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  1. Thanks I'll keep an eye out for conditions and give it a go in the next few weeks when we get a few good days. Was not planning to go out this weekend, I try to avoid weekends due to the old " no matter where you fish someone always drives over your lines within 5 meters of you" :). Cheers
  2. Thanks for the replies and info.. much appreciated. @ellicat... I think some of those threads are maybe what scared me... Im not sure why but I have some hesitation about going past Comboyuro Pt... must be due to the "crossing a bar" psychology. I've been to the Barwon banks in my boat with no issue but this seems to put me off for some reason.. most likely the moving shallows. With that said a swell of 1 meter ish, and wave height of .5 or less is an ideal combo? How much different is that from 1 meter swell and 1 meter wave height? in terms of comfort? Would a Westerly and or south westerly wind be the preferred wind direction? with an incoming tide? Cheers
  3. Hi, thanks for the reply... 1 - I've been boating for around 15-20 years 2 - quite well experienced in the bay (mostly northern end but most places in between ) go out around 1-2 times a week at the moment. 3 - much prefer smooth water, I normally go out with my father (70+) or kids and none like to choppy or getting too wet I've had this boat for 4 years and free time has always been against me in getting to use it due to work.... but now with all the travel restrictions I am limited in my work / travel so have more free time and am getting on the water more and more and finally getting to use the boat properly. 'Im confident in the boat, its a well build plate boat, but 'Ive read the cape can be great or dangerous so I guess I'm looking for guide lines on when to go out and see or to stay in the bay. Cheers
  4. HiI have a 5.5 meter plate centre console and am looking for some advise on what weather reports to look out for wind direction/speed and swell combinations for fishing out at the Cape / Hutchies Reef?I'm looking for something as a guide that will be relatively smooth / safe, it does not have to be glass (although nice) but not wanting something too rough to keep it comfortable for the family.Whats the max / min between the combinations to keep an eye out for? Ive seen weather reports where I assumed it would be bumpy to see it flat...and vice versa.Leaving from and returning to Scarborough.Any advise appreciated.Cheers
  5. khunaus