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  1. The sender is the same and our etec gauges worked really well. So ill just have to go through the 5 setp calibration and hopefully that sorts it. I'm eager to get my first Spanish. so trolled around the cape and out to flinders and onto hutchies and back. Just hardbodies and a one skirt in shotgun position. Next time i might get some live bait
  2. Frustrating isnt it!!! Only our second time out around the cape, but didn't turn a reel all morning It was still a nice day out
  3. Thanks for the link Junky, it appears that after performing the 5 point calibration that they speak of i should get numerical value which i dont currently have. The boat shop has only entered the tank size (in litres) but haven't fully calibrated it. Going to a pain in the butt emptying the tank! But this is progress!!
  4. Hey Everyone, Late last year we had a new Yamaha F130 fitted to our boat, after our etec gave up the ghost. RIP. The Yam is a great motor so far! As part of the package it came with the square 6YC command gauge. But we have found that the fuel gauge bar readout is very vague and all over the place! An example from our trip out yesterday - travelled to the cape and trolled for 2.5 hours, the bar graph never dropped one bar, then all of a sudden it drops 5-6 bars!! We put in 20L from a Jerry and she was back up to full We have a rectangle 115 tank so its not an odd size. The old etec gauge had Litres and % remaining. which was much easier to read and rely on. I guess my question is, has anyone found any setting to maybe change the fuel gauge display to Litres or %.. OR can anyone recommend a standalone gauge that i can fit as i have no confidence in the current gauge. Thanks
  5. Miller 197

    Miller 197

  6. The shadz dont have a whole heap of action in them when comparing them to paddle tail or grubz So you will need to bring the lure to life with your rod action
  7. Flipping hell your sooo lucky to get those fishing rods back man
  8. Thanks for the reply's fellas, thought that may be the case. Time to get a new rod I have a terez that's in need of a new top guide so i guess it worked out well ... sort of haha
  9. Long story short my raider snapped Its a 9ft 4 piece raider travel rod. It is the top section that has snapped. These rods retail at $139. On special they can be about $100 I have never had a rod repaired and was wondering how much i would expect to pay to get something like this fixed. Or if i should just cut my loss and get a newbie I have contacted shimano direct and via BCF and they dont sell individual sections What do you guys think?
  10. Howd you find going out the mooloolaba seaway? Easy as pie?
  11. Some of the biggest snapper ive seen out of the bay in a while! Good Fish!
  12. Hows the conditions!!! Nice fish Thanks for the read
  13. Although you were after longies, at the size mack tooonas make great sportfish!