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  1. Excited for you mate. Have a great trip and catch up when you're back
  2. I had 50 4st yammy too. Could have even done with a transom fiddle to re rate to 60hp max. Was sometimes a tad sluggish to get going especially in the rough, 2 stroke would have been fine but who wants that they are very solid hulls. Cool to know the hydrofoil works for you. I liked the tiller steer, so much room, but my shoulder didn't when I did 150km round trips in the bay looking for tuna
  3. Are their scales harder to penetrate? Sorry for dumb question haha. I can't help you!
  4. Yep +1 for ellicats suggestion. Also seen reef anchor style spikes (outward facing) attached to a rope work very well. Not even that sharp, they spike through easier than expected with not much dcking around. Saw it in action at Hervey bay pier last time I was there
  5. Awesome stuff mate, love it. Also you bought the best 4.2m tinny in existence haha
  6. Thanks boys, I appreciate the support!
  7. Hi everyone, I went on a fishing trip with a mate and his boat over the weekend. We camped at Maaroom and fished the awesome estuary-like system (not sure if it is actually an estuary or not?) that is the great sandy straits. I've only fished the system once or twice and haven't done very well, however Murray has had several trips there and had success, mostly targeting flathead. Fishing the corners and creek mouths of the little islands seemed to be the go. The current did some funny things in those spots and that's where the fish were. Overall we actually had a pretty poor trip on flathead with only 4 barely legals. Murray usually gets a couple of big girls each trip up there. Not to worry, it didn't take me long to throw around a halco roosta to see what else could be around. I got a hit from a massive golden trevally which is less common on surface lures, so that really got the blood pumping. Followed by catching half a dozen 40-60cm Giant Trevally which was obviously a lot of fun. Queenies came to the party and Murray got his first little fella for the trip. I got a few also, the biggest shy of a metre Throwing around surface lures was a great way to break up the monotony of a pretty poor flathead session. We came across queenfish again in a bay at low tide where all the water (and fish) drains into from the flats. It was a feeding frenzy with queenfish jumping around everywhere! We caught some more with 4 of them over 90cm, on 25lb gear and 10lb gear. So overall it was a great trjp. One of the highlights being I hooked my first barramundi. It was 80cm odd, but was snipped off when it went for it's aerial show. Thanks for reading and sorry we only bothered with a couple of photos!
  8. Likewise haha, a quick glance was all I could handle. It looks like green zone size increases to existing ones in some parts, which is better than creating new ones I reckon. But whatever, will wait for mapping and a more concise overview
  9. I'm all for fish conservation to ensure sustainability with current greenzones and reducing bag limits (and if too conservative then it just means more fish to catch yay). But this 120 day thing seems really odd
  10. Jeez, i hope the homies use snorkels so you can see them
  11. That's awesome and good tips. Love the last photo
  12. Been up to caloundra a few times leaving from scarborough or bribie. It's a pleasant trip. And yes the fishing can really turn on up there. Patches of coffee rock and weed always worth checking out, brays rock too. And I'm sure there's more to check out as you keep going out further too. Unaware of these containers, when did that happen?!
  13. samsteele115