my foot that I had recently. You just never know and you dont want it to go downhill, it is deffinately not a good thing. :dry: On the up side, what a great read! :laugh: After reading this, it makes me feel better that I havent been having any luck lately (especially with finding the fish). Deffinately hang in there. I sympathaise all to well with you and lets hope next time isnt full off mishaps!
  6. Damn... Wish I could but Mr Felix and I got plans together. One day....
  7. Nice fish, no... not nice fish, Great Fish! Well done mate... As HookedOnTackle said.... Am SUPER jealous. Keep up the great fishing.
  8. Congrats on the First Prize and deffinately a great size for a Bream! Great work. Sounds likes everyone had a good time!
  9. Hmmm, I hope that the weather isn't so crap towards the end of the week... Was gunna go for a fish myself. Where about are you fishing?
  10. Congrats Guys, your gunna have fun. As alot of people said.. pooy nappies, sleepless nights, vomit, crying and screaming.... you're deffinately going to have fun.. Sure you will both do well with the little one! Congrats once again!
  11. Hey Mate. A Making tide is the rising from a low to a high. As Mr Felix said, there are generally pleanty of pike, bream etc. around wellington point if you ever needed a new spot. Hope you have fun catching them pike. I know I had fun on my first, alas, it was not on plastic, it was on another chunk of pike Great fish to catch!
  12. The guy at Tackle Warehouse in Cooperoo did it for $650. That was with a bit off I believe.
  13. Glad that Feral and his daughter are ok and that the accident was not any more serious. Hope answers are found soon and that its nothing to serious. Best Wishes.
  14. Welcome to the site mate. As tugger said, there is pleanty of info here and there are alot of people willing to give advice. Also, check the previous posts made by people for the area that your fishing in. It might help. Miss M
  15. That is appaling to see, yet I cant say that I can not believe that anyone would do this. There has been pleanty of times when Mr Felix and I have been fishing and seen people drinking and carrying on, only to find they have left their rubbish behind for others to clean up. It's wrong but we should come to grips with the fact that not everyone cares as much as we do. As for the fish that they left, it makes me sick to see that anyone one would leave these creatures like that. It makes me think if they had ever thought on how they would like it if they were those creatures and someone just left them on the beach to die. Although I severly doubt that this thought would never pass through their heads. Things like this will deffinately bring the day closer where rec fisherman like us are told that we are not allowed to fish again. It is the last thing that any of us would want.