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    Boat Owner for 4 years, fishing on/off most of my life.
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    Estuary and Coastal Fishing
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  2. 1st one's pretty freaky - took a few goes. 2nd pic is still a work in progress (assuming it's for real...& there's actually something there...) EDIT: got it now, 1st one is better
  3. Well done on the epic fight - that Tuna was massive. We saw you guys cleaning the huge haul of mack fillets at the ramp on the way back (made my wife's flounder & bream seem more like a snack for the seagulls by comparison I could tell by the way Cammo was filleting & skinning that he's done this a few times before... oh to catch even one of the specimens you guys were onto. Nice work.
  4. Great work on the lizzards Nathe. They make for an awesome feed! We'll get out around the islands again soon.
  5. Nice to see your eldest getting onto a decent Snapper there. I'll have to get back to Mud again soon as it's been nearly 4 weeks since getting out (ramp at Pinkenba is so much closer for us too). We caught some 27-30cm juveniles last time (all thrown back of course) but the 35cm+ Snapper has still alluded me after years attempting. Flicking plastics around Mud has given us a renewed confidence that it's possible - just gotta find their parents :dry: Good work. ps - the sandhills you mean over near Moreton?
  6. I asked my wife for the same thing for xmas and we ended up deciding on the Garmin GPS 72H (the next step up from the classic ETREX). It's got a few more features but the main thing was more memory for marks & routes than the ETREX. It's got quite a few useful page types to navigate from (ie. map, compass, 3D. I sync it all up to the PC via USB cable too so your marks are saved. Cool feature is you can upload your trail / marks / route etc to Google Earth and see exactly where you've been
  7. Agree - we spent a 4 day w'end at Brunswick River camping and had a great time. Powered sites even! Boat was a bit big for the river but we still made it all the way up river to Mullumbimby. Heaps of free gas BBQ's & amenities areas too.
  8. My girl & I have a passion for 'easy' camping & the best of the last 10 years has easily been the fabulous MUNNA POINT (Noosaville). We do better fishing off that beach than anything we catch from the boat up there. Restaurants & cafe's are a pleasant 10min stroll away along the esplanade. Protected deep water channel runs directly past the camp site and the view from the waterfront sites just have to be seen to be believed. North Currigee (Sth Straddie) comes in a close second - but you need a boat to get all your gear there (no cars allowed).
  9. We launched from Scarborough on the Sat morning but forgot about the world Ski championship / power boat racing as part of the Redcliffe festival.... We were worried we wouldn't be able to find a bloody ramp that wasn't taken over by the event! The coastguard ramp was the only one we could use. Tried a few prawns around the Scarborough reef, then over to D Bay, then finally in the Caboolture river mouth but barely a bite. Damn - should've gone to Morton instead... Perfect day for it, good to be out.