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    collingwood park
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    LOVES to FISH but hates seafood strickly catch and release unless someone else wants a feed.
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    fishing ps3 fishing 4x4 fishing
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    Estuary and Coastal Fishing
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    ones that swim straight
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    all types
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    47kg amberjack on 40lb 1000m handline 1.5 HOUR fight dirthartog island 1988

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    51 CM 2.1KG


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    Motor Boat
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  1. I know a bloke that has one he loves it he reakons there beter than a boat, wat a looser :silly: have fun mate
  2. nice. good one newy about time you got around to getting one.
  3. all done ray good luck with it mate coll.
  4. well done fellas good to see some pb's get broken early in the year
  5. im trying to make it will be bringing zac aswell last year was great
  6. Hi all seem like a long time since ive brought my awsomeness to the forum and i would like to say Hi to any new members that i havnt met yet, to everybody else i havnt seen for a while hope als well and familys are good hope to catch up with yous at the borumba social forthose that cant make it see you soon tight lines to all. the most awsome and bowdatious collin sorry no pics
  7. good one heidi i havnt got one yet they seem to be my unicorn
  8. tell Christine ill keep the boguns away for her hope she feels better soon
  9. ill see you all there, will be down friday around lunch
  10. every time we went there for christmas or easter it would rain/storm still had a ball go surf then fish, cought heaps of fish only and fell down the rock wall once :pinch: you will have a ball