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  1. Ellicat is onto it. Those cliff gaffs are used all the time at Steep Point. Probably best to find a tackle retailer in WA or make them yourself.
  2. Thanks guys, Just did a recce of Shorncliffe pier and the Tinci Tamba wetland boardwalk area yesterday in the guise of teaching my son how to drive ... A bit blowy at Shorncliffe which is expected. No-one catching anything. Nice day out though. The Sandgate area is a bit upmarket eh ! Not too shabby living down there. Cheers, Steve
  3. Thanks for your efforts here. I really enjoy your work. Seriously.
  4. I wouldn't mind visiting the same sort of area in these holidays with the kids too. I'm using Google Maps to try to locate an area. (I'm in Toowoomba). What's below the Bullocky's Rest area? Is it all mud flats ? Can one use a kayak in the area safely? Are there any bridges or rocky breakwaters or something to scramble across? I would prefer saltwater fish. A jetty or three would be good ...
  5. I spose things would be a bit less terrifying if drifting overnight using a drogue ?? I guess it does mean you are at the mercy of the current ..
  6. Well back in the day my father used a different product but this was in the NT with crocs. I've heard it worked on all species but I can't see it for sale anywhere. My dad called it TNT ...
  7. and as far as using them for bait is concerned ... just put them in the freezer until required (whole) and chop them into a couple of bits for shark ?
  8. So you catch them like fish ! Weird to say the least ... I'm a West Australian and we don't have eels. This is kinda weird - especially the slime thing. A hook on some really small line then ...
  9. Hi all, How does one go about catching eels for bait ? I see a pdf from Fisheries that details a proper net but I can't see too many of you with that arrangement ! Does one need a license ? Rgds, Steve
  10. Gad, I don't know whether you are being serious or not I'm afraid. But you are bloody funny. I think if I'm not going to catch fish I should make it a mission to meet some of you guys eh ! Sure makes a change from other sorts in our general community we have to put up with on a day-to-day basis. There are a number of interesting / good people on this forum.
  11. No worries Junky, I must admit that those Sea Adex boats are the ones to beat at the minute in my opinion for a number of things but not economy nor speed. Australian Longboats will beat them on economy and speed (but lose to them on a bunch of other things). I want a mix of the two ... A skinny Sea Adex. My intention is to call into the Sea Adex workshop very soon just to have a squiz.
  12. Thanks for the replies, I did think it might be because of the swell. I do appreciate that one can feel queezy on the Tangalooma Ferry. To some extent it won't matter what the shape of the hull nor the size of the hull if the wife and kids don't get out much. If there is no clear winner then the seasickness will only ever be solved by getting sea legs I guess. You guys are the guys to ask though, not any salesperson !!
  13. Hi all, Can I ask for trailerable lengths of aluminium boats - particularly in the 4.5 to maybe 6m lengths - does hull design make much difference in terms of seasickness ?? Another way of saying it is, 'Will the ultra new designs incorporating a negative chine make things better or worse as far as seasickness is concerned' ? Cheers, Steve
  14. Yes to all of that ! I have managed to rig the seat to be less laid back which is a good thing ... Tippy is a problem for sure. My first go at it and my son had accidentally crushed an electrical cable under the motor mount and I had intermittent power along with jet ski waves and I thought it might be best to operate with the bungs out ... altogether the worst case scenario ! The bungs allow one to drain water from the deck of a sit-on kayak through the hull in a normal situation. It might be more buoyant if I jam them into the kayak to prevent water coming up through them. I reckon 2 x 20 litres of pipe / tube under but near the waterline at the wider parts of the kayak will offer some stability and also some floatation. 40 litres = 40 kgs approx and would compensate for the battery. If nothing else, it has been a father-son project sorta. One where the father does everything and the son watches on ...
  15. Righto. Saltwater test has been effected at the Gold Coast eventually. Kayak is suitable for younger kids really at this stage. It sits very low in the water. Long story but we acquired a 100Ah AGM battery so decided to power the kayak. We bought a secondhand Watersnake and I built a CAD laser cut structure with the help of a local welder of repute. I wired up the Watersnake via some 50A Anderson plugs. The steering was upgraded to have steel cable on the foot pedals also. 42 pound thrust Watersnake. Needless to say, the battery and Watersnake make the kayak sit very low in the water once I get into it. I'm about 96kgs. So I might strap some aluminium tubes underside to give buoyancy. We didn't even try the fishing rods coz it was a very low ebb of the tide. All we were doing is grinding the prop onto the gravel. The local jetskis nearly tipped me over too. I think the speed might get up around 5 knots ? The range might be a good number of hours at speed but to this point in time we haven't ventured very far. The seating will ensure I can't use it at all. I'll need to be a lot more upright to prevent a very sore back I'm afraid. Photo !