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  1. lachrdr


  2. lachrdr

    brissie river cod id?

    went for a fish out near pinkenba this morning. struggled with bait only catching undersized bream and a ray. tried with a sp and hooked this cod first cast. wondering what species it is? Im guessing a black cod. all fish were released
  3. lachrdr

    redcliffe snapper and small black tip reefy

    haha yes looking at that photo it does look a little precarious. was my first shark so was trying my hardest to stay away from that mouth. definately keen to catch more sharks now after the way that little fella fought
  4. lachrdr

    Scarborough .

    nice flatty. went out off margate beach this morning and caught a small black tip reef shark, a decent snapper, few small moses and a little bream. will throw up some pics soon. got a little choppy out there mid morning cheers Lachlan
  5. lachrdr

    woody point green zone

    Thanks for the replies. that map is great. will chuck up a report if i do any good (unlikely)
  6. lachrdr

    woody point green zone

    Hi there, Thinking of launching the boat at woody point this weekend to chase some squire or whatever. Havent fished there since i was a kid. I have a river to reef book which shows a green zone near the jetty. is there a decent map online that shows the boundaries? Thinking it might be better to head up a little further past margate and fish near the redcliffe jetty. Definately dont want to accidentally fish a green zone. any help or advice much appreciated, Lachlan
  7. lachrdr

    baits to use in Brisbane river

    if you dont mind what type of fish you want to catch just get some prawns or mullet from the caltex servo near the jindalee bowls club. you will catch plenty of catfish near the jindalee boat ramp, and there are bull sharks around too
  8. lachrdr

    skirted lures

    thanks guys. Wellsys looks pretty good
  9. lachrdr

    skirted lures

    Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions on where to get decent skirted lures for a decent price. not looking for anything too big but have the a fan of these types of lures when trolling for small pelagics cheers, Lachlan
  10. lachrdr

    Tanzania freshwater and offshore

    haha yeah those hippos sure are scary
  11. lachrdr

    Fishing in USA

    I spent a fair bit of time living in Idaho, about 5 hours drive from seattle. Caught a lot of Steelhead and salmon in Lewiston. License cost $30 for 3 days or around 100 for the year if I remember correctly. The river there was never too busy and we always bagged out. unfortunately you cant keep the salmon but can keep any hatchery steelhead and they taste great and get quite big. Just have to make sure you are there when they are on their run. we trolled for them in a little tinny with flashing lures. pretty simple. usually went from around 8pm til 3am. also riggins idaho is great for land based fishing for them. And there are plenty of charters around. Also some great lakes north of idaho in canada. Great fishing there too
  12. lachrdr

    what is this

    thanks for that. yeah caught plenty of grinners too
  13. lachrdr

    what is this

    Just went out off raby bay the other day and my sister caught this. just wondering what it is?
  14. lachrdr

    peel island/ horse shoe bay.

    Thanks Cam, yeah I would like to chase the whiting bream etc, but might have to have a crack at some squire too. Good luck tomorrow. Look forward to hearing how you do Lachlan