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  2. I agree to a point. I am often conflicted by fish welfare, and care greatly about my catch, more often than not these days all my catches are released in the water immediately. As far as the hook in the mouth thing goes, does it hurt them, who knows at this stage. Lets not forget they eat all sorts of spiny, stingy, bitey stuff. So a small sharp hook in the mouth, sure its not fun, but I doubt it scars them for life. Take fish tagging programs for example, I think the fastest re-capture I have heard of is less than 1 minute, goes to show if good care is taken some species wont even go off their food. As you said, that sort of thing is mindless additional cruelty and cannot be justified by how the fish got there. There is no excuse for it at all.
  3. Nup, if you do s*** like that you are a t***, simple as that. Just because its not an edible or fun to catch fish is no excuse for treating a living animal like that. Its attitudes like that that give the extreme green groups ammunition to come at the great percentage of fishos that actually care about the fish and the environment. What a turkey.
  4. I wouldn't do it, I am now the proud owner of a Live Fibre M10 that is shaped like a banana due to a hot day in my car years ago. If it is created using heat you can guarantee that heat can undo all the good stuff it did to create it.
  5. They look ok, but I honestly wouldnt bother with them, an anthrax costs $35 or close to, but how many are you going to lose? I fish heaps and other than the odd plastic I cant remember the last time I lost an expensive lure, in fact I have some lures that have caught me more than 20 jacks and still go strong, works out to barely $1 per fish. Also the R&D that goes into an anthrax or any other lure made by the famous japanese brands is significant, and in my opinion makes those lures account for more fish in the hands of a reasonably skilled fisherman. If it gets you out on the water having a crack go for it, but if you can afford the real deal, if only one, go that route, you wont regret it.
  6. Maroochydore is pretty good, I have only been there once but we hooked (and lost) some big fish that day. If you do go up there, the best technique for us in that area was jerk baits on rock walls.
  7. G'day mate, Jacks are a fickle species, plenty of people give up before they crack the code, so stick with them. The heaviest I run is 30lb leader, I can fish that fully locked up no worries so I have never felt the need to go up from that, until you start hooking them I would try 20lb just to tip the scales in your direction a little, then if you are getting bricked go up again. I dont worry about the tide too much where I fish, you can always find a location that looks like it will work no matter where the tide is, look for back eddies and pressure points in general, these give the jacks good spots to sit and wait for an easy feed. You will catch them all the way up into the fresh when the conditions are right, I find in the areas I fish that with rain they push up into the system. As far as where to find them, ie snags etc, one thing I have learnt is there are no rules for this species, anywhere they have some sort of cover near by and a good feed they will be there at some stage during the season, finding a good population is the key to them. They move heaps, but the most dominant snags in a river will usually hold fish for a good percentage of the season. Good luck, and just stick to them, I have learnt more about chasing jacks by having donut sessions that hot sessions, anyone can get one when they are on, its figuring out the pattern that will have you catching them week in week out.
  8. They must have been crackers to kill you on 30lb mate! I had no love on the weekend either, had the biggest topwater take I have ever seen, but the bloody thing totally missed the lure... Such a good season this year though, so many monsters getting boated each week!
  9. I'd be selling all my gear and retiring from Jack fishing if that was my first! Thats like climbing Everest without oxygen the first time you have strapped a pair of hiking boots on. Doesnt get much better than that!
  10. Sounds like an awesome session mate, you have the jacks sussed this year by the looks of it! Some people are twits arent they! Its a real Gold Coast issue though, I have been doing a trip up the Sunny Coast now and then lately, the residents there are super friendly and always up for a chat. I wonder if they stand out on the street in front of their house and scream at people walking their dogs, same thing but I bet they dont.
  11. That fish was the culprit, still dirty I never got a measure on it, I knew it was big but when it came up out of the dirty flood water it blew my mind.
  12. They are a character building species thats for sure, many a trip has been had without a bite, only to have a hot bite and get owned every time... Speaking of hooks, I still have a TT XH jig head that was bent at 90 degrees half way down the hook from the biggest jack I have landed, I dont even think I could do that in a vice, angry things they are!
  13. One spends more time back at the shop getting fixed, the other lives on your boat and you fish with it... :whistle: Aside from the piss take, Watersnake is a Jervis Walker brand, Riptide is a model of Minn Kota.
  14. I will agree with all the above comments, had an Ipilot, sold it and got a Maxxum, way better for me. Cable steer just has heaps less stuff to have dramas with, and I was a shocker for leaving my Ipilot remote at home. If you look around you can get a good cable steer (Kota or Motorguide whatever your preference may be) shipped from the US for around $1000 (even cheaper for the Motorguide), last one I bought got here in 2 days!