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  1. Just the one school mac. Plenty of current, hard to stay on the bottom in 20m of water.
  2. @benno573 Managed to go out on Saturday without a drama. I used about a tank which is 70l for 120k's of travel. I did suggest to the wife about sleeping the night @ bulwar, but didn't. However comming across the bay at 3 in the morning. There we so many boats anchored up for the night it looked like christmas lights on the water. Conditions were great, was a bit lumpy out on the reefs.
  3. I thinking might just stick to the inside of morton. It's probably just out of reach with my fuel capacity.
  4. 70l, but on bigger trips like that i'd take a 20l spare, mabye a second. Worst case, See half left on the guage and turn around with a jerry spare (good ol' Jerry)
  5. Just sucks living in redcliffe that the distance to travel to those grounds is so far. Loose over half a tank, just there and back.
  6. Cheers, will map it out. Might be pushing my fuel limit.
  7. Swell is looking to be a bit over a meter. Would that be much of a drama?
  8. Hi All Since Saturdays looking like it's going to be a cracker, I'm looking at streching my comfort zone a little and heading off to fish the reeds of cape moreton. I've done a few trips over to moreton (tangalooma) and i've done the **** 2.5 hour trip back in garbage weather. But I'm wondering based on what the Winds doing Saturday 5~10 knots westelys swinging to northlys, if I trip like that would be worth it? Should add i've got a 04' 5.2 formosa
  9. STKE


  10. Catching fish won't be the issue. I recon finding a spot out of the Wind will be.
  11. I'm going to be the novice, and call me stupid. I've never attended a fishing comp before, but I have always wanted to. So to summarize you basically have 3 days to catch the largest of the species to win the prizes. Does this mean that If i purchase a ticket I don't need to attend everyday?
  12. I got so depressed looking at this weekends forecast, as free time/ fishing never seems to line up. I'm free this weekend, but F it if it's hailing sideways i'm just going to take a hard had.
  13. yep. exact same expirence as me, hands were pretty sore this morning from white knuckling the steering wheel and console.