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    Retired and spend 4 days per week fishing.
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  1. Joe K

    Joe K

  2. Another great session Dino. Did you manage many bass over 45cm?
  3. Well done guys! Stepping on a Bullrout or Forkie, from experience I’d say the former is far worse.
  4. Well done Timtam! Fabulous photo of a very special fish. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Hi Drop Bear! The reel came straight out of the box so the handle is not an after-market purchase. The Shimano Ball Handle is around $170. I had a look at the Sustain range and I did not see the Ball Handle. Freddy’s or Tackle Warehouse may be able to source one for you. Good luck!
  6. Hi Dino! It does look big in the photo. The handle on my older 4000 was giving me blisters after hot fishing sessions.
  7. Took the new combo out for a cast today. The water was warm and the bass loved it. No big bass but I ended the day with over 30 bass and lost 3 lures.
  8. Hi Guys, I have replaced my rod/reel combo lost in November. The replacement rod, reel and blue braid (in the photo) is exactly what the lost items resemble. I’m still happy to pay $700 for the recovery of the lost combo. Thank you. Cheers... Joe.
  9. Thank you kmcrosby78! I hope you and family are well. And you still have time to wet a fishing line!
  10. A few more fat girls caught at dawn, dusk and in between!
  11. Thanks Rick! My other hand is holding the camera for a quick selfie.
  12. Years ago I was using 10lb gear but I kept getting bricked by the bigger bass. So these days my rods are 20, 25 and 30lbs. I lose very few fish!
  13. Always good to get out to the fresh air Luvit. Catching fish is a bonus. I did well at the NPine, Wivenhoe and Somerset during Winter. Water was cold! A few more recent photos.
  14. Yes Luvit. It’s water under the bridge but I will have to replace it. Have you done much fishing this year?