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  1. Mate I think you might’ve accidentally hit demo mode on your sounder to get a show like that!
  2. A bit of info on the NSW Research Angler Program for those interested
  3. Went out for a quick fish after work with my mate before this weather closed in. Dangled livies at the fish boxes (with at least 10 other boats) for 3 hours over a tide change and sunset for nothing! Threw a plastic around on my light gear before we came in and hooked this beauty! After a tense fight with strong runs and big headshakes up circled a big silver ghost. 115cm and 14kg of GC jew! Absolutely stoked! I took the otoliths (jewels) out and have donated them to NSW DPI’s Research Angler Program who will cut them and estimate the fish’s age. I’ll post the age when I get the info back
  4. @benno573 you were the nearest by far! Well done! There’s a few biology degrees in that work whiteboard too
  5. It’s been a while but the otoliths have been sectioned. Pics below. Moses: Hussar: I estimate the number of growth rings for the Moses at 28 or 29 and hussar at 33 or 34. If each ring represents one year of growth then they are both old fish! 89532590-4100-4464-9444-A58A8ED7CB9B.tiff 714F997B-31D5-4991-BC4A-5DDC7FA0D6A7.tiff
  6. Latest batch. Red wings and backbone
  7. I’ve been smoking a fair bit lately! Been getting the scraps from my mates’ reef trips. Wings, belly and backbones especially. It’s a great way to use flesh that would otherwise go to waste. Here’s a few pics.
  8. @Junky that’s my mate’s boat. I haven’t fished out of it yet - I took the photo from the other boat. Yeah they look pretty raked back now you mention it. He travels with his rods on the deck so don’t think he’s lost any yet. Bound to be some sword crossing with 4 guys on a boat!
  9. Update: we’ve let the otoliths dry out for three weeks or so, and blocked them (one of each species) in polyester resin. The drying makes the rings more obvious. The reason we block them is so we can cut a section through the centre of the otolith with a low speed saw without crushing the otolith material. Two more weeks for the resin to harden then we will cut the sections. I’ll put some pics up of the rest of the process.
  10. @DropBear it’s the top of the spine where it meets the skull. Love the cracking sound
  11. So here’s a bit of interesting info. In my report I said the hussar measured 50cm on the boat. In the lab the frame measured 48cm total length. Fish do shrink after death, especially when placed on ice. There have been numerous studies done in Australia showing this, including on Qld species like coral trout. Fish can shrink around 2cm in the first 48 hours. Cool hey!