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  1. Ben_849


  2. Hey mate. Welcome to the forum i’d love to tell you I could help with marks, tips or even skills but I don’t have any of that, don’t think I’ve caught anything but bream in the last 3 years, the lizards must see me and laugh ! im 34 as well, married with a couple of kids so my wife (and I ) made the decision to sell my boat. if you ever need a deckie I’m always keen, love a beer and a good yarn, live in Wilston. Another plus is a holiday house down Kingscliff, great place to float the boat from. anyways I just felt like I filled in a dating application cheers ben
  3. Ben_849

    south queensland Northern Bay Trip March 3rd

    Great read & pics well done
  4. Ben_849

    south queensland Stonefish And A Lure

    reminds me of a time I went fishing with my old man and neighbour at lake glenbawn the old neighbour jumped off he side of the boat when we came ashore and all we heard were screams he got 2 barb hooks straight through his coin purse joke was on me though I had to stretch the skin while my old man pushed the barbs through. Thats a repressed memory I now regret bringing up
  5. Ben_849

    Dodgy Mechanic Warning

    Hey guys and gals thought I would share with you a lesson I've just learnt i recently had my boat 'worked on' by a guy who looked like he has reasonable reviews in the tweed region simple task, disconnect my pre mix oil for my 2 stroke and allow me to pre mix well after nearly choking my neighbours to death and really poor engine performance I took my boat back to John Crawford marine to get it looked at properly Oil system wasn't actually disconnected, only the bar that dictates the oil mix value (25:1/50:1) was removed not only was I pre mixing but the engine was still feeding in an unknown amount of oil. my laziness of not taking the bot back to the regular maintainer cost me a reasonable Sum of $$$$ (not looking forward to the minister of finance finding out how much I spent) the guys name is Paul and his number ends in 285 Never cheap out on you maintenance as boats are just not forgiving cheers ben
  6. aweaome write up me and my mates are headed there on Saturday, haven't been there yet so going be interesting !
  7. Ben_849

    Where Are All The Females??!

    My Mrs loves coming out but only likes four hour sessions max cause she doesnt like the thought of peeing off the boat
  8. Ben_849

    North Pumicestone Passage

    Fishing from my boat anywhere from Bribie down to tweed usually looking for some sort of structure or drifting across weed beds mixed results fishing with bait. Generally get a feed, and enough action to consider the day as fun. it is most likely a combination of lacking skill, knowledge and patience. im not giving up though, ill probably bite the head off when fish ill be that excited when I eventually fowl hook an unlucky fish that happens to swim on by!
  9. Ben_849

    North Pumicestone Passage

    All you people with soft plastic skills kill me i am feeling like the stereotypical guy with all the gear and no idea i can't remember catching anything but bream in the last 3 or 4 trips driving me batty
  10. Hmmmmm ive had more failed sessions then successes in the tweed. but tomorrow might be the day! weather is supposed to be mint! boat is full up tomorrow but plenty of chances for a deckie in the future if anyone is interested
  11. G'day guys im off to kingscliffe for the weekend gonna take the boat out if you were down near the border where would you go for a fish only really interested in bread and butter species like lizards and bream and anything else unlucky enough to get fowl hooked 5.3m bow rider with 115hp so out to the reefs isn't an issue although I'm not overly keen on going for an explore without someone to hold my hand and stroke my hair thoughts??
  12. Ben_849

    Epirb Auction - AFO Donation

    I'll bid a 100 ponies
  13. Ben_849

    North Pumicestone Passage

    Know the pain caught plenty of fresh water fish on lures but still have a big fat donut hanging over my head for fish with soft plastics really frustrating the hell out of me good session for 90 minutes in those conditions
  14. Ben_849

    That Time You...

    What the .....! that would have hurt like nothing else
  15. Ben_849

    NPD 21/8/16 And Brisbane River Rockwall

    Great sessions beats my duck on the tweed this weekend even worse than a duck was the loss of a rod when I let the throttle out for a bit...sigh