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  1. linc87


  2. thanks, i expected that they would be starting to thin out. cheers
  3. Hey guys, Haven't been out for a few weeks, so was wondering if there are still plenty of whales passing through? with the forecast on Sunday looking good was going to take some friends from the uk out for a look.
  4. Hey guys, thanks for your opinions and cheers for the comments on the boat. You can get up under the gunwale to mount it through the anchor well, so no drama there. I will be putting an 80lb on it and actually think the boat will ride better with the batteries up in the bow giving the nose a bit more weight. It's a shame that navico have only made their lowrance line interface with the mg, because I have a simrad installed. Any idea if they are planning to get the simrads to connect in the future? If they are I will def go the motor guide.
  5. Hey guys, haven't been on the forum in a while but it is good to see it still going strong and even better to see you all still getting amongst the fish. Since last visiting the site, I've received my new Lewis 590 cc. It's a dream to fish out of, but as with all boats... I 'need' to put some more money into it - in the form of an electric motor. So, I'm looking for good/bad experiences with electric motors. I'm going to be putting an 80lb on it this year and cannot decide what to go with. appreciate your insights.... cheers, linc.
  6. linc87

    What Engine

    Thanks for the input and I agree with your logic. No plans for massive under floor tanks etc, but will be fishing 3 blokes more often than not. The guys from Lewis are currently looking for a boat up here (Brisbane) that is a similar setup so I can go have a look. They are in Sydney unfortunately, so at the moment It looks like a trip down for a water test is going to be in order. Anyone on here know of someone with this hull that I could check out?
  7. linc87

    What Engine

    Four Stoke merc?
  8. linc87

    What Engine

    14,500 for a Suzi 140?? That isn't including gauges, controls and fitting surely! interesting that a few of you are not keen on the merc.
  9. linc87

    What Engine

    All, After much deliberation, I have finally decided to buy a boat. The hull I have settled on is a Lewis 590 and will have it in the centre console configuration. My question is relating to the engine that I should put on it. Unfortunately, my budget will not afford the maximum 150Hp recommended, so will need to settle on something below that. Budget for the engine (fitted) is $16,000 Max. so i'm looking at the following: Yamaha F130A Mercury four stroke 135 Mercury 115 ProXS CT putting the 115 on it will save me a couple of grand that could be put into other toys on the boat, but I am concerned it may be under-powered for the hull?? There are also quite a few differences between the 3 in terms of displacement, DOHC Vs SOHC, rev range, weight etc and I thought best to put this out to you all to get some opinions. Can you give any advice here?
  10. Hey guys, Thought I would share an experience I have had this afternoon doing the groceries at Coles. When at the deli I noticed they had whole red emperor on sale. One in particular caught my eye, as it was particularly small. After requesting to talk to the deli manager (who was I available) I got to speak to a young lady who was 2nd in charge. I informed the lady that I believed this fish was undersize. To which she informed me there was no way they could be under size as they get their fish from the department of fisheries. After asking what the legal size was told her and she attempted to convince me that the fish was of size 'but maybe only just'. I then requested that the please confirm the measurement and if it is undersize, please remove from the display as it is illegal to sell if it is too small. I left them to their devices as I continued my shopping. when we were done i told the wife I was just going to check what they had done. To my surprise the fish was still on display so I asked the same young lady what they measured the fish at. She replied '56cm' so I requested that they please demonstrate the measurement for me as it certainly did not appear that long. After having to go and find a tape measure she returned and measured to fish confirming the size was actually 43cm (12cm short of legal). I Again informed the young lady that the selling of undersize fish is illegal and can attract significant fines and requested they remove the fish from display. I reiterated this point to the store manager who defended the young lady as she "probably would not have the suspbject knowledge to know the legal size of the fish they sell". I will be contacting Coles separately on this but wondered if anyone else had had a similar experience? Also just curious, I searched online but cannot find how much an organisation can be fined for selling undersize fish. Can anyone confirm? Pic of the fish I question below
  11. Keen to give those jigs a go. Look the goods
  12. Hey guys, just a quick heads up to let you know The website will not "remember me" any more, meaning every time i Come back to the site I have to log in again.
  13. Out of curiosity, do you find any colour that works particularly well? I have never had any success using octojigs and think perhaps i am using the wrong colour.
  14. linc87

    Sunday offshore?

    Had a very interesting day. Got a couple of gold spot to about 6kg and a nice snapper that went 90cm and about 8kg, I was getting a coupe of small AJ and stripy tuna on the jigs which were a bit of fun on light gear until about 8 when they shut down. Soon after as a livie was getting lowered to the bottom a small black inhaled it took off (First for both of us and first for the boat, such a buzz seeing these amazing creatures fight) and I quickly leant that grabbing the bill is best done with gloves when we got him beside the boat. After that al went quiet and we called it quits at about 11 with a couple of nice eating fish in the esky. Will post pics later on.
  15. linc87

    Sunday offshore?

    Yeah it was a bit sloppy in the morning but definitely comfortable enough. Did you guys get any fish?