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  1. Dropped Yewgary in the river for a quick squirt yesterday. Very impressed! Hit 50km/h with 2 overgrown men aboard. Definitely fast enough. Maiden voyage imminent! IMG_7088.MOV
  2. update: Picked up the new hull yesterday from Stones Corner Marine. Gunna call it YEWGARY (Eugarie) which is a combo of my trailer (EW) and boat (ARY) regos (For those fellow cricket fanatics also a play on Tim Paine's "Yeeeeaaaaahhhh Garrrrryyyyyy!!" commentary to Nathan Lyon's bowling ) . The Mrs was livid when she found out our 3 boys names were all cricket stars, and now she has a boat named by cricket too. Ha! Can't wait to see her face when my dogs turn up! A Great Dane called Haydos and Jack Russell called, well, Jack Russell! I love cricket. Got some trailer adjustments to do today then hopefully hit the water for a test run on the weekend. Very excited!
  3. Impersonating an officer is an offence. Report them to Fishwatch: Illegal fishing activities Fishwatch hotline To report unlawful fishing in Queensland, call the 24-hour Fishwatch hotline on 1800 017 116 (toll free within Queensland) or by using this form.
  4. Thanks for thinking of me Bwian. All yours Wobbie
  5. More likely the larvae have travelled down the coast in the EAC and been funnelled into the bay. The bay is shallow and full of food so they grow like stink, fatten up and migrate north. Do get a lot of juveniles at the shallow reefs off the top of Moreton and sunny coast. Cool fish
  6. Curado sold. Pfleuger and dobyns remain.
  7. Prices dropped on others. Will knock a further $15 off for AFOers.
  8. Hi AFOers well my boat is a month away and I’ve got some funds to raise so I’m selling some more gear. All are advertised on gumtree. The rods I’d prefer to keep But have to go and a baitcaster setup my mate Wanted but changed his mind see links I will knock $15 off gumtree prices for AFOers andrew
  9. It prob takes them about 5 mins flat to build one Robbie but mine is due early September. 6-8 wk wait cos they are so busy due to covid orders
  10. Thanks Brian. It’s no Ellicatch but I’m excited to have the option. All my mates have big boats (And do biiiig days) so this fills the creek bashing/crabbing/estuary flicking hole in our arsenal. And also a learning experience for me too as I’m planning to do all my own servicing
  11. So I’ve sold a bunch of gear recently cos it wasn’t being used but also to help fund my next project... had a zodiac inflatable when I was a kid (still think I’m 16) and the trailer and outboard sitting idle under my brothers house. 1997 models! spoke to The blokes at Stones Corner Marine and now have a Sea Jay 3.85 Nomad HS on order! Being built at the factory in Bundy I should have it in the coming weeks. Very excited! A new tow bar for the rocknrolla, new hubs, bearings and wheels for the trailer, a new impeller and fuel filter for the outboard and i’ll be off in no time. yew!