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  1. Milpool

    south queensland Catching Freshwater Eel

    If you're ever on the Gold Coast, Arundel bait and tackle sell them frozen. At least then you don't have to deal with the horrible spawns of Satan on the end of your line.
  2. Milpool

    south queensland Where To Go?

    Yeah as I gain a bit more confidence I'll head downstream. I just want to catch a jack before the season is done.
  3. Milpool

    south queensland Where To Go?

    I got my yak wet for the first time last Saturday morning in the Coomera and it was an awesome spot for it, perfect morning too. I launched from Brittany Reserve closer to the weir, followed the run out towards the M1 then back with the change of tide. Didn't catch anything because I'm a **** fisherman and was more preoccupied with not going in the drink but there was definitely fish around. Only problem could be with timing, the later it is the more watercraft out there. You're probably more confident out there than me though. Let me know how you go if you end up down here, would love to see some fish caught!
  4. Milpool


  5. Milpool

    Rod Advice - Ugly Stik Rods

    I've been looking at the 4 piece raider rods too, they seem perfect to just leave in the car instead of having a two piece tied to my cargo carrier and always being mindful of it getting damaged. A hard case and small enough to chuck in a my drawers sounds perfect. Let us know how you like it!
  6. Milpool

    south queensland Jumpinpin 15 Sept

    Just in time for the flathead classic next week. My boss was out there but they only got 7. He went to the seminar at Doug Burt's a couple of weeks ago and the flathead guru (forget his name) says most of the big lizards will be caught in that foot of water depth.
  7. Milpool

    south australia Braid Or Mono?? Ehhh.....

    It kinda sounds like you're trying to turn fishing into a computer game and I think you'll lose interest pretty quick if it isn't working, there's not really an 'aquire this, this and this and you catch this' play book. For the drone drop unless you plan to forever be dropping, then reeling in then dropping again (which sounds like more time setting up than with a line in the water) I think you'd be best off with bait.
  8. Milpool

    overseas Papua New Guinea 2018

    Some cracking fish in there! What was the biggest jack? Sorry to hear about your dad, hope he made a full recovery. Still looks like a great trip.
  9. Milpool


    Thanks for the tips guys, I think I'll go the cost effective mono route seeing how I don't do a lot of surf fishing, hopefully something's biting!
  10. Some great fish in there! Good to see plastics doing the job too, really seems to be a whole new breed of fishing.
  11. Milpool


    Instead of starting a new thread I may as well ask here; I'm going camping in Ballina next week and will be doing some beach fishing if all goes to plan. I've inherited a Okuma Salena sa65 that I'll use instead of buying something, just wondering what line people recommend for surf fishing? I believe there should be some tailor around, not sure what else could be around there.
  12. Milpool

    south queensland Snap Out Of It

    Phwoarrrr, there's some horses in amongst those, awesome fish!
  13. Milpool

    south australia Question Regarding Fish And Distance

    My boss has a phantom something or other he bought specifically because I believe the bait dropper attatchments are only to suit the phantoms. It may have changed since then but definitely something you should research before spending your hard earned on one that's not compatible. He got his off gumtree, came with extra batteries and not many hours on it and was 1000 so not a whole lot more than a new cheap one.
  14. Milpool

    south queensland Coomera River Species?

    Keep us updated on your Coomera catches! I live in Oxenford, Coomera river is the closest thing to me and seems to have a good array of species but I'm a terrible fisherman, yet to get anything from the weir.
  15. Milpool

    south queensland Stonefish And A Lure

    Hahaha how unfortunate! Oh well, back at it!