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  1. Not my photos but spot the different species. I was watching Cobia peel away from their manta rays and smash up bait. Kingfish, GT and mackerel I also spotted. There were dozens of sharks! And multiple giant bait balls. Amazing viewing!
  2. Hey guys, been a bit quiet on the fishing fronts. Tried a few times but no success in the past couple of weeks! Today looked good, threw around a 100g microjig on a new GT popping combo (Penn slammer + Penn ocean assassin rod PE6-8). It was my first time catching a fish on gear this heavy. Its a tussle! Got one small GT and lost 3 others. Yes I am taking part in Movember! I've had amazing support so far. Please feel free to check out my profile The garden has been producing the goods Some kayaking with Wilson too Plenty of bait balls around the other day! Also getting ready for a trip up north visiting a mate Hes got a nice spot. Thanks, Sam
  3. Nice trevs! They go hard even at that size hey, always surprising as they come in smaller than what you think during the fight!
  4. Great pics mate! Nice little sesh
  5. Yum!! Yes I have all of the above in regards to herbs. They are a firm fish so would curry well.
  6. About 4 meal portions on 1 fillet I smoke tailor sometimes! Haven't tried trevally. I tend to not smoke the fish I really enjoy eating in a basic form
  7. Tasted good mate! Not amazing. Not quite as white as the smaller ones, but definitely worth keeping another at that size as it wasnt too bad at all
  8. I think years of fishing the same rocks I've learnt what little spots are the safest and when. However NEVER being complacent. Always expect the unexpected wave. Some areas of the rocks are simply safer than others and I've learnt that over time. I cringe when I see people on the 'danger' spots
  9. Had a landbased go pre storm and post storm. Pre storm got dusted by something large! Post storm I went down with my neighbour and he hooked up to a nice fish that put him to the test. A microjig got the bite and he needed to scramble along the face of the wall a couple of times to keep the braid safe and angle the fish to a desired vantage point. To and fro tug of war ensued. Rock fishing really makes you understand why it's called "angling". He got it's head up and rested the GT against the rock. I climbed down in between the sets and gaffed it... NO I DIDNT, I panicked and missed the fish and whacked his leader with the gaff Thank goodness the fish was still attached and I slid the gaff under it's gills, second time lucky. Just in time before the next set rolled in. 78cm, let's see what it tastes like at this size. I'll report back! Cheers, Sam
  10. Mate. Awesome trip and report! Love the variety!
  11. Amazing Robbie! Heapsss of red too glad to see the weather was nice for you. What a trip!
  12. More likely a couple more years til legal size I'd say Kat, unfortunately for you! Also many of them make their way out to the reefs when they get bigger. Jacks and trevally also do this to name a couple off the top of my head
  13. Nice one man! Inspires me to get up there again. Any spotties yet? Tri is a great guide