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  1. Nice one mate. They not bad lures. Andrew used to send me sone few years ago to try. Till this day i have caught my biggest snapper which went 99cm on the xl 8 inch. Get some 7inch like the zman jerk shads and it should be gun for offshore anglers
  2. Shane69


  3. Shane69

    Trim Tabs

    The se400 foils with adaptor is a waste of time. Bla gave me 2 new sets as they kept coming off.drill holes, works alot better i dont use tabs in calm weather either. as for head on or rough weather i think tabs are a must. Who cares about speed and economy when its rough. Id rather be comfortable.
  4. Shane69

    Trim Tabs

    For the size of your boat i would go volvo pentra QL tabs. They will go good on it. i have them on my 6.5m platey and i can honestly say, i wouldnt drive the boat without them. They make it a totally different boat in chop and swell
  5. You certainly fish less with a bigger boat. Sometimes i wish i had smaller boat too. I dont really fish down here anymore mate. Id rather not go out 2-3 trips here and just go north these days. So much better fishing. Like dont get me wrong good fishing down here but hard work.
  6. Haha stuff that. I am not patient. Il throw people over board. Just ask seff lol. Mate you would be suprised. Cats are very efficent. My mate had a 2400 kevlacat. Out here he got 1.2k per l. Up north 1-1. You can fish 4 easy out of them too. I spoke to a guy with a noosa cat 2300 and he had loaded boat and he said with twin 150 he gets 1 to 1 every day. Haha il still need bladders: once i get a cat i will attempt to do swains from gladstone.
  7. 100l isnt 100kg mate. About 70-80 tops.and you buy the pump. Its easy as. Wide bay is a long bar. Have to treat it with respect. Need atleast 300km range for 1770 too mate. Im going to sell mine end of year too mate. For the fishing i do etc. a cat is the way to go. Good range comfortanle in all weather and space. I will be looking at a 2300 noosa cat or 2400 kevla cat starting of next year.
  8. Cheers mate. chasing reds is an addiction lol. Nothing else matters when you are out there. At one stage on the trip i was east of waddy. Gives an idea where i was first day. Its a good area but have to spend alot of time searching away from the structure. The pillie bomb is my favourite mate. Just a awesome colour. I also like the hussar glow. They work a treat. I use size 10 or 12 for reds and 6 and 8 bfg for snapper. Mate you dont have to go that far to get them. 1770 they alot closer. But if you want a big bad red. Fraser is the place. Get a fuel bladder mate. Your boat would get 2km per liter hey. 100l bladder be enough. They not expensive either. Run your tank and as soon as its finished fill bladder in and it rolls to nothing.
  9. Hey mate yeah i did.i got a 6.5m platey now. Have had it for about a year now. Its great for up north trips.
  10. With the excellent forecast for the weekend i decided to gather a couple of mates and head up for an over nighter off Fraser. We crossed wide bar on first light and made our 80ks north of the bar to an area i have been meaning to go ever since i started fishing out there. The weather wasnt the best but we could still sit on 22 knots. Upon arrival i was quite dissapointed with the amount of big reefs in the area. I tried to stay clear of these as much as possible trying to find isolated rocks away from the structure. I headed another 20ks north picking up fish here and there but not the target species. By mid day it had totally glassed off, the current had picked up by now. I decided to head in from the shelf and work south trying to get out of the current. By 3pm i was back to where i started. I chose a reef that had lots of bait on it to anchor for a arvo bite. The current was strong so to hold bottom in 55m on anchor we were using 24oz lead. A few fish came over the side but nothing special. The sharks took their fair share too. Around 8 we decided to hit the sack so we are refreshed for the next days fishing. i woke up at 2am and looked over the side of the boat. The current was even stronger now.4-6 knots i reckon. The was a wake at the back of the boat. The wind and swell had totally dissapeared and i knew it was going to be a glass out next morning. 5am i got off anchor and made my way south 40ks south to an area i have done abit of fishing. A couple of ks before my desired area i ran across a nice little rock with a good show of fish. The first drift resulted in a 3 way on big reds. This had lightened the mood in the boat. Biggest going a touch over 11. Next drift we got a couple more and i got a low 13 fish. That one fish had made my put a good account for himself too. I left the spot Shortly after this as im trying to save it for future trips. We fished few other spots in the area till mid day picking up a varoety of reef fish. At mid day i made the call to head back in. The trip back Didnt take long as we got to sit on 30 knots the whole way back. All up it was a great trip. Went to a Whole new area with no marks. Did a bit of searching and it paid off. Total distance travelled for a dat and half. 326kms. All the fish were caught on various PE tackle flys and BFG hooks. They are a must when chasing big fish offshore. Couple of photos from the trip
  11. Angler- Shane Species- Snapper Area Caught- Offshore Straddie-60m line When- Sunday 4th July Size- 92cm Weight- 7.8kg Caught on bait Trip Report- With the awesome weather forecast for the Sunday i decided to head out off Straddie to fish an isolated rock i found a couple of trips ago. I tripped over this spot going to another area. The first time i fished it, we pulled a couple of squire, jewies and kingies during the day. With the amount of bait hanging off it, i had a feeling it would be a good stomping ground for knobbies. I headed out at mid night out of south passage bar and made my way to the grounds. With the small Southerly swell, the bar was flat. Still very daunting crossing it at night in pitch black. Fishing started off very slow but i knew it would be the case. We decided to anchor up for a bit and wait it out till sunrise. The tides, moonrise and sunrise were perfect so i knew we were going to have a good bite in the morning. The fish started chewing around 5am. By now the current was quite strong and fishing on anchor was abit difficult. We presisted until we dragged off the rock. On sunrise we caught 4 good jewies with the biggest hitting the scakes at 22kg. I decided to pull the anchor and do long drifts to find the snapper feeding on the bait. First couple of drifts it was quite and by now it was blowing solid 15 knots. I started doubting myself about getting off anchor but i knew if i wasted anymore time trying to get right on the spot i will miss the bite or shut the fish off. I decided to do a long drift along the rock knowing the fish would be feeding on the sand. I marked a few solid fish on the sounder in between drifts too. At around 6.30, the fishing heated up, I was first too hook up my knobbie. With around 200m line floating out, the initial hit nearly ripped the rod out of hand. I knew it was a solid fish so took my time. Fishing 30lb, there were a few tense moments when the fish decided to run mid fight. After a few minutes we finally landed it. A cracker knobbie. Biggest i have caught for the year yet. It was a long fish with a nice bubble nose. It was caught on a fresh slab of mullet. The next drift it was my mates turn, he hooked a good fish bouncing along the bottom with a whole cuttlefish. After a good fight we had our second knobbie at 88cm in the boat. A PB for him which he was stroked about. The next drift i got a 76cm on a fresh yakka. The bite shut down by 7.30. With the sun getting up and boats starting to drive past in a distance, i decided to leave the spot before it got pinged. I decided to hit a few deeper marks through the morning and completed my bag of snapper. Also got a few cracker pearlies to top it off. Around mid day i decided to call it a day and head back. By now the seas had settled down and it was a total glass out. All up it was a great trip with a few trophey fish coming onboard. Its a great feeling when everything lines up perfectly and the fish play the game. Shane
  12. Shane69

    Straddie Offshore

    Nice work bud. Boat looks familiar.
  13. Shane69

    33s again

    I got no fish at 33s. I went out wider and got a bag snaps, few pearlies and a heap of kingies. Hard work but paid off. Shane
  14. Shane69

    33s again

    It was good seeing you too mate. Boat looks awesome now. Come a long way since you got it. Total weapon now. Good long range boat. Mate the fishing has been funny out there. Gotta stay and presist all day to get a good catch. Hopefully water temp goes lower soon fire reef fishing up. Shane
  15. Nice work guys. Sounds like a great day with a good haul of fish. Ted i told you banks place to be lol. I dont think il be going out of spb in hurry again. That first spot you guys fished has to be my favourite spots out there. Anyone can be pro micro jigger there lol. Wayne how good is the 76 game. I abuse mine so much and still wrong. If you want one for jigging have a lookout for a saltiga combi jerk. Thats what i use for micro jigging with pe2-3. Lock up no problem. Wish i was there. Oh well next week hopefully now. Shane