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  1. Hey mate he's not in the Redlands but Steve at Independent Metal Fabrications at Moorooka does a great job. 0416 273 351
  2. Hey mate it’s a lowrance. Thanks for the offer
  3. nah mate she wanted to get home before she lost all of my lures. fortunately she comes from a long line of fishing tragics including her brother and late father. she always adds 2 hours on to every ETR!
  4. Hi @Kat i was using 2 setups - a dobyns fury 703SF and shimano sustain 4000 spinning reel with 15lb braid and 20lb leader (got the jew on this) and a G loomis GL2 with shimano curado 200E5 baitcaster also 15lb braid and 20lb leader (cod). These are mid range setups but there is no reason that a cheaper 7ft 4-7kg graphite rod and reel like a shimano sienna 4000 wouldnt do the same job for around $150 new or under $100 second hand. The tuff prawn is a soft plastic from Shads. They are local boys and have their products in lots of local tackle shops (but not the Big Chain Fellas) Heres a link to a cheap rod stand:
  5. Excellent info and drawings thanks @Junky! I will lift the transducer to be in line with the bottom of the hull between the strakes - hard to tell from the pics but it is positioned between the strakes. i had mistakenly lined it up with the bottom of the strakes rather than the it is definitely a submarine! I am confident that when i lift it i can get it reading at speed, but if i cant it is good to know about the off the shelf product to fix the problem. I'm cruising around at 18-20knots with 2 aboard so being able to keep the bottom at that speed would be great. When sounding spots off the plane the image is faultless. cheers for all the tips!
  6. Thanks @Junky so is it different to the transducer mounting plate I already have? all the info I’ve read points to the transducer being too low - easily adjusted by lifting the bracket
  7. I’ve been taking my time wiring up Yewgary with nav lights, bilge, battery hooked up to a regulator/rectifier and sounder my mate gifted me so I haven’t been on the water until recently. Took the mrs (aka Net Girl) out for a run down the Logan yesterday.we put in at the Carbrook ramp which is an excellent spot and worth every $ of the ramp fee. It was her first time in our tinny and she was impressed with how shiny and fast it was After some stuffing around seeing if my transducer was set right (it wasn’t, it loses the bottom around 15knots and throws up about a foot of spray - any tips?) we got to the first spot I chucked out a tuff prawn (thanks @tugger for the tip!) and was showing Net Girl how to work her lure and second flick I was on! Crunched by something with a bit of weight and strong tail kicks it put up a great little fight before it popped to the surface - a nice little Jew. It played up at the surface while Net Girl was working out how to extend the net but with some great netting action from the decky eventually we boated it. Now Net Girl was even more impressed! Jewie was released and we drifted around seeing a few fish on the sounder and later on I hooked a legal cod on a threadybuster and Net Girl swiped it up first go this time with skill and expertise! We released the cod and decided to call it a (successful) day. back to the ramp and not a drop of mud was seen even though it was approaching low tide. In the kiosk there was a great display of Gobblers lures + jigheads I will be snapping up a few packs of the jerk shads for bay work that’s for sure @Luvit im hoping the crabs fire up soon so I can combine flicking plastics with a bit of passive potting I can’t wait for the first legal buck to come over the side and get in my belly!
  8. congrats on a very successful mission! Shame about the rod mishap - easily fixed just take it into your local tackle shop and they should be able to put a new tip top guide on. Your rod will be a touch shorter but still perfectly functional. im no good with sharks and rays but I think it could be a bamboo shark which is from a family known commonly as the cat sharks @ellicat the other one does look like a stargazer or frogfish I will have to get back to you on that!
  9. Just buy a $10 tub of Cal’s reel grease, grease up the drag washer and see if it becomes smoother. If that doesn’t work, buy a $20 sheet of carbontex off eBay (the full carbon cloth one not the fibreglass sandwich style) and cut to size using the existing drag washers as a guide. Use the Cals grease you have left over and see if you like this better. alvey (and Wilson/ATC) would have had these reels built to spec offshore and “carbon” drag washers can mean different things to different OEMs who are driven by $$$$ margins. Still, as they are marketed and sold by Aussie companies it is better than sending your $$ offshore.
  10. Yeah mate my team contributed images to train the fish ID automation, info from boat ramp surveys about lengths caught by rec fishers and provided age at length information from 20+ years of research. It’s a great app I have it on my phone too I’m not really up with the latest technology but I understand the fish ID part of it uses algorithms that will improve as more people upload pics and confirm species. It’s pretty good for commonly caught species but definitely room for more examples of the less common species.
  12. Hey Old Scaley, I understand that the Venoms are the only line of Wilson rods built in Australia at the moment. I'm a big supporter of Aussie companies but was not impressed at all with the new Live Fibres i have seen. If you want quality at a reasonable price, try Gary Howard Reef Rumbler series. The 7 ft 8-15kg spin stick is a beautiful composite (graphite and glass like the old live fibres) rod that can cast a slug a mile and has a soft enough tip to floatline for snapper. They wont break the bank. Unfortunately it looks like Gary has moved some of his operations offshore too, there was a "Made in Vietnam" sticker on some of his rods at the local tackle store i looked at lately... i'm not entirely sure if any of his rods are built in Brisbane but its kinda hard to justify building rods in Australia when they are no blank manufacturers left here. RIP Aussie manufacturing Another option is Gumtree. Have seen lots of good quality live fibres including Texalliums for sale recently. p.s. If i was going to spend north of $500 on a fishing rod i would be speaking to a custom rod builder to ensure i got what i wanted.
  13. Yeah mate for this reason I’ve started building my own. Only problem it doubles your costs!
  14. I don’t prescribe to the banana theory either, but on those slow days I look at the banana boat sun cream with suspicion... I do, however, prescribe to the “lucky green jocks” theory! to each their own
  15. This is a better pic @Kat this book from the Qld Museum is quite handy for SEQld marine animals: