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    Thought I knew a little... found out I know F/A...thought I'd join BFO to do something about that and meet a bunch of great people.
    So now I'm being there and doing that....
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    all sport, fishing, drinking,
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    Hospitality,Upholstery, etc

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    Revert back to favorite bait
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    Anything that works
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    In Aus, Mac Tuna, bout 10-15kg???

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    41 cm
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    10kg Mac Tuna??
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  2. Good luck with the sale Dell, I'm just loudly chuckling over the random comments from, fish n snips... I get the feeling our mate had his nose too close to his petrol can
  3. Hi again, If you're familiar with the use of an alvey, it is definitely a worthwhile investment... The simplicity of the running gear, and sturdiness will last a lifetime... You can drown it, bury it, heck it's even strong enough to knock stuff out and still come out smiling... A little food for thought though.... With an alvey, you....."WILL",.... have to regulate your own drag, when onto a fish strong enough to peel line... Get yourself a glove, or plasters for the index finger being used to spool the line back onto the reel... Otherwise, you're surf casting experience is going to be an unpleasant encounter.... Once you've got a line cut, the only thing you can count on is that every time you cast, strike, retrieve, that cut is going to get bigger, bolder, and badword, badword, badword....(S.F.U!!!!) A few other things you might want to add to your gear if interested... Rod holder... Like any style of fishing, there are sessions where, the fish may have gone to visit the neighbours and are out for a couple of hours... The strain and weight of the line and rod, can become a little tiresome, especially when nothings biting... Also good to have when, re-rigging, or re-baiting you're gear, even though an alvey can handle it, I personally think it a good idea to keep everything off the sand...less mess, less stress... Nail clipper, just tie it around your neck don't leave it in your tackle box..... when re-rigging, it makes life alot easier and quicker than hunting for a knife or pair of scissors...There will be times where, you'll have to change your set-up, either through targeting different species or upgrading to heavier tackle.... There you go guys a few more useless bits of info.... Vic
  4. Your welcome Gaz, If you've never been surf casting, get some practice in as "TAILOR SEASON" is just around the corner.... grab your gear find a rugby or soccer field and hiff the living bejesus out if it, until you get the technique, distance, and weight sorted for your rod... Like anything "The harder you train, the easier the game" Tight and bent Vic
  5. Hey, mate.... Thought I'd give you my 2 cents worth:) As far as beach fishing is concerned, any rod, will work.... just has to be long enough to get over and past the white water in close... As you know your looking to either gutters, (the main highways....usually running parallel to the beach)....holes or eddies..... ( smaller bodies of deep water).... and the use of rips,(for extra distance, from the cast/ and to aid in getting past sandbanks, into deeper eddies behind)...Personally, I find these are three main essentials... I'll look for when on the beach..... When looking for gutters, you're looking for darker, smoother water....generally finding these between the first sand bank..... the white water at your feet, and a second sand bank....(The second wave break further out)... It's not uncommon to find multiple sandbanks either.... Ideally you'll find it's a good idea, to target one with an entry and exit channel into and out of, as predatory fish like to ambush their prey from the white water into the gutter, or cruise along it's length, with the onus on having the exit back out, as they themselves may need an escape route if eyed by something bigger... Also wind, current, size of swell, will effect your choice of tackle... Like any type of fishing keep it as light as poss... But remembering, you'll need to get distance into the cast so ensure it's capable of handling the strain... A longer leader will reduce the tension put onto the mainline and swivel, from the cast... approx a meter or so, depending on the length of the rod.... the longer the leader the better it will present itself in current... The majority of beach fisherman/woman, use the running sinker, set-up, works really well, unless wind and tide are strong... and sweeping your gear straight back onto the beach, this can get very, very, very.... frustrating:(... You'll find many will "CALL IT"... If this is the case, you've got a couple of options, change rigs to a paternoster with a grapnel sinker.... Or follow the sweep up or down the beach until it gets caught in a rip, the rip will take you further out, and more often than not....Into an eddy behind the second or third sand banks, where bait and predatory fish may have schooled, feeding on any food sources being washed out to sea... Hope this helps a little mate... Feel free to ask anything else, if you need any more of my useless tips... Good luck, I'm sure there are alot of guys that will share their thoughts/ techniques..... Vic Here is where you'll find the cast is the
  6. Manni that is an absolute Monster On the all too successful bubblepop too aye??? You really have converted, a hot tip, into a dream catch... 86cm wow!!!! Def change in avatar...!!! I reckon.... A corker report, and an epic photo:) enjoy the spoils mate well deserved... Chur budda's Vic
  7. hokianga

    sold Mining

    2xPM's sent to bennyl & fisherjoe
  8. hokianga

    sold Mining

    She's crazier than me (lol)... Whoops she's bringing another, from da udda mudda!!! And that ones crazier than both of us.... Lord have mercy on you're poor souls... Vic
  9. hokianga

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    Hey Vic, how are you brother Get your cousin to do a meet and greet night for afo members, a bit of intrest brewing. I think there difficult to get in to arent they. Gidday Bri, I'm well thanks for asking mate, my cousin is coming down from Brissy over the weekend... And is also a chronic fishaholic, hoping to wet some lines... I was just thinking it may be a good idea to bring her over to Wavebreak over the weekend to have a chin wag with anyone there who may show some interest.... If so might need a pickup from the ramp....would that be a good idea, wouldn't be surprised if she signs up with the club too, which would mean future, feet in the door, for anyone else looking into mining... Cheers Vic Vic
  10. hokianga

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    PS: Please don't put TARNAY in the header;) either...(lol)
  11. hokianga

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    Morning all, sorry for the late reply, Just a quick question to Mods, am I able to post her email addy on here or not??? Another thing to those hoping to gain entry, she said exactly the same thing riz, posted experience preferred.... If no experience, you'd stand a much better chance if you have some sort of "Trade Cert"... However she will view, any resume's, that have in the subject header "re: VICTOR TANE", that's me if you're confused... And just for my piece of mind... Pronounced TAR-NAY not TAIN, TANG, TAME... etc, etc.... She's getting around 400-500 emails a day so make sure, you have my name in the header... Re: VICTOR TANE (TARNAY)
  12. hokianga

    sold Mining

    Hey buddy, A cousin of mine, is a recruitment officer....I'll give her a call to get her details will pm to you... Vic
  13. Nice Bennno.... That's a "Cracka Jacka", buddy... It's piddling down here on the coast.....gggggrrrrrr..... Some great pics there mate, along with very fishy locales.... Great to see you keeping up with your fishing, mate... Good onya:) Keep it up... Bend those lines like Beckam brutha... Vic
  14. I fish from that location too... Alot of trevs there as well... Good catch, would definitely have filled the plate.... Vic
  15. Sorry Andrew, I'm an avid You Tube, fish follower... And I might be mistaken but I'm sure I've seen a few sneak previews through your sunnies.... Please correct me if I'm wrong??? If I'm right however I will be subscribing ... Cheers Vic