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  1. Hi all. I'm new here. After some advice/ recommendations. I'm wanting to get my first boat. There are so many options out there it's overwhelming. Will be looking at spending between 5k and 15k. (Mrs wants me to spend 5k. I want to spend 15k. Hopefully we can meet in the middle ) I will mainly be fishing places like Moreton Bay, Brisbane river. occasional trip to Moreton Island. I'm thinking I would need a tinny or similar around 4m minimum.. Most of the time it would just me me and a mate fishing but need to be able to take wife and kids for fun as well occasionally. Being able to get in and out easily is essential. stable / Safe for kids. Would like Electric Start /Trim and Tilt. Comes with or able to bow mount an Electric Motor. Easy to fish from / Stable. Not sure if Tiller or Side Console or Center Console.?? Pros / Cons ? Easy to launch / retrieve. Is there any brands to steer clear of ? How old is too old ? Whats the maximum age of a boat/motor that you would steer clear of ? Any recommendations or starting points on what I should be looking at that meets the above would be much appreciated.
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