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  1. Its hard not to swear and feel like I want vengeance when I hear these stories.
  2. Stand up, dust yourself off, have a quick drink and get back on the field.
  3. Drop Bear

    Nrl 2020

    Wash your mouth out! How dare you talk truth to the Broncos.
  4. All questions are welcome. Herring and mullet are not the best live baits but they are pretty much all you will get if you are land based and they will often work well. If you burly up you might get some live gar, These are better IMHO. Also if you can get live prawns they are boss. Moon... big question in not many words. Here is some opinion. I know that crabbing before the full moon in the mangroves in the shallows gets you more crabs than after the full moon... I feel that some fish wont go into the shallows as much when there is a full moon... Some fish school up more at a full moon... I haven't really answered your question sorry. I don't believe there is an affinitive answer. The full moon makes it easier to fish at night so more people fish at this time and I wonder if this sways peoples opinion of its influence? Like people could say that "I caught this on the full moon therefore full moon is better fishing?" but scientist will tell you that coloration does not equal causation. It also gives you a full tide just after dark so this can be influential. Dunno sorry. I hope someone smarter than me picks up the baton.
  5. Pelican park is pretty good. There is a funny reef that you would want to watch but it has a pontoon and plenty of parking. Its not a big one.
  6. Mate I never knew you went to the dark side and used bait!!!
  7. Hey Goooooodluck, Welcome to the forum. Some great catches there mate, you are doing something right. No one catches fish if the rods are in the shed. Best advice is to keep at it. For bigger fish try bigger baits. Tailor can be caught using pilchards and gang hooks. If you can jig up some herring at the jetty or cast net for some mullet, live baits are great for Trevally, Jew, Cod and lots of others.
  8. Cracking mate. What a great spot to explore. Do they allow petrol motors in there?
  9. Great stuff. It is a great knot in the right place. I love to tie them in 20 - 40 lb line but hate them in 6lb or under. I just do a uni to uni for very fine line. They are beautiful for lure casting as the slim size lets them fly effortlessly through the guides where other knots make a scary sound.
  10. Yep it was living in one of the pipes. I knew it was there because there was a midden of shells and dead crabs out the front
  11. Did you get out mate? I had to go to the lease to pick up some oysters. I towed lures for about 4 hours for 1 bonny... But I did catch an octopus at the lease so eating well tomorrow night.
  12. Nice one mate. Enjoy. Sounds like a fantastic project.
  13. I didn't realise it was school holidays so trip had to be cancelled as we cant find a place to throw a tent haha. BBL Do you have any local info on the controversial building stuff at the point?
  14. Mate it looks good on Google. I cant work out how to share street view but there is a nice ramp and a good pontoon there.
  15. Dunno the baitjunkie ones soz. z-man are good. I have been using the Gobblers ones lately as they are made in Brisbane by an AFO member. https://www.gobblers.com.au/