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  1. Thanks for the kind words lance! Your are bang on that is isnt worth the risk to make a few bucks, hence my refusal all summer from fisherman asking if i want to buy jacks.....knowing quiet well that they are illegal. personally i like my jacks to be greater than 50cm! Just got off the phone from Aquarium Industries and they are from the darwin area. Thanks
  2. thanks guys for the replies Elops- im not too sure but with the amount of questions i will certainly find the source. Darcy- Again not sure, i do know that the risks involved for business is in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, so i highly doubt they/we will put that much risk into illegal collection. i do wonder if you owned property either side of a freshwater creeks, or a creek that floods over your property then receeds, the mangrove jacks that could acccour in a land locked catchment on your property... would be yours wouldnt they? i saw this in townsville a few years back, one "puddle" had over $2000 worth of fingerling natives (Mostly jacks, some jungle perch and heaps of red scats) Daveo17- i can show you the purchasing invoice to prove the source, again to have a state (maybe country) wide shortage for 12 months sure implys that the stores are not ready to stock illegally collected fish, However- a few years prior there was a person in cairns selling them, that promised DPI paperwork, but never sent them through. Robin- Nothing is stopping you, people who have integrity for the law and are respectful towards our waterways will know a jack under 35cm needs to go back. Certainly anything above 35cm is legal (well, you choose whether to eat it or house it should be legal). Sorry about the no quotes..... just an update 1x 5cm is left and 2x 9cm
  3. hi guys, we have finally after a 12 month drought secured some LEGAL juvenile Mangrove Jacks. These are sourced through one of Australias biggest aquarium fish suppliers- Aquarium industries. This ensures the specimens are either aquacultured or collected from a private and legal source (the ramifications far exceed the profit when it comes to illegally collecting aquarium fish). We currently have 2 left at 5cm for $195 and 4 left at 9cm for $250 expensive i know, but these are in massive demand all throughout australia and again legal mangrove jacks will always be top dollar in comparison to shop who purchase them illegally. Please contact Atlas Aquarium on (07) 3256 3774 or email at we are also on facebook for an immediate response (best method as these will sell fast). 270 Rode Road Wavell Heights Happy Fishing Ben :-)