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  1. Couple of things stand out for me in your post Scaley, first is, you really don't need 2kg line to catch whiting, second is, your Mum and Dad never had a TV hey!
  2. True Scaley True, by the time they finish reclaimation for the port we will be able to walk to Mud Island.
  3. Might interest anyone that likes local history MSB History of the Dredging of the Brisbane Rive.pdf
  4. Nice bass Dino, don't lift heavy batteries mate
  5. Just finished my fourth Captain Morgan & coke, I prefer fishing, gardening and drinking piss to climate change, one thing I am confident in, is that no one has a clue whether climate change is real or natural or what is the cause if it actually exists, depends which multi national is paying which scientist to say whatever, time for another rum & coke, why am I drinking Captain Morgan during the middle of the day you might ask, answer is because I can Good fishing to everyone
  6. absolutely awesome Drop Bear
  7. Good to see Toga in the dam Dino thanks for the post
  8. HI ilyb You don't say whether you are bait fishing or lure fishing and what species you might be chasing, as a couple of guys have stated on the thread, braid will generally break at 50%+ over what is stated, so if you genuinely want to fish light and if you are fishing the estuaries and you are bait fishing , my personal opinion is stick to mono and if you are dead set serious use an IGFA rated mono, that way you are guaranteed it will break at the line rating. I haven't commented on braid as I fish bait 90% of my trips and only ever fish estuaries, fishing deep water with braid would appear to make good sense as with no stretch you will feel the faintest of bites, but same deal applies using braid in deep water, if you think you are fishing with a 10kg breaking strain line, your are not, more like 16Kg . My opinions only, don't want to start a s*** fight. MSB
  9. Hi tom, terrific post mate, I am also going to try my luck with these suckers this winter as I have a couple of perfect locations in pumicestone passage I can try, thanks for a great post MSB
  10. Maybe a bit of Captain Morgan would also assist with recovery process Dennis
  11. Robbie is that your personal jet in the background
  12. Hi Jon You can catch them on the surfside at Bribie, you will need to head north of the surf club about a kilometer, my Grandson chases them during the day so they are there MSB
  13. Keep the tips coming, great work
  14. what a great response natang, funny thing is, Robbie hasn't denied none of it