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    pretty new to fishing,enjoy it with my kids,mainly landbased.
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  1. I lashed out and got a stradic fl, 2500 for my kayak rod, I've always rinsed my reels, off after doing the gc estuaries, but the reel instructions, say no go, so I've been doing it wrong all these years, interested in others experiences cheers john
  2. Thanks guys, so all good it's only 6lb,samsteele very funny, gave me a laugh, and yes it would serve me right lol. With my history' of catching fish, highly unlikely to land anything to big, thanks guys cheers John
  3. I got a new stradic fl 2500,and got it spooled at bcf, they didn't put any backing on, does that really matter. Was just wondering, also what's a good surface rod recommended to match it with, cheers John.
  4. G'day all, I'm after some sunglasses for fishing, must be uv rated, tough etc any recommendations I know they'll cost. I mainly fish off my kayak, estuaries on the gold coast, cheers in advance, john
  5. Thanks any standout colours, weights, I just fish gc estuaries. Sorry yes I got some atomic lures, I'm referring to vibration lures, the metal ones, blades, cheers
  6. Just wondering, vibe colours, size etc for chasing bream, you guys have had success on, perhaps throwing next to pylons and open water to try, also experience with them, cheers in advance for any help, John
  7. I fish light gear, I know all the experts say use mono with surface lures, just wondering if any one had had success just using fluro, instead of changing to mono.
  8. Took awhile to retrieve it, ok, I'll look for a local service person, thanks ellicat
  9. I was on my second outing on my kayak, and dropped my brand new shimano nasci reel in the the drink, it rinsed it out when I got home, any advice appreciated, like how long will it now last lol. I bought to replace my symetre, but in the brief period of use, I don't think it's anywhere near the symetre, anyhow cheers
  10. Anyone got one of these, they can give me some advice on please. I'm thinking of getting my first kayak, just to cover more territory around the coast, should all be pretty flat water, but I travel from Toowoomba so needs to be a one man show on my Ute and I'm not young any more. Any advice appreciated cheers.
  11. Thanks elicat, no worries drop bear, don't get out much, but try to contribute, even if it's only to tell of my donut lol
  12. Hired a tinnie today at Jacobs well with my work offsider, fished all day, moving around lots, I used soft plastics and my go to hard body, dawia double clutch. Didn't catch a thing, but kept getting caught up in weed, was a pain because I coudnt see it till I dragged my lures through, tried to work out a plan b but unfortunately, coudnt. Very frustrating after driving from Toowoomba, Dave on bait got two undersized bream, and something called a pike eel, very sinister looking, as his got a disability (and I don't mean me) he was happy. Anyhow beats being at work, cheers all john
  13. Hi all When I travel with my rods, I've usually got a lure or jig head on and of course they snag everything on my vehicle, plus if I carry them on a boat the same problem. Is there anything locally you can get that wraps or snaps around them to prevent this problem when travelling. Cheers john
  14. Yes drop bear, I dropped my guard and wore some of them, very sharp mate. Cheers
  15. Caught this today in the Tweed, can someone I'd it please, cheers john M