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  1. Hey wilson If you get stuck mate send me a pm and I will show you around pumicestone passage between Bribie Island and the mainland, nice area and calm water and some good fish to be had, plus xxxx and bundaberg rum to be drunk msb
  2. Mate what sort of fish is that big red beast called
  3. Welcome to the site BZH, you need to get onto Luvit on this site, he has a lure business called "Gobbler Lures" I am sure he would like to expand internationally!!
  4. So none of your good spots then
  5. Robbie I dealt with a heap of Kiwi steelfixers in my time in business, funniest thing ever happened was when I got a call from one of my Kiwi steelfixer clients and he said you need to get down here, all the plastic bar chairs you supplied are crap they are melting in the sun, so I got my arse to site and sussed out the problem, I turned to him and said mate it is in the middle of summer and having 6 x 130 kg Kiwis standing on the bar chairs is not ideal, they all had a good laugh after taking the piss out of me, ended up having to stay down the coast I ended up that pissed
  6. your a kind man Luvit, he should buy a heap of Gobbler lures for that info
  7. Hi Robbie, check you messages mate regarding Monday MSB
  8. Hi Shanty, if you fished the Wellington Point area years ago you are most likely familiar with the ledge that runs from King Island to Green Island, start there mate and do what kmcrosby78 suggested, still good squire and grassies in the general area, but yeah mate no one is likely to give up any hard earned marks MSB
  9. Beautiful fish Ge_off, they are excellent eating so if you catch a legal one give it a go you won't be disappointed
  10. Hi Drop Bear , can I let you know on Friday mate, thanks for the invite Ron
  11. Ray sounding a bit like Israel Folau, but I see his point
  12. sounds to me like your fattening him up for something Luc
  13. You don't work for the Government do you chrz