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    New Tackle Store

    Thanks for that mate! Hopefully they will open as early as the old one did
  3. Hey mate I've found that those shallower reefs do better on high tide and around new or full moon (when the tides are a bit bigger). Dont be afraid to explore down the redcliffe peninsula as well theres a few weed beds and reefs that hold fish
  4. There is alot of fish in that dam (mainly small ones) and the creeks around it have a few fish in them as well. Its beautiful country out there so im sure youll have a ball exploring it! Check your PMs
  5. I didn't know that you've caught fish on your lures Sam haha just joking Well done! They are obviously great lures seeing as they caught you some bass!!! I've made some just like them and have done some modifications to them. I prefer to use galvanised steel and I just used a piece of pipe that we had lying around. I caught yellas and bass on them and they held up fine! James Cheers yea I was thinking of using a bit of tin but didn't have a drill handy but might give it a go. I saw another video where a guy users sheet lead for weight which is a good idea
  6. Cheers mate yea it was pretty exciting catching something on a lure I made it kinda felt like the first time I got a fish on a lure
  7. With a DIY theme to this year's secret Santa I thought I would try make something fishing related. Searching through YouTube I found this video http://youtu.be/Qu7YePpgZvo showing how to make blades out of some plastic and drop shot sinkers. I made two testers using a yamba prawn blade and an ecogear vx35 as the templates and a boost juice loyalty card for the plastic. This is how they turned out I took them for a test drive and surprised to say they had really good action and both caught 2 bass each and an eel! Lucky they were small cos I'm not sure how they'll go with a big bass on the other end! Ahhh the gift of giving! And this is the final lot going out to my secret Santa recipient, Now to make some more for myself!
  8. Well done mate they're some good fish! I think I had a chat to you just before you left. I didn't do as good as you only got 5 bass and had to change up the less a bit but they were mainly solid fish with most bass around the 40 mark and a yella. Got mine on blades and plastics
  9. I think anyone with a remote fishing spot would be gutted to see a sealed road built leading straight to it. In saying that though the government isn't going to spend money to upgrade a road unless it is financially feasible (at least youd like to think so), which usually means a fair amount of people are already using it, or will use it. If thats the case then its not that 'remote' to begin with. Im all for the roads being built, as it will benefit the local community more than anyone else. Although if i see any roads planned to go through some of my fishing spots, ill be setting up road blocks PNG style!!
  10. Hey guys I left two rods and reels at Wellington point on Sunday (near the boat ramp) and just wondering if anyone here might know something about it. Cheers Dave
  11. Hey mate plenty of info on here for Schultz just beware that it can be spelt heaps of different ways (Schultz Schulz Shultz should etc). Heading from nudgee Rd if you go west about 30m there's some steel pilons (can't see them at high tide) which are good for bream. Heading east from nudgee Rd to the first Creek mouth casting at the mangrove edge I've got a few flatties and heading further east I've got a few flatties and my first ever jew (mulloway) near where the gateway passes over the canal. I've found it better around high tide and on the run out. Haven't done too well when the water starts getting low but could just be me. Good luck!
  12. Pflueger? looks a bit like the 5 hook neverfail minnows Awesome thread by the way
  13. A Rebel F ? need a scale to tell what model B Heddon Crazy Crawler small plastic not wood C NFI D no pic E Looks like........................ D Mirrolure jointed A yes, floater small, B yes, C __ D __ E __ F(D) yes. Is E a swagman jumbuck??
  14. Hey mate ive got a jungle reef outdoors swag which works great and was quite cheap!! Apparently the manufacturers used to make swags for the army but not 100% on that one. Anyways here is the site http://www.techniice.com/camping-gear/swags.html theyre doing some deals atm and they also sell for auction on ebay so you can get a good deal
  15. Thanks guys @Damien nah it was a bit further south near Taroom. I havent been that far north yet but hopefully soon!