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  1. Don’t know what happened but the first time the text went walkabout and now it is all hyperlinked comes with warranty and receipt. Bought jan 2015 so still 5 years Shimano warranty on it
  2. Hi guys I’ve got a Shimano Tyrnos 16 in good condition up for sale 10/10 mechanically (annually serviced by Neil at Jones’s Tackle) 8/10 cosmetically (some boat rash) large line capacity and smooth, strong drag spooled with 400m of 80lb power pro multicoloured braid ideal bottom bashing reel I have it advertised on Gumtree for $175 but happy to knock some $ off for a member of AFO pick up Tarragindi andrew
  3. Just finished filleting, biggest spotty was touching 80cm
  4. G’day Hamish. I have actually eaten Mac tuna before - in a strong asian marinade. It was edible but not very nice, kind of like a fishy steak. I kept that one for bait. Excellent strip bait for tailor and reefies.
  5. Me and my brothers did a morning charter with Smithy out of Mooloolaba yesterday. We’ve done a few over the years but never managed to get all 4 brothers together at the same time. My old man wasn’t into fishing but he loved hanging out with his boys and liked talking with Smithy so he used to come along for the ride. He passed away a year a go so it was nice to hang out with my brothers and Smithy a catch some fish in his memory. We started the morning trolling livies for Spanish and had 2 hits straight away but the sharks were too quick for us and we got toweled up. We went for a run looking for some tuna and came across a patch of spotties that were playing the game. It was mayhem and multiple hits per cast on slugs and stick baits. We boated 6 in a frenzy then moved on to where smithy had done well on the longtails the day before. We found them but they were their usual flighty selves so Smithy made the call to run to a fad for some dollies. Well the dollies were thick and we had a good hour catching them on livies, stickbaits and slugs. Back to the tuna where we left them and they started playing the game but pulled hooks, bite offs, equipment failure and a bit of inexperience costed us the 3 or 4 longies we hooked. Found a patch of mac tuna that were less flighty and caught a couple even keeping one for bait (great tailor bait off the beach!). Got a couple of small schoolies vertical jigging under the tuna schools and hooked something rather large that gave a good few strong runs before wearing thru the leader. Back at the pontoon for lunch at the pub and a beer with smithy before the trip back to Brisbane. Here are a couple of pics from yesterday - we didn’t take many due to the chaos! Also a pic of my dad with a nice AJ from a previous charter with Smithy.
  6. looks like it could be a southern maori wrasse
  7. Ha. Most likely bad angling! You don’t tend to break the line but more pull the hooks out especially If the fish aren’t hooked well or have soft mouths. Big single hooks on lures might be ok with braid. Just remember this is just my opinion! Need to try and see what works for you
  8. Good question Hamish. I prefer trolling with mono as it has a bit of stretch in it which seems to be more forgiving on larger fish and result in more fish in the boat. You can use braid which cuts thru the water better but you need to use 10m+ leader to take a bit of the shock out when the fish hits, runs and shakes its head. I have lost big fish using braid with 15m mono leader so am totally biased against trolling with braid!
  9. 10kg is perfect for school mackerel in the bay. I prefer a bit heavier offshore in case a longtail or Spanish likes the look of your lure! 30-50lb mono for mine but totally up to the individual.
  10. couple of rods in here i'd go 30lb mono on an overhead reel like a TLD
  11. G'day Robbie i have done a couple of trips up there, anchored up behind one of the islands to the north of Airlie and caught a bunch of small reefies (stripeys, cod, trout). Burley hard and pull harder! On the way out there is a shoal with a mean pinnacle on top where we caught a big grey mac on a plastic. Meant to get trout off the edge of it but not that day. I have fished the edges of the headlands east of the marina and caught jacks and trevs. Theres a mansion here with its own marina home to hungry jacks. Further around near shute harbour and around the islands you can get grassies. Plenty of options if it is blowing (which it usually is!). Also great estuary options (jacks, threadys, barras) south of airlie but you might need a 4WD to put your boat in. Oh and watch the marine park zoning, its pretty good around Airlie (mostly yellow and blue) but make sure you take note of the green zones around some of the islands. Cheers mate Andrew
  12. Try looking here:
  13. Classic Drop Bear story this one!