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  1. MSB

    fishing North Stradbroke Island

    Thanks to everyone who provided some information on this post, much appreciated. MSB
  2. MSB

    Granite Belt Cod, who wants to catch one?

    You should have put your hand up 6 years and 6 months back Robbie and you would have probably got the gig
  3. MSB

    fishing North Stradbroke Island

    Good to hear you will wear a vest now, last thing we can afford is to lose the oyster restoration project main man to the sea
  4. MSB

    fishing North Stradbroke Island

    Awesome pictures, however I am going to chip you for not wearing your life vest Robbie
  5. MSB

    fishing North Stradbroke Island

    Fabulous info Robbie, much appreciated, will have the wife with me so won't be getting on the rocks at this time, have to stick to the sandy areas although I reckon I will put in a night session or two in front of the Amity caravan park and of course she will want to see the dolphins every freekin night we are there
  6. MSB

    south queensland Burrum Heads

    Hi Brad If you need anymore info to supplement what Scaley has told you, there is a site called Active Angler which has a good bit of info about Burrum Heads, might be of some help to you MSB
  7. MSB

    fishing North Stradbroke Island

    Those puppies along Main Beach sound interesting
  8. MSB

    fishing North Stradbroke Island

    Thanks Scaley, exactly what I needed to know, more a casual fishing adventure for us, wife loves the ocean so all the info you have provided me is great, thanks again MSB
  9. MSB

    fishing North Stradbroke Island

    Thanks Ellicat , no fourby unfortunately and as for fishing off the rocks I would be stretching the friendship with the wife, will take your advice and take some bait with me, only looking for a reason to have a line in the water so bread and butter fish will be the go, I reckon they taste the best as well
  10. MSB

    fishing North Stradbroke Island

    Thanks Cros I will do that
  11. Hi Everyone Going to Stradbroke for a week in April with my wife to celebrate 45 years married, we both like a fish , however we have never done any beach fishing before and wondered if anybody on the site could let me know some relevant information on the place, we will be based at Point Lookout, would also like to know if I can pump yabbies anywhere or a place to buy good bait or should I take bait with me, not after anyones fishing spots just some general info. Thanks in advance MSB
  12. MSB

    Do I Take The Doeruperer?

    Your a wise man Robbie, or your scared of Mr's Drop Bear more then you are letting on
  13. MSB

    south queensland Where To Go?

    Sorry, forgot the pic
  14. MSB

    south queensland Where To Go?

    School jew mate, usually get a run of them up to 5kg mid March to mid May, best bait is live prawns fished on a fine guage 2/0 suicide type hook, just lightly hook the prawn in the second joint up from the tail and wait. Picture of my Grandsons first schoolie caught late 2018 attached, fish wasn't legal so he went back in to grow some more but just a beautiful fish to catch.
  15. MSB

    south queensland Where To Go?

    Renegade is good mate, enough room for 2 , bit cramped with 3, but since I only fish with my Grandson it suits us fine, I went across to the dark side and put a 40hp Evinrude Etec on the back, and although to date the motor has run faultless, if I had my time over again I would have stuck with the Yamaha 40hp four stroke, Yamaha was as quite as a singer sewing machine, Etec not so MSB