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  1. Yeah I found the same. No macks but a couple good squire. Water temp was up as well so not sure where they were...
  2. Well done and standard for you. Eastern bank of the new area or sticking to the old zone?
  3. timtam_


  4. @kmcrosby78 we got raped by trumpeter near the shippy channel on Sunday last week. Sounder was alive. Thought we were bang on top of the wreck but maybe not..... no big fish.
  5. Wayne, trip sounds amamamazing. You'll have you bases covered no doubt. +1 for sh*t latch. Replaced mine on top with a gate latch and cut the top of it off so it sat down as low as possible to the drawers. +1 for annoying **** falling behind the fridge. Pack smart and you can minimise it (camp chair straps and sleeping bag cords are the worst). But that will happen no matter what fridge slide you have. Only way to get around it @tugger and @kmcrosby78 is what the real touring setups do with a lightweight cage around the fridge that takes up next to no space, allowing the fridge to have its own little compartment and stuff can be thrown in all around it. Very jealous Wayno
  6. Meter Murray Cod is my fishing pinnacle. And meter jewie and snapper would be nice. So would a 60cm creek/river Jack. My good mate mike caught a 140cm jewie in front of the port last week. Saw it on a brag mat and everything. Funny thing is that we've dropped a couple of them there over the last few months and never knew what they were. Spot X Hopefully planning to get one soon. Just picked up a new lowrance Ti which should help.
  7. Seen gooooooooooood catches of tailor on the dusk bite around woody point small blue pillies on a two gang. I'll be in the fresh myself chasing Sara
  8. @Drop Bear have you ticked a murray cod off the list? Nothing I've ever caught hits like a cod.
  9. Love it @kmcrosby78. Remember legally the white light has to be the highest point on the boat if I remember correctly. What size engine, hours, and how much did the package set you back? Well deserved
  10. Thanks for the replies everyone. @kmcrosby78 - the Severn System near Atholwood. Might try the Dumaresque system next time but haven't looked into as of yet. @MSB - Beer was implied @Nog - I threw a surface mouse around for half an hour but with limited time I thought we should focus on the cleaner pools even though I knew there still had to be fish there. Will probably persevere with surface more next time! @Luvit - Definitely hard yards. Just makes me want to do it even more. Your new england reports - what system were those?
  11. Still waiting to see a piccie or have i missed it??
  12. Howdy ladies My previous post hunting for Murray cod hints didn't shine a light on anything for me so brother, father, and myself planned to shoot down to Northern NSW to try our luck at finding some green fellas. Getting the Friday off work helped with the 6 hr drive and by the time we arrived we couldn't find a chance to wet a line as all the waterholes in the immediate vicinity were covered with weed. Not looking good Saturday morning we slept in probably too long and weren't fishing until 8am. 3k walk to the first waterhole and gee she looked a treat. Clear water, no weed, lots of snags and boulders everywhere. and no bloody fish! On Saturday we covered nearly 12k's in some pretty hairy country. Up and down escarpments, through gorges, jumping from boulders to others which in hindsight wasn't the best idea considering how far we were from help. We retired at 3pm with no fish, no bumps, no morale left Decided to dry our luck in a separate arm of the river on dusk but again, ultra-clear water (6m+ visbility), with no run and no fish. Sunday morning was our last chance so we woke up to a warm 2 degrees Celsius and were fishing by 5:45am. First Pool. No Fish. Big walk to next pool. Second Pool. No fish. Another big walk to next pool. Dead goat in the river bed. Last Pool. FISH. Finally, as we reached the last corner of the last fishable pool before we had to make the trek back to packup and be home in time for the footy, we got lucky. I say we because while I was the only one to actually catch a fish, it was a team effort and we all deserved to see one of the critters. He took a liking to a red spinnerbait, slow rolled just over the top of the visible weeds on the bottom. Honestly felt like I was in a dream when I hooked up. I just kept saying "YES, YES, YES, I'M ON, YES". Got the little fella to the bank in time for some happy snaps, then off he went to go back to sleep. I lay down and took it in. We understand that the fact there was so much weed, no run, no water movement at all, and such low water levels probably put the cod into a hibernation of sorts. We plan to go back as soon as the river has had a good flush and the dirty water has cleared up. Thanks for reading apologies for the lack of photos
  13. Love it!! Cockle Banks are on my list to hit up. How deep do you fish and at what stage of the tide?
  14. Spewing i missed the topic before this mornings session. Decky #2 landed this thick flatty going 61cm!! I know it won't count but hey, they're there! Thats two weekends in a row with flatties in the boat over 58cm's. Should give the Southsiders a kick up the bum this year... uppa the north.
  15. Very nice. I know of the blokes. What retrieve style?