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  1. Drop Bear

    giveaway Aquarium Give Away

    They are pretty cheap anyhow so Not to worry. It was a lot to set up yesterday. Takes quite a few hours to get the shells and get all set up. I probably should try and minimize stuff not get more
  2. Drop Bear

    giveaway Aquarium Give Away

    Ok great. I just used a bucket yesterday and it worked out really well so I think you are right a smaller one is better.
  3. Drop Bear

    New Boat For Ozfish

    Here is a pic of the boat and a few of the gang restoring oyster reefs in Moreton Bay.
  4. Drop Bear

    New Boat For Ozfish

    Hey Gang, It looks like we will be purchasing a cracking oyster punt for OzFish over the next few days/weeks (depends on a few things). Punt is 8.6m long and 2.6m wide. YEW It comes with a, not running, 2004 Evinrude etec 75. No idea of hours but it has been on a work boat so will have a lot. There is barnacles and other growth on the leg and prop so it has not been well looked after. We are not paying for the engine. The guy selling says it was working that night but didn't next day and thinks it is an electronic problem. The boat is supposed to weigh under one ton with motor and fuel. So my Questions are; Are you as excited about owning an oyster punt as I am? (parties, fishing etc) Any tips on best place to get an abused 2004 Evinrude etec 75 serviced/fixed? We are a charity so hoping to be cheaper options. Also we would like to get a trailer. Hopefully if engine works out we will have about 5k to spend on it. I can weld... Would a second hand shark cat type trailer work if we re built the super structure? Name ideas? Comments and thoughts? Best cocktail recipes? TA
  5. Drop Bear

    Lure Or Jig Head Protection When Travelling

    haha pro tip though. I need to do that to my eski so it doesn't slip on the floor. Do you think I need to screw the velcro to the eski so it doesn't peel off?
  6. Drop Bear

    south queensland F Day

    haha I bet the ramp will smell even sweeter with all those forkie deposits.
  7. Drop Bear

    south queensland Catching Freshwater Eel

    I use a heavy hand line with a hook at about 3/0 ish and a ball sinker. Subtle rigs are not required. Best baits for me are meat that is tough to get off the hook. Chicken hearts are a cracker if you can get them but I have done very well on venison. I don't like soft baits as I find they can mouth the bait and get it off without you knowing. As for baits I cut them up and bag them individually before freezing them. Bigger is better
  8. Drop Bear

    fishing Oz Day Weekend - What's Your Plan?

    Yes Where is that?
  9. Drop Bear

    fishing Oz Day Weekend - What's Your Plan?

    Yum!!! I might go tomorrow. Anyone wanna come?
  10. Drop Bear

    This Is Why I Fish Out Of A Boat.

    Same. Seeing the big sharks hit the bait balls at Harvey the other week put a new perspective on sharks and oceans.
  11. Drop Bear

    John Devitt Threadline Lubrication

    I need to do a lot of my reels that are grindy. I also had a reel that went grindy after the first days use. It didn't get wet or anything. I wonder if this is the same thing? I will pull it apart and let you know.
  12. Legends. Well done especially the 27 adult Saratoga. That must have been a big effort to grow them to size and release them.
  13. Drop Bear

    victoria Whiting Fishing Report With Video

    I wish we got king George whiting up this way
  14. Drop Bear

    victoria Whiting Fishing Report With Video

    Nice one mate well done.
  15. Drop Bear

    south queensland Fingerling Release NPD 13/2/19

    Happens to the best of us.