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  1. This is the link to NSW rules on Boat Lighting. I would assume the same rules apply in other states
  2. I gave Lowrance the flick years ago. Have since been a Garmin man and they have never let me down. Currently running a Garmin 75dv with thru-hull transducer
  3. Not much better in Sydney. Wind generally getting up around 20 knots most days. Sunday/Monday look the best at the moment
  4. Thanks Drop Bear and AUS-BNE, I should have explained a little better. I have seen on google earth that the upgrade has been completed (some time ago). I read a couple of years ago that there was the occasional trailer being stolen from here by the local shite heads. I’ve never used this ramp but was thinking about driving to here, putting in and giving the boat a good run down the river to Botany Bay. Thanks again Mick
  5. Greg - I know this is a few months old, but can you tell me what brand Bluetooth battery monitors you purchased and where from. Thanks Mick
  6. There is a boat ramp behind the old Flower Power on Newbridge Road, Moorebank called DAVY ROBINSON BOAT RAMP I’ve been told that ramp has been done up in the last couple of years. My question is - Has anyone used this ramp recently and what is it like.
  7. shakey55

    Fishing Kayaks

    Not getting it on my iPhone Greg
  8. Hi Greg, if you have te time could you explain or provide a like about these Bluetooth battery monitors. I’m interested. thanks Mick
  9. @fishingnut are you still looking for a kayak
  10. shakey55

    Transom Height

    Whatever you have made looks weighty. What weight is it and what boat you hanging it off
  11. How good is that. Skill
  12. shakey55

    Weld Quality

    Consider getting some of this to fill in the crack on the inside. A mate used a similar product on a jerry can while on a outback trip a few years ago and it’s still good today.
  13. Old Scaley - I have the Garmin 75 dv and I can’t fault it. Screen is big enough for me and I run it with a thru-hull transducer 600watt. You will not be disappointed in my opinion