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  1. STKE


  2. Catching fish won't be the issue. I recon finding a spot out of the Wind will be.
  3. I'm going to be the novice, and call me stupid. I've never attended a fishing comp before, but I have always wanted to. So to summarize you basically have 3 days to catch the largest of the species to win the prizes. Does this mean that If i purchase a ticket I don't need to attend everyday?
  4. I got so depressed looking at this weekends forecast, as free time/ fishing never seems to line up. I'm free this weekend, but F it if it's hailing sideways i'm just going to take a hard had.
  5. yep. exact same expirence as me, hands were pretty sore this morning from white knuckling the steering wheel and console.
  6. negative. best capture was a sunrise photo. photo shows how lumpy it is.
  7. northern bay once again washing machine and very painful return trip from curtin. should have stayed close or gone to mooloolaba
  8. Since you're so far south you won't know that there are macs on the wrecks just off bribie beach.
  9. That's the thing that sucks about living on the northside. Not a lot of options, unless you feel like a drive.
  10. Will be heading off from scarb around 5:30ish. Center Console. Depending on conditions I think my plan will be pearl channel than through some slugs around the markers. Gota be home before lunch, so can't be out all day. Say G'day if you see me Callum Agree but I haven't had this new boat long so still getting use to it's limits.
  11. I have the same Delimma as you, i was thinking of that suggestion of the pearl channel and than maybe cape if my balls are big enough. 5.2m Formosa, but only a 70l tank so I can't go to far. I'm thinking that Curtain may be a car park.
  12. I may have a Window on Saturday to get out n about. ( if the Wife permits) I did a trip out from Clontaff to Tangers a couple months ago, was 45mins to get there and 2 1/2 hours to get back. Very painful, apart from breaking down it couldn't have been worse. Did a trip out to the wrecks as well on the other side of bribie and did well but getting around the arse of bribie was very choppy. Still trying to figure out whats the best conditions to get out into the bay a bit more.
  13. Where about do you guys normally launch from? Scarb or Clontarf. I've just upgraded boats and need to venture out a little further. Also sorry for the lack of contribution to the forum. Need to be less stalky more talky.
  14. Cheers for the best wishes fella's. There were also some massive tiger squid at the scarb marina but once again, smarter than humans and wouldn't take a lure. They would look it and swim away. Same thing with the Bli Bli barra park, you can watch the barra come up under each pellet looking for a hook.