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  1. Absolutely brilliant ellicat
  2. MSB

    Trailer Security

    Thanks for posting this one ellicat, bit easier then the system i currently have MSB
  3. MSB

    Kayak (which One)

    The chicken you cooked for the Donnybrook trip will tip him over Benno
  4. If you don't want to eat those moses Brad I will have them
  5. Mate I will take a couple if they are 32cm +, you are correct they are excellent eating, wasn't aware of the difference in growth rate between the different species so thanks for pointing that out, hope you catch a few
  6. Hi Dropbear Age of bream for the length is a real issue for me , I just don't take them regardless of length, fillet of a so called legal bream is piss poor , from what I have read a legal bream is aprox 10 years old, not worth the effort, sorry mate don't mean to spoil your party
  7. Hi ellicat looks like it would work on the same principal as the old tackle back does for retrieving lures?
  8. Brilliant stuff Allnighter, I used to fish that area with my Brother in Law in the 70's & 80's catching snapper just like you have in your hands, keep up them posts MSB
  9. you are a a gem ellicat
  10. Wherever you are moving to Bennno, make sure you stay safe and send us some fishing pics MSB
  11. You are a wonderful man Robbie, the oysters are lucky to have you , so is this site Ron
  12. I'm a generous guy Robbie, I will help you drink your alcohol if you wish
  13. Hey wilson If you get stuck mate send me a pm and I will show you around pumicestone passage between Bribie Island and the mainland, nice area and calm water and some good fish to be had, plus xxxx and bundaberg rum to be drunk msb