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  1. Absolutely you can target them land based, some of the guys who pioneered Brissie river threadfin fishing were land based only and they would regularly catch double figures of threadfin and jew. The fish aren't as plentiful as they were back then but there are guys who still get out there and bag a few, the guys that I know that target them prefer to fish for them through the cooler months and will generally fish of a night time. Soft vibes, blades, prawn/shrimp profiles, different soft plastic profiles and hardbody/crank baits will all produce fish.
  2. Great work again Wayne that's a quality tiger and your advice on catching them is pretty spot on.....I caught a few myself on Thursday (from the boat) and again yesterday ( land based) so squid and snapper/Jew are on the menu tonight....Yum..
  3. Yeah if I persisted for a bit longer I may have bumped into a more targetable school but I had to get home, I've caught my share though and had my share of donuts also and Tuesday's big 0 won't be my last.........that's longtail fishing.
  4. Yeah Wayne love eating snapper and jewies, been having a good run with some quality fish in the 60-70 cm bracket coming aboard as well as a few legal jew and averaging around 6 or so solid keeper flathead per outing as by catch. I'd be heading somewhere like raby bay canals for squid in the current weather conditions or if you are going to target them from the boat then around the islands midweek next week should see you in the right place to snare a few..... Cheers, Al
  5. Ok when you said cod I was think estuary/greasy... No good on the snaps the other day, first snapper donut in about 7 or 8 outings, no Jew either, got a couple of flathead though as a consolation prize.....didn't do any good on the tuna either, had some half chances but it was tough going..
  6. Nice little haul of fish there guys, all good table fish too........not that I'd keep one so small personally but I thought the legal size limit for cod was 38 cm??
  7. A well deserved fish Sam, you put allot of hours and travelled allot of K's to get that one......bet there was high 5's and hand shakes all round when you dropped him on the deck.... Shame Craig didn't land that fish he hooked up to when we were having a chat out there. As I said to you when you text messaged about the stomach content after catching it, I have seen them feeding on prawns out there plenty of times over the years so I'd say they're a regular part of their diet and may be the reason the fish are feeding deep at the moment. Cheers, Al
  8. Bummer.......I was hoping some peacock bass were in plague proportions somewhere near by..... These perch sound crazy, won't be safe to go near the water soon for fear of being chocked by the savage climbing PNG perch....
  9. Very nice......worms or squid for bait? Did yo use a bit of red tube and red beads?
  10. I'm not familiar with your rods but as long as they can cast the jig then they should be fine, 10 lb main will be fine.
  11. Two of those are 2.5 's and the other two are 2.2's. Around 4ft (1200 mm) is sufficient for leader, you can go longer or shorter if you like but 4ft is a good length, 12-16 lb fluorocarbon is the go, again you can go lighter if you like but there really isn't a need to.
  12. Hey Chew, You don't need the exact one that Angus was using, as long as you get one of the brands I mention in an earlier post then you can't go wrong. It's easy to recognise fluro Orange and pink, you already have several in the pic you attached, between brands they may have differing patterns on them, the pattern doesn't really matter it's all about the colour. Don't let the guys at the shop talk you into buying some other colours, just stick with the basics that I have mentioned, they don't really know what they are talking about (nice guys though), they are regurgitating info they get from blokes I taught how to squid fish over the years when I was involved with the Brisbane Egi Club. I've attached a pic of small selection that I purchased for my old man the other day, these will all catch plenty of squid if they're around, from tackle land Sandgate
  13. I might add, the orange one you have there (3.0 razorback) used to be my go to many years ago except I used to use the 2.5 size, these used to be the dux nuts due to poor availability of Japanese jigs back then. If you ever decide to tune a jig by shaving the weight down make sure you do it at the waters edge and take a small amount of weight off and test it and repeat till you get desired sink rate, all you need for tuning is a file. If you want your jig to fall a bit more level instead of nose first then you can use a bit of soldering wire wrapped around the tail wrist, I prefer to have mine fall nose first but I know other guys who like to level them out and they have good success.
  14. They'd probably go alright out in the boat in places such as the weed beds off Moreton but unless the squid are in an aggressive mood then you may struggle land based or in the shallows around the islands due to the size and weight they would sink like a stone and would be hard to get the correct action out of them, the snag factor would be high too. You can tune them a bit by shaving the weight down and getting them to sink slower but to be honest you would be best off getting some quality jap jigs from the tackle shop or you might find yourself giving up before you start due to lack of results.
  15. Taz, a faster taper rod like you might use for bream or something slightly heavier is ideal as you can work the jig better, I use a purpose built eging rod which is not necessary to catch squid but does make the whole experience more enjoyable like with any purpose built gear for a given technique. I always have a box of jigs on board the boat with me but don't always have a light rod on board but plenty of times if I've found myself in an area where squid inhabit while out chasing other species such as tuna/mackerel I've tied my jigs onto the heavy rods with 40-60 lb leader and caught plenty of squid so that's just an example to show you you don't need specific rods reels and line to do the job.