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  1. Tima1

    Boyne river trip

    Thanks and yeah it was on a prawnstar
  2. Tima1

    Boyne river trip

    Went up to the boyne river in May no monsters caught except the shovel nose but that's minus points isn't it? Anyway got my first finger mark so it was still worth the trip
  3. Tima1

    A few more

    Yeah I always move well away from where I'm actually fishing but all the cod have been caught trolling hard up against the rock walls, pretty much all my fishing is on a rock ledge or close to, it in the Brisbane anyway!
  4. Tima1

    A few more

    Some more river catches
  5. Tima1

    All artificial angling

    If u like these pics I got a heap more on my new Facebook page .... All artificial angling... Go and give it a like & even show me your lure catches!!
  6. Tima1

    Face book

    Just started a fb page ... All artificial angling .. Give it a like and upload ya catches on there too!
  7. Tima1

    B river giants

    I only use lures and yes my eyes glued to the sounder
  8. Tima1

    B river giants

    69.5cm to the tip and yes all fish was caught in the river
  9. Tima1

    B river giants

    Just a few photos of some of the better fish I've been getting into lately... The fishing has been pretty average lol!!
  10. Tima1

    Brisbane river?

    Anybody been fishing the Brisbane river lately? With any luck!!
  11. Tima1

    B river jewie

    I need barbs I drop enough fish as it s hahaha
  12. Tima1

    B river jewie

    Went to the hospital ! they cut he hook with side cutters before they numbed it so that was the most painful bit then they just kept pushing the hook through the whole way till it came out... If that makes sense ! Worst part the doctor throw my threadie buster out
  13. Tima1

    Mangrove jack?

    Hi, just wanted to know if there is any mad jack anglers on here that is willing to teach me how to catch jacks on artificials I've been trying for ages but I suck !! I've got a boat with everything on it so all I need is some knowledge !! I'm willing to give up some of my b river spots in return.... Any takers ??? ( I'm from Brisbane )
  14. Tima1

    B river jewie

    Decided to go down the b river for a flick last night i needed to get my fix of catching a fish after fishing most of the morning for jacks up the coast and not getting anything!!!! Anyway ended up hooking a decent Jewie after about an hour or so which went 82cm only problem was after releasing the fish the hooks were stuck in the net, cut a long story short managed to set one of the trebles into my thumb and it wasn't coming out cause the barb was under the skin so that ended my night pretty quickly lol.... Was still worth it thou !! The photos are not that good
  15. Tima1

    Fishing brizzy river

    Hi all, just wondering if anyone has done any good in the Brisbane river lately ? I havnt been doing that well since about 2 days before the full moon and does anybody know what that green fluro stuff is on the water at night ?