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  1. This forum has lost it's mojo for me when I had to pay a membership to list items for sale. I once contributed often with reports and advice, as well as selling stuff. I now view this forum as a take only site, where your expected to write reports offer advice, as well as cough up cash to post items for sale. This philosophy does not sit very comfortably with me. Fair enough that businesses pay for the privilege to advertise their company or to advertise stuff for sale. A way that funds could be raised is by having items for sale from the site. I remember the brag mats from last year, which I bought were reasonably priced. There are many products like brag mats that are easily procured in bulk at a low price that can have forum and sponsors info posted all over them. Another example is a fishing shirt, this also brings mateship into the equation as people out fishing would recognise the shirt and be inclined to have a chat. Just my two cents, however I reckon that a few people would agree with me. Muzz
  2. muzz

    Fish Finder/GPS

    HDS all the way with structure scan. Use it for a month to get the hang of navigating it, then book a lesson with Nick, Tech Fishing if your in Brisbane. He will teach you how to get the most out of it. It will improve you catch rate. I'm on my fourth HDS, a 9 touch, they are awesome. I have had top end Lowrance and Humminbird, and the Lowrance wins by miles IMO. Muzz
  3. Hey mate, no dramas my alias is muzz on that site as well. I take it yours is Surfingant?
  4. muzz

    PNG Mission 2014

    Mate if you have a VCR I would be more then happy to loan it to you, nothing like getting amped for a trip.
  5. I've been fishing way past the weir lately. Which a lot of it involves dragging the yak through the bush aiming to get to the unpressured water.
  6. Unfortunately a spot that I have been fishing lately get a lot of shore fishermen, who don't believe in taking their mess away. Everything from fishing line, bourbon cans to waste bait packets are continuously left there. I have also noticed fishing line tangles left on prominent branches overhanging the water, which would lead up to tangling water birds.
  7. Had an awesome after work session this afternoon. Things started of quietly with only two 35's taken on hardbodies, at around 430 I noticed a bit of surface activity. First couple of fish were around the mid 30's, then my Sammy got engulfed by a 44 TTF, 47 tip. The tally end up, 3 over 40 also lost another 3 mid 40's (snapped my Daiwa Harrier trying unwrap one from a snag), around ten high 30's and a lot below the 35 mark. This surface bite lasted until long after sun set.
  8. Personal choice, but I prefer the AGM's they are up the front of my boat on their side. Couldn't do that with deep cycles, plus I don't lose fluid when slapping through chop.
  9. muzz

    PNG Mission 2014

    That would be epic. I remember as a kid watching Rod Harrison tackle these beasts, using a pair of pliers to tighten the drag. Still got the VCR, wish I could transfer it over to DVD :dry:
  10. G'day, I run two 120amp Full River AGMs for my 80lb minnkota and days worth of fishing out of these batteries. However my boat isn't too heavy, just make sure that you get heavy gauge wire to run to your leccy so that you don't lose any amps. And buy a Ctek 24amp charger. Cheers Muzz
  11. Cheers Terry, I've been trying to focus on kayak position a lot more now before I cast, but not all the time. Ha, especially when there is a cracker snag in front of me. Running 20lb castaway, 14lb flouro leader, was running 12lb leader but found it too light. Last night spinners baits outfished cranks 2-0, still managed 2 on the surface as well.
  12. Hi Terry I've been recently fishing from a kayak, the biggest problem that I have had is been dragged back into snags by larger fish. I only have a small yak 9'. As far as retrieving stuck spinner baits I have been able to dislodge most, but I also have a strike back tackle retriever (best money I have ever spent) Before using spinner bait this summer, I have been fishing them from a boat mainly at Maroon. Using these at Maroon I would cast them through weed, follow bank contours and cast them at schooling fish.
  13. Thanks for the replies fellas. Been out a couple of times on the Brissy River since the original post and I'm happy to say that I'm starting to get a few fish as well as a few bust offs. Also nailed some Tilapia on them! Some things I've learnt over the past few days, overhead reel is the way to go with spinnerbaits, up the line strength helps to pull fish hard from snags and bushes. A couple of pic's.
  14. I have been a lure fisherman for the best part of 20years. I have caught fish on cranks, surface lures, jigs, plastic etc. However there is one type of lure that has always been a thorn in my side.... Spinnerbaits! When I'm trying a new technique I will often only take that type of lure or only try that technique on a trip or until I feel confident that I have a basic understanding of it. I have been casting spinnerbaits for bass since moving back to Queensland in 2011, but have only managed one bass which was the other day. Where as I have been having plenty of success with plastics and cranks. I'm after a bit of advice from the bass fishers who succeed with them. What do you look for with the blades? colour, shape? What weights do you guys primarily use? How do you retrieve them? Slow roll, let them sink hard into structure, rip and drop? Cheers, Muzz