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  1. Bulldogs195461 I am also looking to get into kayak fishing. I’ll follow this with interest. I’ve been looking at kayaks from Baysports and Weekend Warrior. Good luck
  2. I read something once and can’t remember where or produce supporting facts, but I read an article about a bloke having similar problem as you. He was advised to use a quality 95 or 98 fuel (Shell, BP, Caltex) in his boat and to stay away from 91 and E10 being sold at cheap servo’s. Can’t recall the reason why, but I can remember that the bloke changed his fuel and had no further problems. Sorry I can’t produce supporting facts, just relaying something I read.
  3. Just out of curiosity, what fuel are you using and where do you get it from ?
  4. I’ve just had a quick search and everything you want is possible and available, but not for $150 to $300. Do some searching and you’ll find you need several thousand dollars more. Good luck
  5. Very sad to see someone’s boat go up in smoke. I’m glad a got off without injury. When watching this on TV, at the end of the segment I had to laugh when the owner said to one of the rescues, can you take GPS markings for me. I laughed thinking there will be nothing to salvage.
  6. Good morning. I hope this is the correct place to ask this. I’m interested in having a go at kayak fishing in and around ocean bays etc. I am a boat owner but looking to try something different. I live in Sydney My questions are 1. Are there good and bad brands (I’m looking middle of the road) 2. I’m looking at the sit on top type and weigh 100kgs so what size should I be looking at (length / width) 3. If buying second hand is there anything I should be looking out for. Thanks in advance shakey
  7. Always anchor up off shore over reefs up to 100 metres. Otherwise drift depending on current and wind speed. If to fast head to shore for a cold beer. I’ve a 5 metre cuddy cabin with 115hp. If decent breeze about the wind gets into the cabin area which then acts as a sail.
  8. Good morning. Move always used alvey’s, the occasional spinning reel and yes hand reels. I recently purchased a couple of overheads for different fishing from my boat. My question is how do I clean overhead reels, what do I need to do and is there anything that I have to pay attention to.
  9. shakey55

    Tinny Search

    Why does everybody always say - ’The downside is, it has a two stroke’ I’m sure that several years ago boaters didn’t walk around saying ‘oh I wish someone would invent 4 stroke outboards cause I dislike 2 strokes. They are and always will be a good motor - yes more fuel but that has always been the same. Just my thoughts
  10. shakey55

    AFO Stickers

    How much interest would be needed to make it worthwhile. Perhaps you could put out a general post asking s king who would be interested and how many stickers they want. Get a price, back to the people and if still interested request upfront payment I’d be happy to do it, but I’m not well known and I’m not sure the followers would send me money.
  11. shakey55

    AFO Stickers

    I’d be interested in some quality AFO STICKERS for boat and maybe one for the car
  12. shakey55

    AFO Stickers

    I’ve been reading a lot of the old boating reports and some have mention AFO STICKERS. can you still get them and if so how. Thanks
  13. shakey55

    Life Jackets

    Thanks for all the tips and advice. As my jackets are brand new I have decided to self service again on this occasion and look into having them checked by professionals in the winter. one of my jackets went off in the boat so a new mechanism was called for. FYI if you are looking for any cylinders or auto triggers I found the below to be the cheapest. they are a massive sports store next to IKEA at Tempe/Sydenham, NSW
  14. shakey55

    Life Jackets

    Thanks Old Scaley just manufacturers recommendation the jacket are like brand new. The cylinders are all okay by weight. No fading, no fraying everything good. I think I’ll do like you and self service and plead ignorant if questioned