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    Im a super keen fisho, love my lure fishing (no bait on my boat!!) Im no master but can catch a few when need be.
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  1. Very nice mate, Yea I got dusted last weekend on a 40kg+fish but so did my mate fishing pe12 hah. Most of the ground I find big fish in is relatively forgiving (not last weekends spot) but Yea I will definitely be looking into it when the finances catch up
  2. No worries. Glad to have a bit of time again.
  3. Heres a few more pics from the dad and mates visit. Unfortunately not much boat time but a few pbs for them still.
  4. Awesome until they dropped a whole heap of rain on us hah
  5. Today was meant to be some amazing GT fishing but unfortunately my 8 month old Yamaha 4stroke had other ideas and I was forced to take my mexican (NSW) visitors fishing landbased. We decided to chase some jacks with an arvo storm looming, and although it wasnt red hot I was happy to nail my PB by 9cm. I stalked up to my favorite snag and landed my lure right in the edge of the drop off and had a huge swirl on my Nories wakebait within seconds and a more commited stike just seconds later. After a long nerve racking tussle I managed to clear the jack of danger on my 2500 stradic with 8lb braid and 12lb leader to guide it into the net. Stoked to hit 63cm landbased! My dad managed a solid fish of about 40cm on a plastic also which was a pb. Overall a good result considering the lack of boat. Hopefully be back on the water tomorrow!
  6. Cheers mate, bit of a pain solo balancing the phone all over the boat on self timer selfie cam so I dont bother with a fair few of my smaller fish but still manage a good pic here and there.
  7. Currently running a PE8 Zenaq fokeeto with my saltiga 5000h, then have my light setup 4000h catalina and saltigax 4-5pe. Looking at a heavier setup but no real need when I am not getting dusted. Always welcome back mate
  8. I run a ring and swivel on the nose to reduce bite offs but yea wire will scare the GT off. They can be surprisingly fussy at times and of the thousands of casts I have made losing 2 lures to uncontrollable things like that, I can live with
  9. Cheers mate. Haven't lost one to a GT yet. Few expensive ones have been bitten off by Spanish though. Yea I am happy to be getting into them in my little rig
  10. Sorry for the lack or reports of late. Lack of internet and loads of work have gotten the better of me. As many of you know I have moved to Bowen about 8 months ago and have now finally got the hang of GT fishing the inshore areas. From having never caught a GT over 5kgs about 6 months ago my new gear and lure collection is finally showing its worth! Just going to post bulk pics from the past few months as I cant remember too much detail, too many beers between sessions maybe.... Plenty of sessions involving double digits and some of those solo too. Biggest so far ~30kg.
  11. Ovington


  12. Hi Jason, Typically you would run a windon leader with a crimped snap swivel at the end. This allows for quick easy exchanges, you then have a skirt or hard body with 1-3meters of 120-400lb leader with your lure crimped on the end these vary depending on target species. I invested in a black magic rigging/crimping kit 12 odd years back and it has been a great way to learn all my own rigging.
  13. Hi mate, I have just been through a similar situation. It really depends if you want a dedicated "popping rod" or all rounder. What line were you planning on running? I dont know what lure styles I will be running mostly so decided on more of an all rounder and went for the Saltigax pe 8-10. And once I figure out what lures I like throwing I will invest in a more specialized rod. Demonbloods are very popular but probably slightly overpriced for what they are. I'd suggest the Majorcraft series or check out Feed rods as they have some good options too.
  14. I personally have gone away from the lower and mid range daiwa reels and find Shimano in that price point make a better reel for the $$. Especially if you are hard on your gear both of my Sol2 reels in the 3000 and 4000 sizes destroyed themselves. I have a couple stradics now that I really like then have some high end daiwa gear that I haven't been able to fault yet
  15. Oh true. I think I will be looking at 7-8ft Rods mostly. Sorry to hear about the break in mate. Hope the insurance covers it ok. Nothing like freshening up the line up