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    Loves Soft plastics :)

    keen to share knowlege and receive it aswell


    My name is : Jamie Lee Wareham
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    Store owner

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    Estuary and Coastal Fishing
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    Softplastic Lures
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    Damiki 3\" Skin blue
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    bread + peeled prawns
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    1.7 metre shark

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  1. Jig_Meister


  2. Shimano tropical tackle bag large few lures. A Daiwa saltist 6500 matched with a Shimano terez jigging rod Samurai reaction tourny shirt and some terminal tackle Happy little vegimite at the moment
  3. Hey man i forgot about this thread :silly: I am still sitting on my money!!!!!! omg i have gone backwards and forwards between wanting a boat a 4wd and back to a kayak a few days ago my head is killing me.... but my god what a bargain dude! are they still for sale? at that price?
  4. Sorry for the late reply mate thanks for the help but as usual i have changed my mind i am willing to spend a bit more money now on an outfit perhaps some where between 500-700 buckaroons now
  5. Hey Guys. So i'm going to Stanage bay in October, and i don't have a jigging rod because all i do is catch bream... But my friend has invited me to go to stanage bay with him and a few friends the only problem is i don't know what to buy. So far this is what i have found apparently we will be fishing 80lb i'm quite happy to fish under that if there is a chance like 60 or 70 but i have no clue what i am doing but here is the combo i liked, It is the Okuma salina 3 combo it looks cheap but i will only be using it once Any help you can provide or even just a general direction to start in would be magnificent So are okuma any good or are there cheaper better option out there, or are okuma fine and this is a good place to start?
  6. Used tiny slithers of stinky servo mullet had no hits on lures all day and all night
  7. BIG BREAM Heres some pics guy's after a day of dohnuts at caloundra came home for snooze then hit the coast to snatch these :woohoo: Please excuse the the mug, as it is the biggest bream i have ever caught so i was a little excited :pinch: Cheers guys hope you have a good week :cheer:
  8. Do many wifies go? wouldn't want her to come and be bored D:
  9. Ahhh i see i am no good at identifying species :/ Thanks you for the replies Cheers jamie
  10. Btw! caught him on 6lb fluro and a atomic prong!
  11. Hi guys, Just doing another report from this weekend So i went out fishing this saturday despite the weather man telling me how to live my life... to my success it only lightly sprinkled now and then not even enough for an umbrella. started the day at the spit gold coast, to no avail the went to broadwater and snagged a fair few fish only a couple worthy of pics the rest where babies But then when i was about to go a little voice inside my head said to keep looking around for weird spots and VOILA! can anyone tell me the story on the last guy? is he a perch or bass i caught him in the gold coast canals my first bass or perch either way, AND WHAT A FIRST!
  12. Yeah mate i don't usually take fish home but i gave this to mum she needs it more than i. I killed it Ikijimi style it worked a treat and put him strait into an ice slurry mum said it made it taste amazing Thanks for the reply
  13. Hey guy's i thought i would start being more pro-active and start posting my reports every weekend So i went down to sandgate at around 2am to catch some livies in my trap to no avail around clontarf boat ramp. but ended up using dead bait the whole morning once the sun came up i was flicking poppers and doggies around the place but nothing loved me. caught a toad fish and that's about it... Then mum and jeff finally got there at around 8am put the boat in the water and took off! anyway we went around the corner to the jetty and flicked plastics into the pylons got a few follows and strikes but no dice once again at around 12 we started to get frustrated and i said stuff this lets pull the anchor up and drift to cover some ground which worked! Here are some photos for you :cheer: Nice fat whiting And then the reel started buzzing i thought it was a jew fish but i got this little guy Thanks for reading guys :woohoo: Hope you had an awesome weekend Cheers jamie