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  1. do ps3 games work in ps4 machines?
  2. Would you recommend it? Looks very interesting
  3. Nice one mate. I hope all the talk about la nina will see it back to full capacity.
  4. A lot of people eat them. They are only considered moderate on the eating level. They are often eaten in curries and soups. Just don't get spiked by them. Ouch. Bream normally shoulder the scats out of the way to get to the turds.
  5. Great session mate well done. You are an inspiration to us.
  6. Looks like broadband will see an end to these magpie perches for good! I wrote a little poem this morning, inspired by your post; If wishes were fishes, I'd have scales on my dishes. I'd be kissed by the mrs and covered in riches, The one small glitch-is that wishes ain't fishes. If wishes were fishes they would ask who's big ship is too big to pass bridges all dripping in bitches but the one missing trick is to find where my bliss is and turn turn wishes to fishes Ok I will keep working on it haha.
  7. Bravo well said old sagey one. (I said sage not saggy) There was some pretty hot banter at times and it was great that it was all taken in good humour. I am disappointed that I didn't get a big Mackerel... I gave it a hell of a go and caught over 70 undersized school Mackerel trying. Great fun. Please don't be disappointed if I turn down the offer of the trophy... another plastic thingo is not for me but thanks for the offer.
  8. I have done Mud, green, straddie and even Moreton in my last boat, 3.7 Stacer with a 15 hp yammy. I would only do this on the best days and always tried to be home by 10am to miss the shore breeze. A 3.7 is good for most days at Wello. Mud often gets more exposed especially in a northerly. So while you can probably do all that you say you want to in a 3.7... a bigger boat is nicer. I now have a 5m and love it. Admittedly it cost me an arm and a leg and a... but I love it. The down side is it is a bit harder to put on the trailer but not much really. I won't look back and I won't get a 3.7 for Moreton Bay again.
  9. Amazing report mate. If you put this much effort into your assignments you must be killing it at school. Its great to see you having so much fun with it and kudos to your dad for patiently taking you out. Mine never did Thankfully my grandfathers both loved to fish. Thanks for the report.
  10. Drop Bear


    I am yet to shoot or even eat a Sambar. We get Reds up where I go. Nice stuff mate thanks.
  11. Thanks so much for organising it. It was the best year I have been involved in. So many people got involved. I think I had 3 fish that people beat. Great stuff. Great fun.
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    Mate that is doing it well. Well done! I love venison. What type are you getting?
  13. Drop Bear

    Nrl 2020

    Yep we are all chipping in for a 60 foot sailing cat. I thought you were ok with that?
  14. Drop Bear

    Nrl 2020

    Hopefully Fox will go broke and we get it all back on free to air.
  15. +1 with ellecat its a cat shark. They are good eating. Bleed well and gut straight away. Best to freeze them first as it helps but can be eaten immediately.
  16. PM sent. I hope this message works on your back too...