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  1. Just had a crack embedding it. Awesome video!
  2. Alexx

    Electric Motor...

    Hi mate, It depends what you are doing. However with your boat im guessing it is in the bay or in estuaries or even canals. If you want to just do drifts along edges or banks, and navigate canals quietly, I would recommend a cable steer as you won't be using any electric features like autopilot or spot lock. Whilst these features are handy in some scenarios, in the aforementioned prescribed situations you will rarely use them and not get your money's worth as these models are quite expensive. Cable also feels a bit more direct and you feel more in control. It is just like steering assist in a car, the cable steer will give you more feedback to your foot while the electric pedal won't. Regarding brands, my only experience is on the bream comp scene. It's a pretty even distribution between minn kotas and motorguides, but I usually see less breakdowns and issues with the cable steers VS the electric steers, and of the two less issues with the motorguides. The boat I am usually in has a motorguide tour series that is cable steer. The only time spot lock would be nice is during the winter when we come across a school of bream spawning deep in a patch, so instead we just keep going up and drifting back through them, and still manage to pick them up, so It usually isnt an issue. It just means more work for your back and leg with more time on the pedal. Here is one that is bow mounted on ebay. Close enough to your price range and a mid range poundage with 45lb of thrust. Should be more than enough for the 385 Quinny and it would even suit slightly bigger boats in an estuary scenario. Import from america thought so might take some time.
  3. You can just walk along the top of the rock wall as you pepper casts. It gets deeper towards and past the Wagner's Cement wharf, however legally you are not allowed within a certain distance from them when a ship is in dock. (I think it was 20 meters? I could be wrong).
  4. Hey mate. Welcome. They are definitely at Nudgee. Just need to be persistent. Try using Squidgee Wrigglers here in the blood-worm colour, and match the jig head size to the rate of flow when you fish so you make sure you're on the bottom. At Nudgee this can be between 1/8 ounce up to even 3/8+. Blades work well too. You can also try the flats to the east of the Pinkenba Boat ramp. Got my PB there, and they are not shy of hitting the 5"+ soft plastics here. But 4" jerk shad style is a solid choice here in the brighter colors. Sometimes it can be hard with timing, by try to exclusively fish the run out tide, and don't stay/cast in the same place over and over. Move around and pepper your casts so you are covering more ground. Sorry if you already know this mate, but with flatties it is all about getting the basics right and persistence. Also, check out Landangler's blog. Just google him and it will come up, otherwise I can link you his blog. Cheers.
  5. Hi all, I did a forum search and couldnt find a similar and recent post on the topic, so I decided to start a new one. Now that I work 8 till 6 everyday in front of a computer screen for the past few years, I have developed astigmatism with different levels in either eye. After having my 1 year old glass lense Spotters blow off my face into deep water one day going 50 knots into extreme winds, and recently breaking a pair of Makos I won in a bream comp, I am looking at getting a perscription pair of polarised sunnies made up for fishing. Just wondering if anyone has any recent experience with this, and can suggest a manufacturer/brand/supplier, and if it is actually worth getting a custom pair made up? Cheers!
  6. I always keep a clean esky in the car, and always have a folded up cloth fish bag in my gear bag. That way if I ever catch a fish I want to keep for a feed (which is very rarely), I pop it in that bag, get back to the car then get some ice for the esky on the way home, and Bob's your uncle I have a chilled fish. I obviously don't do this when i'm parked in an area where ice is not closely available. as travelling more than a few minutes with a dead fish at room temps, is not the greatest haha
  7. Our property(ies) are truncated and separated by local rural roads, which being so close to the area's most popular watering hole for most locals', are patrolled a lot more regularly than the average rural road. We have also had a lot of issues with piggers trespassing for hunting, with the odd carbon arrow with some pretty messed up complex tips, found in the same paddocks as our cattle. So ( in this case thankfully) the local authorities have also been doing regular patrols for these people/offenders.
  8. The hard case is heavy gauge plastic compound secured by 4 bar locks and then further secured with an additional keypad lock. Therein lies the issue. All acts are open to interpretation, specifically by the inspecting officer of the law. We have tried calling local authorities to check, who are more than happy to chat about it, but when asked to provide what was discussed in writing nearly always decline. And understandably too as to avoid accountability in the event their statements are wrong or used out of context. The problem is when driving fence lines to check there are no breaks and that no cattle are out, you run into a drove of pigs digging up small crops and breaking the bottom line of the barbed wire fences, and it takes way too long to retrieve the firearm from its secure location in the car. By the time you are ready, the offending suidae are gone. But like you said, do what you can to avoid a gun infringement...
  9. The old man just swapped from a lockable Metal Box that was fixed to the back/boot of his Landcruiser wagon, to a small single lockable hard plastic case for his 30-30 that he plans to lock to the vehicle (hook on the floor of the boot, for the fold down rear seats), and cover in such a way that it is not visible from the outside of the vehicle. We are in QLD. According to that information, we should be fine, correct? Specifically: "or the firearm is in a securely closed container that is out of sight in the vehicle."
  10. These things are like the plague in summer time during bream comps. They chew right through my 3 and 4lb lines and take my good lures. Please smash more so they don't keep taking my gear! Good job mate.
  11. Plenty of cats there. I would refrain from cast netting here though as there are a heap of trolleys, rocks, scooter wheels, witches hats etc, at the bottom of the creek as seen from our daily walking-of-the-pups past at low tide.
  12. Thanks for all the kind words. Really such a good session when compared to my expectations. Haha yeah sorry for the misleading comment. It was a good fish! She looked very healthy too. No lice, great colours, no sign of worms and her stomach felt like it was full of roe, good signs for the waterway. Quite the opposite mate. Barely passed English in high-school, thought manly due to lack of motivation and caring for the subject itself. It has only been due to my job where I write reports everyday, that my report writing has actually had any time to develop. That is the next step. We are planning to catch some live bait and make them swim out of the drain into the main creek at the high tide when the drain is covered, in the hope of catching some predators camped out on the drain. Again thanks all, appreciate the feedback!
  13. Hi all. So I just got my car back from the shop, after burning a MASSIVE hole in my bank account. With Christmas coming I decided to limit my spending, which meant no big trips to land based spots around SEQ, and staying home. However the fishing craving never subsides... the addiction is too strong... SATURDAY I had never tried the closest body of water to my house being Enoggera Creek behind the RBWH, so I decided to give it a crack with some bread on light bream gear after seeing some of @curranboy99's posts up at Kedron Brook. So a shout out to him, as without his post I wouldn't have a report to post, thanks mate. I walked down yesterday afternoon with a loaf of white and gear in hand, to the the spot just under the Lutwyche Road foot bridge. I decided to aim for structure, hoping for some bream. Rather than using a float set up, I decided to option for a weightless single hook setup instead. I was using my new Stradic 1000HG, Gloomis DRS820 GLX, Sunline Super PE 8 braid in 6lb with a meter of 12lb leader tied on with my altered slim beauty knot, and a size 4 Penetrator hook. The tide runs slowly this far up the system, and it was halfway through the run-out tide. I used the crust of the white bread to burley up the water, then compressed pieces of the white center into a small ball, hid the hook inside the bait, and threw out in with the burley. At first there was no action, until a few minutes later a heap of bait were fighting over the burley. From what I saw it was small mullet, and maybe some small herring, but I can not be sure. So i decided to throw in just behind the bait, in the hope some larger fish were in behind, trying to have a crack at the live bait. Within a few seconds of my bread hitting the water, it was hit pretty hard, and the fish ran out to the middle of the creek. It didn't get far, as my setup is a litter overpowered for the smaller fish species, but very fun with the right drag settings. I ended up landing a very healthy catfish. After 4 more, I called up my brother-in-law to come down from our place to have a crack as well. Over the next few hours we ending up going through the whole loaf, and landing roughly 15 catfish. While not a desirable fish, it was still a very fun session in the rain. i believe the biggest one for the day went 38cm. SUNDAY After a successful session the day before, my brother-in-law decided to step it up and get some pilchards. So around 9.00am we headed down to the same spot again, this time aiming to fish the last of the run-in tide. With a small bag of frozen pilchards and a couple pieces of bread, we decided to use all the bread first to see if we could find the catfish again first. This time however, my brother-in-law after two casts with bread, produced two very healthy BREAM!. His first was not legal, however the second went 28cm strong. This got me excited as I love chasing bream on light gear, however all I could produce was another 5 catfish. After the bread was gone, we swapped to cubing up the pilchards into 1.5 cm chunks, hiding the hook in the flesh around the back-bone, and casting in on the same rig setup. After only landing 2 catfish between us in about an hour, we deiced to move further upstream to a pedestrian bridge near the dog park at Downy Park. We used the same setup however targeting deeper water surrounded by mangroves, hoping for something more toothier. First cast in, and straight away I get a hit and weight on the line. At first I thought it was a big catty, but as it surfaced we were shocked to see a decent sized FLATHEAD! I was very appreciative of my decision to not go ultra light at this point... After my initial shock, I quickly realised I couldn't lift this girl up to the bridge we were standing on, so while keeping her head in the water (VERY important with flatties), I swam her over towards the bank on the Windsor side of the foot-bridge and landed her, JUST. As I got her out of the water, the leader snapped.... After a quick pick myself, and a local walking past who caught all of the action, I decided not to eat her and we let her go. I very rarely keep fish, however now and then I will keep the odd tailor or Flathead as I love the gamy flesh. Today I decided against it, mainly because I didn't know how healthy the ecosystem is in the river, and I don't want to take a bigger breading female and predator out of the system. I'm all for sustainability. After this not much happened. In the next 2 hours the tide stopped and turned, and still nothing. Using the last of the pilchard we had just cut up, I ended up getting one more catfish, and then to my surprise, a decent sized TAILOR!! Again I was shocked, but this one I think would had just been shy of legal size, so i decided to try pole it up to where we were standing on the bridge. However this time the leader did not hold up, and it snapped as I watched the tailor swim away to fight another day. Sorry for the lack of photos, it was raining mostly all weekend and I only had my phone so I did not want to get it too wet. All in all a good weekend. I was left in disbelief as after catching 4 different species and a couple legal fish, left me thinking I may have to seriously reconsider why I travel hundreds of kilometers in the search of fish, when such a fun time can be had literally a couple hundred meters from my house. Thanks for reading.
  14. Cracking fish mate well done. This looks like the same spot you took Angus to a few weeks ago? I tried google earth searching it back then and I couldn't find it haha . That lure seems to do the damage too once again, i'll have to pick up a few. When you get tired of 'Spot X' and are prepared to share, I would love a hint as to it's whereabouts as my usual tailor spot up at Noosa has died off the past two seasons and I'm in dire need of a new one! And each one I scout out that is any closer to me here Bris than my Noosa one, never gets any results even after a few trips. Or even just any advice RE tailor spots near Bris. Good job mate, you will have to start putting pro-tailor fisherman on the resume. Cheers.
  15. Try keeping the gut on ice/cooled and you won't have a problem with it deteriorating so quickly. Good work. Keep at it mate. The more you handle bream, the better you will become and eventually won't need anything but your hand. Even I get the odd impaling from the dorsal fins when they still flip out, but it is a lot better for the fish. Cheers.