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  1. Haha I wish . all I have is a 4.2m blue fin but it gets me out to the reef and back ......
  2. So just like snapper ...... Top fishing Dinodadog looks like you had a ball ......
  3. I've got the 5 to 8 kg 7' with a biomaster 5000 , I use it on snapper down here in Vic keep an eye on the guide frames even with washing after every trip mine went green ......
  4. G'day fisherman is that rod a Shimano nano cranx
  5. I'm still using ugly sticks that I bought back in 1988 ......
  6. all the best .......... Shingles knocked me flat for a month
  7. well after I went in the one of the local takle stores and having a look at the airdX I have been kicking around the idea of having 1 REEL good bream bashing reel and have been eyeing off the 16 Certate in a 2506 and it's in the $450 budget . so is there anything else I should be looking at .
  8. I'm thinking of having a change and going from shimano to daiwa and am liking these Daiwa Aird X as they look a good reel for the money so if you have one how long have you had it and what do you think about it . will be replacing my stradic fi x 5 cheers D
  9. yep I'm all green after seeing that ..... good one
  10. yes it is a trim tab you adjust it so as to have no pull on the steering at wot or the speed you cruise at the most it is up to you and yes it is also an anode
  11. deye223

    Need Advice Pls

    don't know about that but try cleaning ALL the white powdery stuff out and then replace the hardware with teff gel and then check it in about a month and see how it is going.
  12. deye223

    Need Advice Pls

    yes me too it's very good stuff. and what is being talked about is not electrolysis it is galvanic corrosion .
  13. deye223

    Need Advice Pls

    so you bought a boat without a test run 1st ........ your a gambler then . the answer to both questions is at your local boat chandery shop . cheers
  14. deye223

    Bow Catcher

    seeing as i'm always on my own when i go fishing i figured i better make it easier the MK11 bow catcher i just finished knocking up .