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  1. 4K a week as a formy WHAT. Are you the big boss or a worker? yeh mate just a worker. on 50hr plus time and half and double time. great money in it if ya do what i was saying the fly in fly out jobs. if someone wants ya to work for any less then 40hr tell them there dreaming and shove the job .. basic labour get 38 hr . just something to remember .. and i can tell ya now the sparky get payed more but its [deleted].. for me as a formwork. i dont need any tools and they supplied // just need me nail bag hammer . tape , chork line . and sometime s a level thats it
  2. im a formwork chippy. dont love the job but it pays the bills.. just finished a contract out at lake vermont building a wash plant .. great money and its all different. when ya pulling in like 4k a week why complain . some sites are 10days on 1 week off. or 4weeks on 1week off ... but mate. find something ya like doing.. that gives ya the time to fish..
  3. thanks boys .... ill check them out they all seem to be around the same price, so yeh. oh choices to make lol but better then none i guess
  4. where is the best place to go to get boat lic. need it for work so price is not a problem so something quick is all i need
  5. thanks mate for that info..every eye oping for a ex or maybe still a guy of the force to make such a statement... dont get me wrong i think the police have there time and place. some of me family and mate are in the police force. but when they waste time and tax payers money on things like you said is really sad .
  6. simple we all have to stop at look at the law.. just cause government pass a law does not mean it will stand up in court. i can start qutoing law cause of the people against the government like we dont need to reg the car. you dont need lic to drive. you dont need to pay income tax. but the thing comes down to the people not standing up for what is right. its simple the governement is meet to work for us not the other way around mudmullet mate i feel for you i do. but why cant everyone turn around and say we have a right to arm our selfs. and if no one handed in any guns then wtf is the governement going to do lock up 3million people i think not or how every many people there might be . put it this way i seen first hand of what the police and the government try to do. my old man. use to do some things that well lets say would of got him lock up for life (brewing spirts) importing some drugs here and there. growing poppie seeds and few other things like this . we had the cops custom a a few other mobs around the joint and dad as clever as he is with the law and gun and everything else he qutoe some line here and there put up some sign out the front and now the cops custom noone has any right or can set foot on his land. sound like as if what every but can be done if you know and understand how all the law and the system works.... as soon as you sign that peace of paper for ya gun lic then you are waving your right to arm your self . blah blah blah.. rant ended all i say to anyone is look pasted what you have been told now and what someone has teaches you and open your mind to what is really going on
  7. thanks robin .. yeh mate thats the plan well put it this way i set me self to make like 50 to 100 bucks on new systems and like to fix a computer or to get rid of virus and spyware like 50 or less .. i know its a really hard field to crack in to . but as the old saying goes 85 percent of the money comes from like 20percent of clients ..
  8. describes the average boating fisho sussing out other dodgy looking boating fishos` :whistle: Well to start with mate, they didnt even have a boat and the other dodgy thing was they were on the piss and walking past all the cars and looking in them. Whistle all you want mate but you werent there. yes viper there are some really dodgy people outthere... as we both know when we been down there. i too have run in to people do this one guy was going throw me mates tool box . when asked what he was doing he bolted
  9. just a to remind people if you need anything done with your computer be it repiars,upgrades,software, custom built to fit your need hit me up ,
  10. yeh i could not get this out quick enough, got a few mates that work on the iceman(bob jones) boat. and yeh they where up that way and ate a few fish but yeh not looking good up that way thats for sure
  11. yeh i was just down there the other day too. mmm not good. there been a guy camping on the south side for like 12m . .. but not good use to love that spot cause there was noone there now look at it..
  12. A MAJOR public heath scare has emerged in Gladstone, with the State Government announcing it will close up to 500sq km of the central Queensland coast to fishing and warning that seafood should not be handled or eaten. Barramundi, blue salmon, whiting and fingermark bream have been found with sores, rashes and infected eyes, some possibly blind. It follows the death of more than 100 turtles since the start of the year near Gladstone and fears that fish are being impacted by pollution and the release of acid sulphate from major dredging and coastal works in and around the highly industrialised city. Gladstone Fish Market owner Ted Whittingham said it was a disgrace the Government had been so slow to act, when fishermen had been warning about problems since October. Problems had increased over the past four weeks, with about 30 per cent of the catch infected. "We've been asking for action for six months," Mr Whittingham said. "In the end, the fishing fraternity gave the Government 24 hours to say whether these fish were fit for consumption, and that's how we got to this situation. RELATED COVERAGE Coal carrier: Ship's grounding ignites gas fears 'Disaster': Dead dugong washes up on beach "We've even had crabbers getting sores on their arms from pulling pots out of the water." A Fisheries Queensland spokesman said the department first received reports of fish with milky eyes in early August. Fisheries put a process in place to pay for the transport of fish. "The first samples only arrived in the past fortnight and have since been undergoing testing," he said. "We expect to start receiving results next week." Mr Whittingham said ill fish did not go to retail sale as far as he knew. Economic Development Department director-general Ian Fletcher said yesterday Gladstone Harbour would be closed to fishing to protect public health while the situation was assessed. Safe Food Production Queensland principal policy officer David Wilkinson said the closure would ensure fish potentially unsuitable for consumption would not enter the food chain. Queensland Health acting chief health officer Michael Cleary said seafood that showed signs of damage, deterioration or disease should not be handled or eaten. "Anyone who has concerns about their health which might be attributed to the handling or consumption of seafood from the local area should seek medical advice," Dr Cleary said. Since May, the Gladstone Ports Corporation has dredged about 700,000 cubic metres of a proposed 25 million-cubic-metre project over three years. It says there is no link between its work and the fish and that they have previously conducted far bigger dredging programs without any health issues. Greens spokeswoman Libby Connors said she saw black sludge being dredged out of the harbour in July. "The sea bed mud was so black it looked like coal dust had settled in that part of the harbour and was being stirred up by the process," Dr Connors said. Multiple factors could be involved, she said, from the increase in fresh water after the January floods through to mangrove and vegetation clearing on Curtis Island as well as increased dredging for port expansions. Dr Connors said Federal Environment Minister Tony Burke had to reject the fourth liquefied natural gas plant for the region. An Environment Department spokesman said it was premature to speculate on reasons for the problem. The department's chief scientist Col Limpus last week put the high numbers of turtle deaths down to the loss of seagrass meadows after two big wet seasons. This also has occurred in Moreton Bay and particularly in the Cairns to Townsville region. Fisheries Minister Craig Wallace said the port was working with the Environment Department to ensure all conditions of the dredging project were met. Independent water quality tests had found no impact from dredging which would affect fish.
  13. mate im keen to go throw a line in so what if its a bit windy lol.. might be some more room on the water or bank to ya self lol .. yeh its windy but great for casting those lighter lures just have to use the wind to get it where you need it lol
  14. Update : Thunderstorms are now starting to ramp up on the Western Darling Downs steadily progressing towards the SE QLD coast. It looks quite favourable for these to keep intensifying as the front progresses towards the east. Nothing too severe looking just at this stage but it will definitely be worth monitoring how things progress over the next couple of hours... especially as the system encounters more favourable conditions closer to the coast. The picture shows the current radar/lightning overlay with frequent lightning and likely squally winds occurring in a line between about Chinchilla to the QLD/NSW border west of Tenterfield. At this stage, it's looking like storms should reach the Brisbane area around lunch time.
  15. Update : A distinct line is now starting to form along the boundary of the approaching cold front. At present this stretches from about Longreach south towards the Mid North Coast region of NSW. A squall line is already showing signs of developing and should continue to intensify as it encounters more favourable conditions as it approaches the coast. People living on the Darling Downs region should keep an eye on how things are panning out by around Sunrise tomorrow. This system is due to hit the SE QLD area by around mid morning tomorrow. While it's not set in stone just yet.. the potential is certainly starting to increase in regards to a potentially severe squall line, with damaging winds being the primary threat. Here's the current satellite pic / lightning tracker overlay which shows things starting to ramp up slightly earlier than expected. More info first thing tomorrow morning