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    I like Fishing. Beer and Rock n Roll.. Plain and simple
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    I eat KFC for a living


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  1. The Bald Weasel

    The Bald Weasel

  2. yeah got myself a few sugar pens to take now.thanks for the tips
  3. Hey Chrislocke, i googled the bass sugar pen stick bait.. nice looking lure, where abouts in Brisbane can I buy them ?? I checked the tackle warehouse site but the product search doesnt show them
  4. Awesome , thanks heaps... We are staying only a stones throw from there. I mostly use soft plastics but I might go stock up on some poppers... What is a stick bait ??
  5. HI folks, I am going up to Airlie Beach end of april and I was looking to do some land based fishing.. Can anyone help us out with useful spots ? Cheers baldy
  6. Yeah I am gonna have a crack down Manly Harbour tonight. See if I can get a jack or a cod
  7. Hi folks, Has anyone caught any species in the Morton bay since the recent rains ?
  8. No Worries Jeff.. Hey woggie I might swing past BCF today and get some atomic prongs. I thinking of doing some land based down tally beach this arvo
  9. I have been trying to buy them but they have stopped taking orders for the Moment. Jeff would you be interested in selling me yours ?
  10. Hi guys I was wondering if any of you had tried these lures and are they any good ? Cheers
  11. Where is Shultz Canal ? Is it just the upper part of Nudgee creek ?
  12. Hey brendan, Let us know how you get on as we are doing the same thing in November.
  13. Yeah I am gonna take me yak up tinnie creek and chhuck a few lures about today