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    just started Kayak fishing so looking to meet people who are also into Kayak Fishing.
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    Camping, 4x4, Fishing & Kayaking
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    QLD Security Manager
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    0430 969 715


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    Freshwater and Impoundment Fishing
    Estuary and Coastal Fishing
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    Mangrove Jack
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    Hardbody Lures
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    using peeled prawns at the moment


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  1. ajp022


  2. went out by myself chucking lures everywhere and nothing changed to K-Mart cheap cheap Berkley Gulp 2"/5 cm Sandworm Nereis in Bloody colour and bang 6 fish in 7 casts was a very happy Camper after that. Also had a sting ray come up i had my feet in the water and felt something rub against my leg anyways he was flapping his wings against the kayak tried to take a pic but it didn\'t work and i also had jelly fish swimming around the yak so it turned out to be a great morning.
  3. ajp022

    Kayaks on Graysonline

    stay away from them mate they easily crack and split they sell them on ebay as well you get what you pay for
  4. i still haven't fished the coomera yet where do you launch your yak from
  5. Thursday 25th looks ok to take the yak out not as windy as the rest of the week will launch the yak at 10.00 will be launching from Marks road and troll around to the mouth of the river so if your keen to come let me know
  6. ajp022

    Thursday 27

    doing the usual cabbage tree point the wind looks best for Thursday 27 high tide is 7:57am so we could launch the yaks at 0530 let me know what you think if its a go we can meet at the gem bait and tackle 281 Stapylton-Jacobs Well Road Alberton at 0500 (give us a chance to get fresh bait from them as they open at 0500).
  7. ajp022

    Thu Sep 20

    i have been doing well between Kangaroo island and Eden island catching bream, tailor and Flathead but going to try something else change of scenery. where r u launching from Tomca
  8. ajp022

    Thu Sep 20

    going yak fishing Thu Sep 20 at cabbage tree point high tide is 12:57pm going to launch from Marks road next to the prawn farm and fish the mouth of the Logan river. launch the yak at 10.00
  9. also try Jabiru island. Try the places marked in red on the photo. Great areas for flathead on an out going tide. I usually troll along the banks that are marked.
  10. Yep what Surfingant said put your nose into the waves you should also try fishing Cabbage Tree point i have been doing well there with flatties, Bream and tailor
  11. Hey all, Doing the usual Cabbage tree point on Wednesday 12th going to launch the yak at 0500 if your keen send me a pm and will arrange to meet at the Gem Bait and tackle 0430
  12. just let you know guys its still on this Saturday we have 12 confirmed Kayakers at the moment so your more that welcome to tag along the more the better
  13. hey all going Kayak Fishing @ Wellington point on Monday 30.07.2012 launching the Yaks @ 0500 & fish around King Island etc