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  1. Classic Drop Bear story this one!
  2. My research group recently hosted Greg Lamprecht from Wicked Fishing. He has been donating fish frames for our research for more than 5 years. He did a great job of showing the process of estimating fish age on his FB page it is worth a look if you are interested!
  3. Some great footage in that episode. These guys are so good. Informative, understated and respectful. Such a good watch!
  4. Some GL2 baitcasters for sale here:
  5. Surely your favourite is your favourite!
  6. Nice! Would love to see a pic or two. I have my Grandpas Len Butterworth beach rod in a state of disrepair. Would love to restore it to its former glory one day. Plenty of Gold Coast tailor caught on that rod and a Bakelite alvey reel! But geez, I’m glad we’ve come a long way in the fishing technology stakes. Couldn’t imagine holding that beast through a long cold night session on the beach
  7. I remember using my grandpas black queen a few times as a kid. I think I even caught one in the Broadwater with a reel encrusted to it . I found my childhood Butterworth rod (from the early 90s) recently and had it refurbished. Was looking at the specs and saw it was made in Korea hopefully one of my boys will catch a fish on it and struggle as much as I did to wind it in!
  8. My favourites list wouldn’t be complete without a Gary Howard rod. I have more of his rods than any other brand and they are by far my favourites. This is a 7’ GForce spin rod rated 8-15kg. It uses a composite (carbon and fibreglass) blank similar to the Wilson live fibre rods but seems a bit crisper and lighter than similar rated live fibres. I use this for bay tuna and mackerel, floatlining offshore and even dropping baits to deepwater wrecks. This rod retailed at over $300 when I got it (xmas present ) but I think they retail for around $220 nowadays. There are overhead versions and heavier versions on the market too. I think Gary makes excellent rods built for Qld species and conditions and am very happy to support a local business. he supports the local specialist tackle shops too so worth a look if you are in the market for a new rod
  9. Here is another favourite that is readily available. It’s a Fin-nor Lethal lever drag 20 overhead reel. I use this bottom bashing for reefies. It holds >400m of 65lb braid, is light, has a strong smooth drag and doesn’t have the annoying noise of the anti-reverse that some reels do. I’ve got 2 tyrnos reels (12 and 16) for similar use but prefer using the Lethal over them. My mate I reef fish with has the same reel and we have knocked over fish to 12kg and sharks bigger than 1.5m. I’ve actually got 2 of the single speed versions; a mate has a 2-speed version which has had some problems engaging the gears so I’d steer clear of then. You can find them online for under $200 delivered which is a bloody good price compared to similar Shimano and daiwa offerings. I’m keen to hear if other AFOers have gear recommendations or comments on some of the stuff I’ve listed!
  10. Next on the list is my one and only baitcast combo (another purchase from the US when the dollar was ridiculous). It’s a G Loomis GL2 10-17lb 6’ with a Shimano Curado 200E5. The blue GL2s were entry level Loomis rods that performed well above their price tag. This series of curados was the last of the Japanese made ones and the smoothness and quality are exceptional. This setup i mostly use jigging vibes and has knocked over flatties, jacks, trevallies and a nice thready. I think you can still get the odd new blue GL2 from specialist stores who import from the US, or keep your eye out for 2nd hand ones in good nick. The odd Curado pops up occasionally but the ones I’ve seen have been very well used and look a little worse for wear no doubt they’ve caught lots of fish!
  11. Good point @Old Scaley I think it’s important that people know they don’t have to spend big bucks to get quality gear. Pick a product with a good name or buy 2nd hand from someone you trust. My mate I fish with has caught countless coral trout, snapper and even threadies and Jew on a $40 Sienna reel. When it eventually dies it’s cheaper to replace than service
  12. Having been a bit too productive at work lately I deserve a bit of a break so I’ve decided to list a few of my favourite rods, reels and tackle on here in the hope that it helps a few punters select some quality gear that has been put through its paces. I buy low to mid range gear or good second hand stuff so most of my favourites are within reach of the regular punter (unless they’ve stopped making it!). Feel free to contribute your favourites too. First up is the Shimano Stradic FI 5000. This is my most used reel by far. I’ve had it for 10 years mainly fishing plastics and slugs and it’s still going strong. Has accounted for many fish from snapper and grassies to mackerel, tuna, Coral trout, Jew and even tailor off the beach! The drag is smooth and easy to upgrade (with carbontex washers) and reel is straightforward to service. I fish 20 and 30lb braid on it as it came with 2 spools. I have a similar vintage Sustain FE 4000 but prefer the Stradic as it feels a bit tougher. Bought mine from the US when the dollar was good I think it cost me ~$130 landed. I’ve seen a few FIs on gumtree lately that look in pretty good nick. Worth a shot if you want a quality reel on a budget and don’t mind second hand. I’ve got this reel on a Shimano Starlo Stix tournament pro Maxspin 4-7kg which is another of my favourites. At 7’2 it’s a perfect length for long casts with plastics and slugs and a nice soft tip so hooks don’t pull. If anything the guides are a bit flimsy (would prefer Fuji) but I’m yet to break any so I guess they do the job. I haven’t seen many for sale but if you do come across one in good nick, jump on it! Ill finish this with a recent favourite. Rovex Depth Finder braid. Bulk spools are reasonably priced and allow you to fill multiple reels. It’s thin, strong and changes colour so you know where your lure is I’ve used the 20 and 30lb and am happy with the knot strength and smoothness so far.
  13. Mate I think you might’ve accidentally hit demo mode on your sounder to get a show like that!