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  1. Hi guys just another quick report, With a window of oppertunity arriving between work and the missus being out shopping I made the call to launch the boat yesterday to chase tuna.? After a quick post offering a spot on facebook a good mate called from Cleveland and was keen to jump on. Jesus that's pressure to find fish if ever I saw it!!!! We shot out from mooloolaba with awesome conditions, first we drifted a few shallow reefs waiting to see tuna and birds and mark came up right on a reefie that had other ideas a mark was obviously half asleep and before long my dinner busted him off It didn't take long for the tuna to arrive and from then on for the next 2 hours we had fun catching tuna from pretty much every school Anything worked, slugs poppers walkers any size . So if your keen to catch a tuna wether you've caught 100 or never got one now is your time. The gneerings marker boy can easily be reached in a 4m boat it's on every marine map and isn't far from the marina We caught fish on a variety of setups, no need for anything fancy my biggest tuna came on my bass setup - 2000 sized reel and 10lb braid
  2. Hi guys anyone up on the sunny coast that wants to come for a fish tonight would be good to meet up. Message me on 0449876283 Will be fishing from 830 ish until 11 Thanks
  3. HHi guys just a quick report for those that are up on the Sunshine Coast over easter. On the low tides there are some great worming flats on the beaches from mudjimba to coolum, I was down there yesterday and managed 30 odd worms in an hour! There not large but they are fat and will certainly provide 3 baits each. There are good numbers of whiting in the Curramundi lake entrance. Just follow "gothic" parade to the End you'll see the large lake entrance, the far side has the better banks and there are slso plenty of yabby banks here. Re surf beaches up here are taking a flogging from the swell and there are plenty of nice gutters to fish. I've found a favorite in the stretch from Caloundra to currumundi and there seem to be some good Jew getting about through them on the top of the tide. This one yesterday morning went 91cm but I'm hooked bigger models and got dusted on 40lb after Long fights. Whole squid on a snell rig or a whole whiting should see you into the action pretty fast. I've not been offshore lately but I can tell you the yellowfin tuna are thick off Noosa at the moment along with a good number of long tails. Hope this helps anyone coming up for easter weekend Cheers guys
  4. I had a fair idea that they were in the area so a big burley trail soon had them coming close
  5. You only need ice if you care about hygiene, not everyone keeps fish to eat them, These fish were not planned for human consumption. Use your imagination I won't answer questions.
  6. Well if there's one type of fishing that I enjoy the most I think it would have to be mackerel. There are so many ways to chase these guys but I've got a 2 that I like the most. A week or so ago I went in search of them, leaving Noosa in the dark is always abit of a heart in mouth operation across that bar but with the weather and wind playing nice we jumped it around 3 am and decided to head up rainbow beach looming for the macks, Well the two ways I like to chase them is with floating pillies and Livies under a balloon. As its so relaxing and extremely effective. With big spaniards The first run is so brutal, if your not ready you'll usually just see the rod tip barely bounce thinking you had a bite or a reefie has come up and hit your pilchard which usually results in me sitting there for 20 minutes with nothing on the end of the line as the whole Los been snipped of without me even realizing. After an hours dash up rainbow we set the anchor and began a big burley trial, the fish took a while to arrive but once they did it was just rediculous. We has multiple double hook ups, 2 triple hookups and for first time for me we managed a quad hook up. We did manage to get this on film but are keeping the footage to make a summer mackerel clip. Seeing one rod go off makes relieved that the drive was worth it, seein two go off together makes you smile, when the third goes off you just laugh and when the fourth starts screaming you just pray they don't all go into one big mess, thankfully the fourth on this occasion sniped us off and the third fish just got locked drag in The rod holder. I've just recently had a Baitmate bait tank and rod holder setup installed on te boat and I couldn't be happier. Until next time Cheers
  7. great news mate, i wasnt aware you were fighting it but thats great to hear ‘callum
  8. Hi guys, been a while since visits to the forum but i thought id share with you a little session that happened the other day for those guys that are not on facebook. A quick call to a mate Greg Carter on monday arvo discussing random rubbish when he pops up with the fact that hes taking his new punt out to blood it tomorrow, well within a few seconds i diagnosed myself with a 24 hour sickness and the plan was made to strap the punt to the roof and head for the sandy straights for an arvo session. As planned we the the girl onto the roof and set off, quite where we were going i wasnt sure, but i knew one thing was for sure, Greg would have been doing some research through different channels and i was lucky to be sitting next to him being taxied to the spot. A clouple of hours later were unstrapping the punt and carrying it down some snakey looking back to the waters edge, in goes the electric and the battery and armed with a few lures each we set off down this little creek searching for either a bass, a jacks or a barra. We fished for around 4 hours managing 3 jacks a barra and a qld gouper. Gregs Barra would have to be the highligh of the trip and a very nice looking fish and great size for the skinny water we were fishing. thats all from me guys, hopefully this wind backs off abit and i can get the boat out offshore again after her servie and new baitmate bait board arrives. thanks callum
  9. Abit worried about this cricket talk. Ill use my sick days to to fish instead of watch cricket I think callum
  10. Hi guys this may seem insane of me to offer this but here goes, I am going home to the UK over xmas and new year. ill be leaving around the fifteenth of December and back on the sixth on January. I would prefer to loan it to someone i have had previous dealings with on this forum but would also be open to a new member. There are obviously a few things to sort out prior ,like covering insurance, where you plan to store it etc etc but give me a pm and we can have a talk. i would rather the boat be used than sitting on the drive.
  11. Any one want to fish Barumba Sunday morning Late notice but call me 0449876283 Open to anyone Launching at the dam at 4am Cheers
  12. This is going to be tops. Another generous donation from nordic stage I hear. Nice work angus
  13. My brother from Rocky (who had the boat prior to it coming down here) is down for the first week of the hols so will hopefully get him out once or twice (failing that will at least go to Harries). We are up in Noosa from the Thursday of the first week til the Tuesday of the 2nd week for a wedding (packing the surf rods in hope of some tailor action .....) so will hopefully get out during the 2nd week as well. You off work on the school hols Mark? give me a shout and we can try and hook up a session while your in noosa. Callum