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  1. Glenn S

    Glenn S

  2. yep. water is still brown from cyclone debbie, i was there on friday afternoon and it is starting to clear up, just verrry slowly, there is a large amount of algae as well since all the rain. Water temps around the 20 mark. Cheers, Glenn.
  3. Interesting that you only found them in the shallow water. I've noticed the same thing lately since the rain. Last weekend they were schooled up in about the same depth of water in the real brushy stuff - not the big timber. I also noticed since the rain, it looks like the shrimp have been breeding like crazy as when you put a cast in right at the edge of the bank, hundreds skip everywhere. At least you still got a few! I'm a bit suspicious about that banana bread though... Cheers, Glenn.
  4. G'day Guys, Just a quick write up from a trip out to Hinze this afternoon. We have been catching heaps of really small bass after the recent floods so we were glad to hook a bit of quality this afternoon. We caught them on spinnerbaits, tn's and shallow and deep jerk baits in heavy timber. always good fun battling them in that country. I have been using 20 and 30 pound leader lately because i'm sick of losing freight trains in the sticks! Cheers, Glenn.
  5. @Dinodadog Thanks for the reply mate, yes i think you could be on the money there. If you are stationary the bubbles ususally come up on a 45 degree angle so that could well be what it is! I was travelling over these at the time which is probably why they showed up as arches. Cheers, Glenn.
  6. Hey Guys, So i went for a solo mission on saturday and was able to track down a stack of fish using a few different methods Standout techniques were burning and killing spinnerbaits through the heavy timber and waiting for a reaction bite as well as twitching small ecogear shallow running lures through the shallow grass and lilles. This produced most fish. I did score a couple on nils master ice jigs as well when i spotted them on the sounder. Saturday was definitely the standout day with more quality caught. Today (Sunday) we hooked about 8 between us but none over 35cm, yesterday i got 2 45s! but hey, that's fishing for ya! Perfect weather as well made it a top weekend on the water. No photos from today as none of the fish we got were brag worthy! Water is still extremely dirty but it didn't effect the fishing at all. I'll let the photos do the rest of the talking. PS I have added a shot in off the sounder with what looks like 4 fish perfectly stacked on top of each other. Can anyone shed any light on whats going on here? Cheers, Glenn.
  7. Hey Guys, Just thought i'd share my excitement with you all that im finally able to fish hinze tomorrow as they have reopened the eastern gate this week after the crazy weather. I've been flicking off the bank the last few days and they are feeding hard so I can't wait to slay em tomorrow in the boat. Hopefully a report to come!! Cheers and tight lines, Glenn.
  8. Ht sure looks like a magic morning out there. Pretty rare to see a glassout like that! Ive lost 4 traps that i set 2 days before all the rain. I reckon they are 2 metres under from where i tied them to the trees. Heres a couple of shots i got similar to yours at the ramp.. Cheers, Glenn.
  9. @Angus Bring a jumper and tracky dacks, it gets pretty cold out there when the wind is up! I'm sure you will find some schools, a lot of guys fish own near the quarry at that time of year but you still get heaps in the timber Cheers, Glenn.
  10. Great report Angus and those smiles say it all, fantastic stuff. Since the rain, the fishing is going off, i'll try get a report up soon. Cheers, Glenn.
  11. Spinner baits high in the water column in shady bays early to late arvo have been producing toga for me lately. Spinner baits are about the only lure i use in summer at hinze haha. Throw some surface lollies around too! Cheers, Glenn.
  12. Glenn S

    No Excuses

    Good stuff Ray, love the sticker! Cheers, Glenn.
  13. Good stuff Angus, here's hoping the young ones get onto a few! Definitely on the improve out there now. Drop a few shrimp into the trees, you can't go wrong! Cheers, Glenn.
  14. Hey Guys, i have been off the forum for a few minths due to a change of job and havent had access to a computer for a while but anyway thought id chuck up a bit of a summer report for hinze dam. So as usual in summer i struggle really bad to get any consistany catching bass (unless i use bait but there's no challenge in that!) Water temps were over 30 all summer and some days it was over 32 degrees in the main basin! In these temps the bass go down and sulk in the deeper water i have found. The saratoga however love it and are at there most active for the whole year. I've lost more than i've landed (pretty standard for togas!) including an absolute monster that busted me off on 20 pound leader around a tree. It was easy 80cm+ as i got a good look. Have started using 30 pound leader a fair bit now cause im sick of loosing good fish! The bass are only just starting to become active now as water temps are back down around 28 and dropping. A bit of rain to flush it out should do good things for the autumn bite leading into winter. Anyway i'll leave you with a few pictures of some recent trips including getting my old man onto a few bass which was very rewarding and a morning well spent. Cheers, Glenn.