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    Any1 been haulin'and squiddies yet ? Bit early ?
  2. To satisfy my HB Lure Fishing Fetish i really wanna try Canungra this weekend.For Bass. I am not expecting Secret Spot Locations but perhaps some info on fishing the river ? Poppers,Shallows,Spinners...? Thanks.
  3. Customer Service Supervisor/Project Manager in the HV Electrical Industry. We are the largest Manufacturer of Cable Support Systems in Australia.
  4. Havent been taking many photos lately....but the Bream on light gear was a highlight,especially on a popper at sunset and the prawns didnt go down to bad either....
  5. Check out the Field Test on the Shakespeare Deceiver DCV1025.Great little reel and looks good also.
  6. I have a large screen and it looks fine but i did notice that its a bit hard on the eyes. Thanks. Now all i have to do is work out how to do it @!!@
  7. Thank Ian. I really did love using the Trion,it had all the boxes ticked that u wanted in a rod. The weight and feel of this particular rod was quite good considering the $$. The problem really was an overall quality issue with the guide alignment and ofcourse the fact it snapped like a twig. I have spoken to many people who have had a Trion for years....and no problem. I suppose at the end of the end of the day i just want people to read the Field Test before purchasing so they can make an informed decision on what they are purchasing. I do have a few old Ugly Sticks carried over from my years of fishing,great rods,but basically as you are aware,people want High Tech Graphite,IPS,Alconite,SIC,EPA,HDG....damn ! I didnt realise that todays fish is so sophisticated ! In the 80's i was a BIG Jarvis Walker fan,and have a few of there best rods,but they are collecting dust these days. I also recently approached Fenwick to become a Distributor of there many fine products.....its a great rod and a great name....but we really dont get a 1/4 of what they make out here....i am still awaiting a reply but i wont hold my breath. Thanks for the reply.
  8. Any idea how old it is ? Has it got a short butt ? Thanks.
  9. Thanks bud. The GENIII represents good value and quality. The IM6 blank is perfect.Could'nt ask for anything more. I was throwing Soft Plastics with it a few weeks ago and landed a 60cm PLUS Flathead with it,on 2kg line. It handled it with realtive ease. They cast well also and have heaps of power for a 1-3kg rod. They look good also.... Thanks for the reply,if u happen to buy a GENIII let me know what you think.
  10. Brand:Tokushima Country Of Origin:China Price As Tested $28.00 Delivered ( ) Weight:186.9 Grams Length:110mm Material:Alum Ported Spool,Graphite Frame,SS316 Bearings,SS316 Bail and Roller,Alum Handle,Fine Increment Front Mounted Drag,SS316 Main ShaftDrag System: 3 disc,Ball Bearing,Fibre Washer,Machined Washers Finish:Chrome Finish with Gold Inserts Dealer Description ( Now $60.00 ) NEW TOKUSHIMA SA1000 SOFT PLASTICS SPINNING Fishing Reel 5.2:1 Fast Ratio 11 Japanese Stainless Steel Ball Bearings High Intense, Corrosion Resistant Graphite Body Aluminium Spool Triangle Shaped High Rigid Rotor SDS "Super Drag System" Intensive Drag Power Precision, Efficient Drive System Super Strong Aluminium Handle with Custom Wooden Knob Super Strong Anti-Backlash System Infinite Anti-Reverse Easy Access Side Cover Removal Supreme Smooth Line Lay and Rotor Balanced System Ergonomic Body Design Reinforced Main Shaft High Quality Japanese One Way Ball Bearing Multi Ball Bearings Construction Design for Smoother Casting Suitable for Soft Plastics/Threadline/Spinning rods Attractive Pearl Colour Body / Silver & Gold Colour Spool Elite Quality! Custom Fit and Finish! Upon first impression product is very light.Nice. Exceptional drag,passed the drag-line-pull test very easily,very smooth,looks good,smooth action,easy bail flip and activation,ported alum.spool,nice handle,rubber grip. Bad points is that this reel needs to be shown the love.Harsh environments like i encountered a few weekends ago do not agree with this reel. Upon pulling this product apart,sand was a major factor in its fall from grace. When i 1st purchased it,and used it,i was absolutely stoked.It performed so well. But add Salt and Sand,Bearing Failure imminent. Absolutely no sealing arrangement from the Drive Shaft to the Gearbox.There is a SS316 washer that seems to be a Spacer of some sort,to maybe put some Pre-Load on the Internals...also acts as Seal,but poor fit makes it pointless. Hex cut gearing looked good,but showed serious signs of wear,with pitting on the Drive Gear (sand )and excessive chipping on the edge of the Driven Gear. Bearings were of poor quality.Excessive play.SS316 Inner and Outer Race with Chrome Steel Balls.Pointless. Where my hand and fingers rub on the side of the Bail Arm Cover,and other points,the finish is already wearing away...But all in all,after i cleaned it up,it does the job great. What the ? Just dont drop it in the water and sand like i did ! I would have to rate this one as a 6.5/10 overall. Looses big points for inferior internal design.Anti Run-Back Bearing made of flimsy plastic cage,and ss316 Needle Point Rollers,not even a Interferance Fit,putting them back into the cage was very time consuming. Seems to work on a Nylon Geared Washers,opposed,to assist in the Anti Run-Back.Very ordinary....I have delegated this reel as my Live Bait Set Up,throwing it on my "one of the 1st" to hit the country Shimano Catana,if you have one,you know what i mean...beautifully balanced combo. Goes great,and would be FANTASTIC as a Freshwater Reel...But you really work reels hard throwing Plastics and HB's,and this reel will do that,but only to a certain point.... Wouldnt pay anymore than $30 for this reel. Caveat Empor !
  11. Brand:Pfleuger Model:Trion Line Class:1-3kg Cast Weight:Handles anything up to 8grams Product ID:PFLT-SP701ULT Price As Tested:$80 BCF (Be quick) Pieces:1 Line weight tested:1kg Reel used:Tokushima ss1000 11 Ball Bearing HM45 Graphite.Nice weight.This sucker is LIGHT. Well above average cork quality.Feels great in the hand.Nice. Fuji seat and Alconite guides.The normal. Good amount of runners.Suitably spaced.Seems to be a little excessive these days.... Binding looks cheap,not straight finish when bound.Gappy. Extremely light,perhaps the lightest i have ever used.IM7 and IM8 territory. Attractive Split Butt design.Aluminium (?) caps on ends of cork.Nice touch.Classy. First impression was tip was a bit 'soft'.Ok for HB,but for SP,i would have prefered something a bit stiffer.However was equally up to the task.Whippy would be going to far,but not by much. Fantastic using bait.Lots of feel.I only use small sinkers,so casting distance is always an issue,but with this rod,i can throw little weights further than i am used to.Especially my 6g Surface Poppers. This rod is ultra sensative.BUT.Read on.... When i used HB's and SP's i have found that this rod is absolutely perfect for this application. Seems to pull in the weighter fish with relative ease.I found that with the butt length,i can really stick it to the bigger species.Looks great.Classy. Overall unreal value @ $80.Trying making it for that !! Blank construction looks nice in sunlight,with the internal wraps showing...'spankin' ! Out of the 5 that i looked at,only 2 had the reel seat and runners lining up.This is an absolute disgrace by Pflueger,which should have been correctly lined up without customers checking,and should have been found before hitting the shelves,if there was a quality control in place.Be warned..... A recent visit to my Fathers place @ Fingal Head,i thought i would throw a 10g slug,as i had done many times before with this rod..... To my dismay,and only 10 seconds after telling everyone how great the rod 'was' snapped.Very public ! Upon inspection the blank is WAFER thin,very surprised...HM45 Graphite,no thanks. I took it back to Charltons and they very happily swapped it for the Berkley GENIII,which is the best decision i have made for some time,concerning tackle. Thanks Charltons.Greatly appreciated. Overall 8/10. Looses points for seat alignment issue and cheap looking binding.And ofcourse "Automatic 2 Piece Option".....!! Good Points Are: *Value for money *Light as a feather *Good cork *Fuji gear with heaps of guides *5 year 'Very Conditional' Warranty *Great at all different styles of fishing *Great looking blank Dont get me wrong,this is a fantastic 'Entry Level' rod,and i am sure that there is hundreds of others out there who swear by them.Great.Its such a shame about the Seat Alignment Issue and the fact it snapped.... I dont think i would buy another,after seeing how thin it actually is. It is fantastically light and responsive.And this is why i gave it 8/10. Tight lines !
  12. Model:Shimano Catana 702 Line Weight:2-4kg Material:Graphitey Fibreglassy Stuff ! Reel:Jarvis Walker 5 Ball Bearing Gold Soverign Series This was my very 1st Soft Plastics Rod.I have owned it for over 4 years,and absolutely adore it. At a time when there were big $$$ SP style rods around,this one seems to have a place in the chain of fine tackle for little $$$. Fuji everything.Good start. Great quality cork which has taken an absolute beating and yet still remains as good as the day i bought it.Quality. The short butt may be a disadvantage,as it has ZERO pulling power,but that just makes the rod an absolute delight to use,as even small fish seem to put on quite a !! I notied that about 12-18 months ago,they changed the design,to a longer butt,and a physically heavier taper.Yuk. Upon inspection of these 'Gen2' models,i was disappointed as they failed to capture the essence,presence and style of the 1st Gen models...disapointed. I have numerous photos of fish caught on this rod,photographed on the "Chopping Board Of Death",some are really solid fish,which i feel is testament of the design. Those who own the 1st Gen models will surely agree how robust and sturdy these rods are. Very thin taper with a stiff tip seems to be a good recipe,and throw in some Fuji Runners and Seat and you most certainly have an excellent Soft Plastics rod.This rod is as stiff as a Porn Star on Viagra. Close inspection of the blank reveals a classy wrap under the dark blue exterior.Nice. Weight is one of the lightest around,throwing this old girl around all day is no problem,almost a pleasure.... I know that there are may of Tackle Users out there who have physically better rods,equipped with better materials,but i can guarantee those who dont own ones of these are most certainly missing out.... 2000 sized reel on these rods feels out of place,i would most certainly recommend a 1000-1500 size reel. Extremely well balanced.My 'ebay special' 1000 sizeTokushima has now taken up residence on its seat,and i am postive the rod has many more years of solid reliable fishing ahead of it. I just absolutley adore this rod,its just such a basic recipe:Blank,Runners,Seat. I know that these are now had for $65,the new models,with Split Butt,but i have noticed that they have gone back to the old blank taper....great...because it works. G Loomis lovers read and weap..... Tight lines !
  13. Manufacturer:Shimano Model:100GA Type:Baitcaster Price New 2008:$125 Rod:Tweed Tackle Shop Custom Blank.Japanese Manufactured. Wow,what can i say,when everyone has seemed to jump on the Spinning Reel Merry-Go-Round,its always nice to have a quality baitcaster in the arsenal. Lightweight Graphite Frame,4 Ball Bearings,Rubber Grips,Nice. I feel that the greatest thing about this reel would definately be the drag.Precise.This sucker is Smoooooth. 6.2:1 ratio comes in handy when using hard-bodys.Makes up for the small size spool. Attractive solid 'machined' handle which is a nice touch. Have caught some nice fish on this reel,photgraphed on the "Chopping Board Of Death",so can honestly say that this is a quality product at a great price. Casting is a breeze with the 'Shimano Variable Brake System',which is a simple counterweight system,usually reserved for the bigger $$$ reels. The spool disengagement system is a bit clunky i thought,so a quick dab of magic oil made quite a difference.Easy fix. Weighs in at 240 grams which isnt to bad either. Nice anti-runback system.Smooth. Another plus is thats it extremely easy to pull apart,there and then,if required,with a 1/4 turn spool access system.Valuable. Absolutely impossible to thread the line through the front in the dark,making it obsolete for night fishing if you run into trouble.Help. And as all baitcaster users know,this is inevitable after 3/4 of the line makes its way skyward .Would be nice to see an easier access for the front of the reel. But then again,it would make the reels low profile design defunct. If you are casting less than 6 grams,forget it.This DESIGN not the REEL makes its impossible. I suppose thats why everyone uses a Spinning Reel....i know that the advantages of the old "egg-beater" has made the baitcaster a rare site.Shame. A great thing that Shimano has designed is the over-sized Star Drag.Easy to use when you really need it. Another fantastic feature is the 10 year warranty.I feel this shows Shimano's commitment to there product,and from what i have heard,its worth its weight in gold.Keep the receipt handy ! Comes in the standard Shimano Box,with complete breakdown,so easy to service and clean yourself. A great reel,very smooth,very reliable,good design and style. One point that really is a nice touch on this model,is the spool adjustment.This is precision all the way. Another above 'Entry Level' Baitcaster,that will provide great satisfaction for years to come. Has most certainly stood the test of time....but like all baitcasters,baby them and they will perform for decades. Tight lines !
  14. Model Tested:G3DS702-13 Line Weight:1-3kg Length:7.0ft Pieces:2 Reel:Line Weight:2kg Reel:Shakespeare Deceiver DCV1025 Visual impression of the as tested rod was pleasing. Solid color and design,allthough could do without the "X-Factor Vin Diesel" tattoo above the grip,but all gripes aside,a very attractive blank. Fuji Alconite guides and Fuji IPS reel seat is a plus,and i found the guides well spaced,and yes,the seat matched the 1st runner ( Pflueger take notice ) IM6 Graphite was strong,great for SP's,and whippy enough for long casts,and manipulating poppers,perfectly.Impressive. This rod can cast,using a 6g Popper,i was definatley throwing them further than the Pfluger Trion.... High Density Grip System was easily up tp the task,but i feel that a corp grip would better suit the blank,as "feel" was much less than my Pfluger Trion 1-3kg.Not by much.Very Comfortable to use. As far as the HDG goes,time will tell as how it will age. For a 2 piece rod,i did not find it as "rigid" as others,and was quite surprised as how "integrally balanced" the outfit felt. Using a 10 ss316bb Shakespeare Deceiver DCV1025 1000 size reel,the outfit was very comfortable to use. Catching numerous species over the weekend,the rod felt more "powerful" than the Trion,and was able to definately give more stick,a testament to the blank. On one fish,a solid 32 something cm @ the fork Bream,the rod's fighting action was definately on the money,a perfect linear curve,and took the fishes weight easily,and gave back more than it recieved. All up,a great rod for the $$,strong,usuable,quality components and always Field Ready,could easily double its application;from a Finesse Bream Rod,to chasing down Big Flatties and throwing little slugs for Tailor,Trevally and Queenfish. This rod has potential.... Wait a few more months,and these will be had for a song....the perfect back-up rod. Now i have owned this rod for some time and i can honestly say that its a great rod. The IM6 rated Graphite gives a great balance between weight an feel and most importantly,rigid strength. I have really given this rod a beating and where i feel IM7 and IM8 rods would have snapped,this rod has kept on going.... Obviously its not as light or sensative as IM7/8,i feel this is a great back-up rod or a quality built above entry level item. Tight Lines !