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  1. Update - Took the boat to Birkdale Waste Station on Sunday. Pulled up with the boat and they told us they dont allow it on weekends coz its too busy. They told us we could see the weight of the car and boat together because we were on the weighbridge at the window. Said we would need to come back during the week to weigh just the boat...... So we took note of that.... 3400kg Drove a couple of minutes away.. unhitched the boat and drove back in with just the car.. This time was 2450kg. So the boat weighs approx 950kg! just a bit over the 750 for a non braked trailer. ! I'll have to look into getting a braked trailer now or adding Brakes to mine. It's annoying as I specifically asked the guy I bought it off if the trailer need a roadworthy and he assured me it was fine as it was under 750kg. I asked him about the weight of the boat when it was raised here. He said he had owned the boat 15 year or something and had it registered in NSW for 10 years and then transferred to QLD reg 5 years ago. He said he remembers having it all inspected for the rego transfer and they didnt say anything.... Anyway not much I can do about it now. Still happy with the boat. Disappointed I'll have to spend money on the trailer now instead of boat mods.!
  2. Thanks guys, I got 2 quotes to get it weighed. 1 from a mobile guy who comes to you for $200. And another local place for $90. But now found out the Birkdale Waste Station has a weighbridge you can use for free. I'll give that a go at the weekend. Thanks
  3. Thanks Ray. Thats an interesting though. Someone else said they though it might be over the 750kg... I live in Birkdale. Are there any public places I can take it to get weighed ? What would be the cost do you think to get brakes put on the trailer ? Thanks
  4. Thanks everyone. So far I'm really happy. Only taken it out once so far. Now to start on some Mods! Need to put some more storage in it. Going to get it buffed. Add a second battery and LED lighting for night fishing. I'm sure the list will be endless. Biggest thing though is learning how to reverse it properly and launch / retrieve myself! Brother in law is an experienced boatie and will come out with me while I learn the ropes.
  5. I finally got a boat! 17ft Mustang. Transom and floor rock solid. Motor pretty old but seems good. Took it out Saturday and it ran awesome. Caught a few fish as a bonus. Needs a bit of a tidy up but I'm really happy with it :)s
  6. Thanks Drop Bear. Much appreciated
  7. Hi Drop Bear, Thanks for the response. I would mainly just want to use it out in Moreton Bay. Fishing areas like Peel Is etc. Would mostly just be me and a mate fishing . occasionally 2 mates. And every so often take the wife and 3 young kids for a day to Coochie or Horseshoe bay or something like that. Would be good if it could get across to Moreton Island but guessing I might not get something good enough for the money I have.
  8. Hi guys. Firstly thanks for the replies to this thread and apologies for not replying. Things changed just after this post and the hope of getting a boat went out the window. Now it's looking good again. Only have between 3 and 5k to spend though. I am now thinking of a fiberglass half cab. I'm thinking would be better suited to when I take the kids out with me. . I'm looking at these 2 at the moment. Would anyone have any thoughts on either of them ? https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-view-details.html?adId=1211086952 https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-view-details.html?adId=1217569493
  9. Hi all. I'm new here. After some advice/ recommendations. I'm wanting to get my first boat. There are so many options out there it's overwhelming. Will be looking at spending between 5k and 15k. (Mrs wants me to spend 5k. I want to spend 15k. Hopefully we can meet in the middle ) I will mainly be fishing places like Moreton Bay, Brisbane river. occasional trip to Moreton Island. I'm thinking I would need a tinny or similar around 4m minimum.. Most of the time it would just me me and a mate fishing but need to be able to take wife and kids for fun as well occasionally. Being able to get in and out easily is essential. stable / Safe for kids. Would like Electric Start /Trim and Tilt. Comes with or able to bow mount an Electric Motor. Easy to fish from / Stable. Not sure if Tiller or Side Console or Center Console.?? Pros / Cons ? Easy to launch / retrieve. Is there any brands to steer clear of ? How old is too old ? Whats the maximum age of a boat/motor that you would steer clear of ? Any recommendations or starting points on what I should be looking at that meets the above would be much appreciated.
  10. leigh123