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  1. Thanks Jon & Junky, appreciate the advice and recommendations!
  2. Love the science on this Andrew, really interested to see the result!
  3. Cheers Jon, do you think I should drop the Saltiga to the 4500 or even 4000 in terms of better all round use?
  4. Hey All, Looking to put together a combo I can use for stickbaits and poppers on the reefs just off Yeppoon. We do an annual trip there for 2 weeks a year, but I also want to be able to use the rod through the year for various applications around Moreton. Thinking a Demon Blood V2 792 XH and pairing it with a Saltiga 15 5000H. This would give me a rod I could throw medium to large stick baits on and still fish for Tuna, Mackies and Snapper on (maybe a bit heavy but could do it). The reel would be light enough (though still powerful) to use around Moreton but is it too light for Yeppoon (do I need to go to the Expedition 6500?) Most GT's you might hit up that way are 10-15kgs so while I recognize I might be light for a 20-30kg pelagic I am not overly concerned about that. Guess what I am asking is for some confirmation this combo will cover both my needs or any feedback on why it won't and what you might recommend instead
  5. Welcome to Australian Fishing Online!