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  1. Uh bloody perfect weather today too! I'm both looking forward to and also dreading your fishing report tomorrow. Stupid work.
  2. We may not have a caught any monsters but the conditions were so beautiful, it was just great to be out there, particularly for a landlocked dangler like me. Thanks for the fantastic day out on the water Elli, you were an exceptional boaty host. I'd be happy to be your second mate any time, maybe we can put those whiting to good use
  3. Ha! So true. If youtube = time on the water I'd be the world's greatest fisherman
  4. I've been watching a bunch of youtube videos of guys catching snapper from yaks lately and it looks like a lot of fun. I'll definetly keep an eye out for your next post
  5. Yeah the first bream I caught on a soft plastic (on the Brisbane River under a bridge next to norman bridge reserve) was a super exciting and rewarding moment. I've struggled to catch much since aside from a decent flatty in hemment. I just find I end up getting snagged on stuff and get frustrated with re-rigging etc and not catching anything. I like the simplicity of bait but I also like the idea of not having to buy it over and over again. Yep I'm landbased. I've borrowed my dad's kayak and tried the raby bay canals once (again with soft plastics). Didn't get much but it was a bit of fun.
  6. The best days for me are Monday Wednesdays and Fridays as that's when my little girl is in daycare or at the grandparents. I'm pretty flexible though. I freelance from home but there's not much in the way of work at the moment.
  7. Thanks mate, I appreciate it. I had a mate I used to go out with regularly but he prefers to do his fishing on Tinder these days, so he doesn't get out much (and still doesn't catch much either I might add... ha!)
  8. Thanks, long time lurker, first time poster. I've only fished saltwater in Queensland (was born in Ballarat and used to fish fresh water as a kid down there). I'm open to having a crack at freshwater though.
  9. I love wetting a line but have always struggled to find time, particularly since becoming a dad. Well, like a lot of people I was made redundant from my job recently so suddenly I have plenty of time for fishing. I moved to wynnum about 6 months but haven't really had much luck in any of the recommended spots. It would be good to explore some new spots and try to learn a thing or two (still struggling to figure out the bloody soft plastics). So if anyone's keen to go for a fish somewhere (happy to venture out to redcliffe etc), let me know.
  10. shaun1800