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    Im a super keen fisho, love my lure fishing (no bait on my boat!!) Im no master but can catch a few when need be.
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  1. Ovington


  2. Hi Jason, Typically you would run a windon leader with a crimped snap swivel at the end. This allows for quick easy exchanges, you then have a skirt or hard body with 1-3meters of 120-400lb leader with your lure crimped on the end these vary depending on target species. I invested in a black magic rigging/crimping kit 12 odd years back and it has been a great way to learn all my own rigging.
  3. Ovington

    Low-mid Range Popping Rods

    Hi mate, I have just been through a similar situation. It really depends if you want a dedicated "popping rod" or all rounder. What line were you planning on running? I dont know what lure styles I will be running mostly so decided on more of an all rounder and went for the Saltigax pe 8-10. And once I figure out what lures I like throwing I will invest in a more specialized rod. Demonbloods are very popular but probably slightly overpriced for what they are. I'd suggest the Majorcraft series or check out Feed rods as they have some good options too.
  4. Ovington

    Some Advice On A New Rod

    I personally have gone away from the lower and mid range daiwa reels and find Shimano in that price point make a better reel for the $$. Especially if you are hard on your gear both of my Sol2 reels in the 3000 and 4000 sizes destroyed themselves. I have a couple stradics now that I really like then have some high end daiwa gear that I haven't been able to fault yet
  5. Ovington

    north queensland Bowen Bliss Pt.2

    Oh true. I think I will be looking at 7-8ft Rods mostly. Sorry to hear about the break in mate. Hope the insurance covers it ok. Nothing like freshening up the line up
  6. Ovington

    north queensland Bowen Bliss Pt.2

    Thanks for the feedback. I am looking at the Saltist Demon blood range and the Venom series in the PE5-6 range. I just need to make a trip to a store that stocks them so I can have a feel for myself and decided how much money I want to spend
  7. Ovington

    north queensland Bowen Bliss Pt.2

    Yea mate certainly feels like a constant holiday. Think we are good for broodstock for a while but it won't stop me chasing them hah
  8. Ovington

    north queensland Bowen Bliss Pt.2

    Haha lucky for the Barra I generally dont use baits.
  9. Ovington

    north queensland Bowen Bliss Pt.2

    Sure is mate. I work as a hatchery technician at a barramundi farm
  10. Ovington

    north queensland Bowen Bliss Pt.2

    30000 is huge haha. Maybe if I was switchbaiting 1000lb blacks. Yea Queenies are always a blast and seem to be fairly consistent so it's a good way to get my mojo on. A combination of Zerek fish traps and threadybusters, the fish didn't seem too fussy. My treble choice comes down to the lure and application but I either run bkk Raptors or Gtrex on the big stuff.
  11. Ovington

    north queensland Bowen Bliss Pt.2

    Cheers mate. Had a bite off and a follow from Spanish around those rocks too. Definitely hope to tangle with them soon
  12. Ovington

    north queensland Bowen Bliss Pt.2

    Old Saragosa 18000 with 80lb braid and 200lb leader, shimano Tcurve 24kg stickbait rod. Looking at getting a Saltiga 5000h now, I know it's a smaller reel but its something I can cast without dislocating my shoulder and after a nicer rod too, haven't decided which yet.
  13. Ovington

    north queensland Bowen Bliss Pt.2

    To continue my Bowen adventures I decided to explore Abbot point jetty. My colleagues told me about the unstoppable GTs and I wanted a taste. A glassy morning allowed for a quick run across. Whales became a navigation hazard as they breached all around me. The jetty held mixed amounts of bait. I had no action on the top water so opted for a soft vibe. This technique bought some solid hits ending in bust offs from what I suspect to have been cod and finger mark. I eventually had a solid sounding and came up tight on my first Bludger Trevally at 76cm. As the top of the tide approached I went back to targeting the GTs on surface. The bite was hot but my ability was not. I waved goodbye to 6 lures as monster GTs collected their souvenirs. Running locked up drag and 200lb wouldn't stop these 40kg+ brutes. I put my tail between my legs and decided to chase some mackeral on the local grounds. It was a fish each drop with schoolies and spot ties. I kept 2 and headed back towards the ramp to have a few more casts around the rocks for a GT or other pelagics. I had a few follows but didn't connect to any GTs but did manage a solid 110cm Queenie. The following day I snuck out for another quick session at the rocky outcrop near the ramp and the queenies were biting well. I managed about a dozen from 80-110cm all on the topwater. Amongst the school I also managed a solid 118cm longtail which was a nice surprise and took my lure at the rod tip before a huge first run and a 15minute fight. Got a few quick snaps and sent it back after a 15minute recovery swim. Overall I am enjoying the Bowen life an look forward to nailing a few of these BIG GTs once I have geared up properly and have figured out how to drag them out of the pylons!
  14. Ovington

    Getting Ready For The Cape York Trip

    Have a good trip mate. If you find yourself in Bowen on a Sunday or Monday let me know and I can take you for a run in the boat
  15. Ovington

    north queensland Bowen Bliss Pt.1

    Cheers guys. Yeah plenty of reports to come no doubt. And anyone heading up this way I am more than happy to help out/fish with