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  1. Andrew_P

    What Am I?

    A drop bear
  2. Andrew_P

    What Am I?

  3. Andrew_P

    What Am I?

    Blubber lip bream, slatey, blackall, morwong. etc ?? Nice work @ellicat! Over to you.... Old scaley was very close
  4. Andrew_P

    What Am I?

    I have lots of common names
  5. Andrew_P

    What Am I?

    Ha! Lucky guess! Here goes... I can grow to around 90cm
  6. Andrew_P

    What Am I?

    Mud crab
  7. Mate you dont need marks just drive up the beach on a clear day and you can see the odd patch of rock. they get covered in sand from time to time and hold fish/are barren at other times like other areas. Bit of a steam from the Group but worth a look one day if its quiet. much more productive ground to the north east of the group
  8. Andrew_P

    south queensland Offshore With Luvit In Luv-it

    What an amazing day! Do you think the whale shark was admiring Luvit's work removing the antifoul or looking at it's reflection?
  9. Andrew_P

    Tinny Search

    Hi, I'm on the search for a second hand tinny to be used for lure fishing and crabbing in the rivers and bay (mostly) and occasionally offshore in good weather. Something i can launch myself but with enough room and grunt to fish 2 up comfortably. I have a bit of experience with boats but haven't owned one since i was a teenager running around in an overpowered 3.5m rubber ducky! Specs: 13-14 ft (3.9 - 4.2m) vee bottom or v nose punt 30hp (2 stroke is fine) floor/casting decks nav lights/sounder/battery electric/bow mount plate for electric WOT <450kg (towing with 08 corolla) Some models that seem to fit most of the specs are Quintrex 420 Busta, Stessco 410 Catcher and Seajay 399 Creekmasta. A couple of questions: are there any makes recommended or to steer clear of? would a vee bottom or a vee nose punt be better if i'm mainly in the rivers and estuaries? what price am i looking at for a good second hand tinny with these specs? what should i look out for when inspecting? can anyone recommend a towbar place on the southside? I've had a look on Gumtree and Boatsales and there seems to be a few around. My mate suggested Market Place but I'm not on Facebook so dont have access to it. Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks Andrew
  10. The first one is a spotty and second one is a schoolie. Apart from the white patch at the first dorsal, a quick way to tell the difference is that spotties have lots of more defined spots smaller than the size of their eye, while schoolies have fewer larger "smudged" spots, larger than their eye. School mackerel have a minimum size limit of 50cm and bag limit of 10, spotties have a min size of 60cm and bag of 5 so it can make a difference to your esky! Great trip @Drop Bear!
  11. Andrew_P

    south queensland Best For 2018 And Goals For 2019.

    @benno573 i think it was about 20-25kg. Had to whip the sides off out there as it didn't fit in the esky! gave my 80lb gear a good workout. had me in the bottom too so lucky to land it
  12. Andrew_P

    south queensland Best For 2018 And Goals For 2019.

    Some nice fish above! Only got out once in 2018 but got a nice cobe One of my highlights was @Drop Bear catching a nice spanish on a reel he bought off me (fishing vicariously through people helps if you can't get out yourself). Hopefully fish more than once in 2019! Andrew
  13. Andrew_P

    south queensland Report - Glorious Day Offshore Brisbane

    Glad you like the reel Robbie and well done on a great day’s fishing! Looks perfect on that live fibre you got a great mackerel outfit there now. Let’s hope plenty more mega macks fall victim to it (but reach the gaff) in the future!