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    Fairly new to fishing but absolutely LOVE it. Usually just fish in rivers and creeks etc.
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  1. Hi everyone im wanting to book a holiday house for Easter next year for 4 adults and 3 older kids plus 2 small dogs. We love fishing for things like flathead, bream, whiting etc and I was wondering if anyone had any good suggestions for places to try or if you’ve stayed in great accommodation yourself and can recommend it. I’m just outside of Brisbane so anywhere up to 4 or 5 hours north or south of Brissy would be fine. We have stayed at Evans Head before and loved it but they are pretty booked out already. Thanks guys.
  2. Hi Everyone i was just wondering what everyone’s favourite filleting knife is? I have a Victorinox atm however the blade is a little wide for my liking. cheers
  3. Thanks @kmcrosby78 I'll be over there for 5 nights
  4. Thank you so much for that info. I really appreciate it.
  5. Hi everyone Just thought I'd see if anyone has any info to help me out. I am heading to Moreton Island for the first time in March, staying in the glamping tents at Bulwer. I was thinking of just taking my beach rod/alvey combo but not sure how close I can fish to where we are staying as we won't have transport over there. Should I take lures or just buy frozen bait from the store there? Thanks for any advice.
  6. Hi guys I'm heading to Byron Holiday Park for a couple of nights and noticed that Tallow Beach is a short walk from the park. Has anyone fished Tallow Beach before? What kind of fish can I expect to be around and what type of bait/lures should I be using? I usually just fish soft plastics etc for flathead and worms for whiting/bream. I do have an Alvey beach rod to give it a go if needed. Thanks guys.
  7. Hi guys I'm camping next weekend at Ferry Reserve on the Brunswick River. Just wondering if anyone can tell me if you can pump yabbies on low tide in the river or alternatively what other bait to use? I will be taking soft plastics for flathead but thought I would fish for some whiting too. Also has anyone fished from this location before? I have a kayak but was debating whether I should just fish from the bank in front of the caravan park or whether it would be worthwhile to take the kayak? Any information would be appreciated. Thanks
  8. Hi guys I was just wondering if anyone had been fishing over at Bribie Island lately. Does anyone know any spots where I might be able to take the kids to catch some whiting/flathead? Also any suggestions of where to drop a crab pot. I don't have a boat but can take a kayak out to drop the crab pot. Thanks guys
  9. Hi everyone I'm heading to Burrum Heads next week for a break, staying in a holiday house near the water. I will be taking my kayak with me and I was just wondering if anyone has any tips for where to fish, what bait to use etc. I will also take the crab pot in case there are any crabs around. Thanks for your help.
  10. Hi, I'm sorry I can't give you any fishing advice but if you don't mind I would be very interested in hearing what the camp site is like as I have been looking at going there myself. Are you going to the Tweed Heads Holiday Park? Thanks
  11. Thanks so much for those suggestions. I really appreciate it. One more question.....if we're fishing land based at Conway Beach or "the landing" what bait would you recommend? Thanks
  12. Hi everyone I'm heading to Hervey Bay on Saturday just for an overnight trip and wondered if anyone could give me any pointers on some decent land based fishing spots and also some good spots to put the kayak in. I'm only new to kayaking so I don't want to head out too far but thought I might check out Eli Creek etc. Any info would be much appreciated. Cheers
  13. Hi guys I'm going to Airlie Beach with my family (adults and kids) after Christmas for about a week and I was wondering if anyone could give me some idea's about land based fishing spots. We will probably go on a half day fishing charter one of the days but the kids love fishing so we will be doing some land based as well. I have heard the rock walls are good but are there any beaches or creeks to fish so it's easier to get around for the kids? Thanks