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  1. Great to hear benno! We can all do a little bit! Not allowed in the calendar til I've rescued a cat from a tree, and can slide down a pole better. I'll keep you posted
  2. It's rare to have an unchallenging day with them that's for sure. Northern and middle bay from January with a peak there in February and March. Then they tend to be spread out and can be targeted in the southern bay April til May, as well as along Bribie during these times. Especially when the first of the westerlies kick in Bribie is a goer in autumn
  3. Late May, got dusted by one landbased and pulled hooks on another, plus that one in the kayak. All big fish around the 120cm range and there for weeks just feeding on the plethora of herring
  4. So good! Nice read Brian. Heaps of Watson's leaping bonito and schoolies been around amity this year, haven't heard anything for a couple of weeks though but always worth a go. Some nice winter jacks on the wall too. Some life long residents have said it is the most bait, mackerel, bonito, and tuna they have ever seen and they hung around for weeks. Great signs for the bay. Catching longies and mackerel in my creek basher yak and landbased for a few weeks straight is going to be a lifelong memory. Lettuce know when you're next at amity and I'll cast some slugs at your boat
  5. Thanks @Old Scaley! Beauty of being an island is there's always somewhere to fish. Cylinder is nice, but not often fishy it seems. Good spot to launch the kayak. Even in 25 knots there are a couple of spots on the rocks either protected from wind or able to cast with the wind (still potentially dangerous mind you). In these times I cast down to the backing on my 5000 reel unfortunately for us, the wilder the weather the more fish seem to come in close. Dirty and rough water gets my hands shaking in anticipation. I don't remember the last time I caught a decent fish here landbased in 'nice' conditions. But always safety first
  6. Zero food kilometers. We can all do this from time to time
  7. Didn't catch it though so it's just another fisherman's story
  8. Quick bag out today on Gobblers soft plastics and slugs. Protein for the week sorted. All around the 50cm mark and lost a nice 70cm ish greenback
  9. Rock wall is good, flats always worth a go also. Anything can cruise along them. Amazing place
  10. It doesn't matter unless something too large for your combo takes hold and takes all your line. If you manage to stop it and the arbor knot holds, when you try to wind back on it MAY slip on the spool and not be able wind back on. Hence mono backing; or at least electrical tape on the spool. I wouldn't worry about it, the likelihood of it happening isn't high unless you target fish that you shouldn't be on that combo... in which case, serves you right
  11. I've rarely done well in the rivers with lots of fresh around. Don't really know why. But it's a good excuse
  12. G'day Ray! Great to hear from you. No mate, the passion for cricket faded a few years back (in terms of playing). I don't even want to know how many bass have holes in their lips since last time we spoke!
  13. Balance isn't tooo bad, certainly better than what a normal ski is. Yeah it's about 6k including sounder and safety gear. Not cheap Absolutely would do the job nicely mate! That's awesome
  14. Tailor and trevs were yesterday. Trevally being probably the most underrated table fish in my opinion. Yes the stealth pro fisha is basically a surf ski designed for fishing. Everything packs in the 7ft fish hatch so my gear stays dry in a surf launch. Or when I flip it half the time on the way in it's also very fast and glides well. What is your kayak? Thanks mate! Yes they are both 20kg mackerel and tuna. Nice fish.
  15. Thanks Kelvin! Haha yep it's a beaut kayak. Apart from that flathead, no success offshore yet. 0 from 6 on the Spanish