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    LOve Fishing Work at BCF Virginia and Any fishing suits Me Fine As Long As Im Out On The Water
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  1. went out fishing this morning weather was awesome. caught some snapper on jigs, and then hooked this fish...? I was thinking saddle tailed snapper, however the head seems to be more from the perch family... maybe haha I don't do a lot of deeper water fishing so hopefully someone has caught or heard one of these fish before any info would be great cheers Hamish
  2. good to see you got some. more time on the water always rewards those who persist! also have a crack in the northern bay around pearl channel in the early morning, look for water around 10-15m deep and fish a runout tide. most of the fish we pull are caught on micro jigs 30-40grams right on the bottom. goodluck
  3. have a look at the lowrance elite 5 combo unit bcf have them on special for $749 every now and then and are a great option if your after a colour fishfinder and gps setup. they come with a current navionics gold card set witch retails for $389 so saving a fortune there. plus they are a great unit for the bay and even light offshore use too. cheers Hamish
  4. HamishF

    Scarborough .

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qs3Cxc2MkeM we did this out of a two person fibreglass yak. straight out from the point.
  5. sounds like an awesome session there i caught this jewie off the opposite breakwall on the Iluka side went 122cm, 22kg and went like a freight train on 20lb braid haha try getting a two piece 12ft rock gaff from bcf its what we used on the trip and so happy we did otherwise we would have had no chance at the rocks. also have you tried yellow tail *yakka* they work a treat down there if you can jigem up off the rocks cheers Hamish
  6. HamishF

    Rock Fishing

    hey guys just a quick question on to whether there is any decent rock fishing locations within a 2hr - 3hr drive. im really keen to try for tuna and macs off the rocks on my heavy spin gear. cheers Hamish
  7. epic setup mate goodluck with the sale
  8. Hey Everyone selling my daiwa t3 ballistic baitcaster reel . it is almost brand new used once at nudgee and once for wild river bass. comes spooled with spiderwire camo braid in 15lb which is awesome stuff. be a great dam bass reel or summer jack reel with the new t-bar system it casts a mile even the lightest plastics and hardbodies. bought it only two weeks ago and now realise they have left hand models on the market :pinch: dont have a picture of my reel but its in perfect condition without a scratch or scuff. http://daiwafishing.com.au/?page_id=8688 anyway wanting 250 with braid Cheers Hamish
  9. envious of the rcs handles haha how much did you pick them up for?
  10. fantastic looking! soo i noticed they are in bcf's system and ive been told we should be gettting them in soon, but im sure you'd be able to special order i think if not id say wait another few weeks then give your closest stores a go, because so far i havent seen a store with them :cheer:
  11. hey everyone so went for a fish last friday in the morning at Scarborough reef in the morning whilst the weather was still ok haha got down to the boat ramp at 6 and was taking a mate out to Scarborough for a quick session, since last time went well. so we decided to give his canoe a crack out there. with the little electric wired to the battery and the rods loaded in we set off to the shallow reef finally after about 30mins we finally got to my first mark and began to flick some plastics about .... next minute bang! little 2inch shrimp got crunched haha the little 2000 certate was screaming with big headshakes and began to think squire. after losing a bit of line decided to chase the fish to make sure we had the best chance of landing it, so moved closer to the fish and with a big pink flash i was thinking dinner was already in the canoe haha we saw the fish almost to the surface and estimated 55cm but then getting it almost to the surface one headshake threw the hook :ohmy: oh well no worries we shifted back to another different patch of rubble and in again my mate xan was on with a lovely moses perch at 35cm. he then later on got a small cod on a zerek prawn in the larger size greedy little thing haha. surprisingly enough though we also had 2 bust offs on 20lb with a 20lb leader be calling another cod or snapper? after a few more hook ups and smaller bream we re positioned for another drift and flicked out again ... flick flick bang! another weighty fish was on my line this time not as hard fighting but still great fun on only a 3-5lb black label. after a short fight i saw the black strip on the tail and knew it was a decent bream after it finally broke the surface it wasnt a bream it was a tank and as it slid into the net we could see how beefy it really was haha weighed in at 1.5kg and went 43cm :woohoo: as the wind picked up we called it and decided to make a move home. was a great day out with lots of excitment, a few bust offs and a heap of fish. so far the shallow reefs have never failed to suprise me. my mate put the footage together and made a video of the day check it out! Xan filming behind and myself up the front />http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qs3Cxc2MkeM
  12. hey mate, is that a malibu mini-x ? how stable is it?
  13. http://www.sony.com.au/product/dsc-hx200v yeah a sony dsc-hx200v cybershot and so far utterly fantastic
  14. great yak goodluck with the sale mate