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  2. Thanks guys..I nearly always launch on first light and usually isn't too bad getting a park down here...just trying to gauge how busy it is compared to down here...i might need to take the boat out up there before i make the move aswell
  3. Hey Guys the wife and I are considering a seachange move from Brisbane and we both love Hervey Bay and could be a possibility. My question is how is it like boating/fishing on wkends up there with boat traffic and trailer parking at ramps etc? Obviously around holiday periods would be busy but going out from Brisbane bay side ramps as we all know can get hectic on good weather days and parking becomes a pain and ramp traffic can be ridiculous.We holidayed up there in October last year and I kayaked off Gatakers bay and was so quiet and peaceful during the week i wish i never had to work during the week! But would like to know how it gets on wkends. Cheers!
  4. Yeah the plan was to head straight over to woorim before the tide change but found the fish at the first beacon so hung around but probably stayed a bit too long.
  5. My guess is they just wern't feeding at the time..If it was still early in the morning I would have stuck with them but time was getting on anyway..Will keep that in mind about Woorim for next time..Lots of sandbanks probably makes it look worse than what it was but as it was still blowing a northerly I elected not to go lol
  6. Sorry Cody didn't see ur comment to just now..due to some other commitments I could only get out in the boat on Tuesday... Hit the beacon just out from the passage and found some school mackeral. Some undersize but 3 were 53-55cm...they wern't hitting the slugs but hit my plastics and couple on floating pillies...Bite slowed so went out woorim way but was too choppy so started heading back checking out some spots but only a sol/flounder and a flatty. Found some big bait schools bout 200m from the beacon and followed them around with the electric for 30-45 mins but no predators which was unbelievable. Is this common? LOL At one point that were all around us, it was ridiculous... by then it was 10:30 so headin in and found a couple of flatties...Cracker day out thou and now the southerlies have kicked in so back home. Cheers
  7. Thanks Sparksie, I had found the article. Good read and gave me some ideas. Thanks Luvit I'm just gonna move around hopefully see some activity.
  8. Thanks guys...yeah a mate from work camps 1-2 times a month up the beach from woorim and rkns there are always bust ups and birds gave me some confidence lol...I'll just throw slugs and plastics at beacons and maybe troll along woorim..More of an exploration but hope to find some good fish..Looking like light NE winds so swell might be up a bit
  9. Hey guys I go up to Bribie a fair bit but looking to finally take my boat out and look for some pelagic action or decent ground to flick plastics. Going up saturday and back to bris wednesday most likely. I have a 4.2 stessco catcher 30hp and elec bow mount. Is it worth just heading out past the southern end and hitting beacons? Anything found around Gilligans? Considering going right around to woorim but don't want to head too far out. Am I likely to see bust ups or do I have to head out further? Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated.
  10. What a great session! For the soft plastics are u using 3/8 or 3/4 heads? And I don't know about everyone else but I prefer to hear the drag screaming and the action rather than music in fishing vids...Music is good to fill in the gaps of course though! Keep it up!
  11. Haven't done a report in quite a while but I will never forget this sesh..was up at bribie friday nite and was at the pub with a mate watching footy etc..after quite a few beers left around 11pm and went back to the apartment..for a laugh grabbed my 6lb set up with a zman grub in Amber headed down to a rock wall as the tide started to run out...after 15-20mins without a touch I wondered if lures work well at cast down close to the rock wall I got smashed and line was peeling, dodging the rocks I got it out and landed a PB Jack! on 30 cm but an upgrade lol..couple of pics and put it back..pretty pumped up I kept fishin and not long after was on again and landed a nice flathead..released him and not long after again got smashed again and landed another smaller jack..couldn't believe my 1.5hrs sesh I could ever have..
  12. Yabbies or prawns would have been your best bet...also you really have to walk out as far as you can so your casting into deeper water...seen a big queenfish was caught off whitepatch landbased on a live whiting...some nice fish around
  13. I find it funny that most people that fish off jetties cast out as far as they can when the structure is underneath them..when I was younger and fished off jetties I'd always drop bait straight down or swing it under..good fish bust you off but still land a few
  14. Am I reading that right that you fished 580 hrs in a month?