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  1. Fisherman's gear

    Wavebreak Island Social 25th To 28th January

    Hi Tugger, read a lot of your great report and catches on this forum. How does one like myself attend the social event without a boat? Is it too late to sign up for it? Thanks
  2. Fisherman's gear

    south queensland Stunning Day On Lake Samsonvale

    Thanks DB, I think i have accidentally caught them use cast net before from Brissy River. How do you hook them as bait? What sort of rig do you set up for bait bass fishing? Will it just be like running sinker for normal breams?
  3. Fisherman's gear

    south queensland Stunning Day On Lake Samsonvale

    Awesome report Drop Bear, i have never done any fresh water fishing myself, but reading your report tempts me to give it a go. Solid catches. 1 question there, it sounded like you were using shrimps for bait, are they like those little weird looking prawns with two white claws? Or they just like prawns but live in freshwater. Thanks.
  4. Fisherman's gear

    Fisherman's gear

  5. Fisherman's gear

    south queensland What A Disgrace!

    The coward knew it was too dark to film him. I will still love my fishing, already re spooled my reel and ready for next trip. Appreciate your love mate.
  6. Fisherman's gear

    south queensland What A Disgrace!

    Apologies in advance for this rant, but i feel like i have to alert our fellow fishos of this very disgusting act I encountered tonight. Got to Colmslie Jetty just before dawn, threw out a couple of rods with livies, tide was high, wind is right, everything feels alright for a good night fishing session. All together there were about 6 of us fishing off the jetty. Everyone seemed to enjoy staring at their rods even though nothing was biting. The peace was shattered at around 8pm. As i was tying up a lure, I saw a tinny with this d***head on it, came out of nowhere, drove right towards the jetty, flew by the jetty about 3 to 4 metres in front of all of our rods at full speed. The next thing you know, everyone's rods start to scream, 2 of my spools were gone instantly(had 2 125 yards braid), my dad had a line cut on his hand as he was trying to save one of the rods from being dragged into the water. Yes he didn't stop after all of our yellings, instead he went on in a circle and stopped next to a sailboat moored about 30 metres in front of the jetty. Naturally, many f and c words and a combination of both were shouted out. It was too dark and too far to see what the guy look like or his boat details, but we made sure he heard us alright. 2 mins later, he came back the exact way he went out with our lines and tackles and livies as if he was taunting us, that we couldnt do anything to him. I saw this c***'s face and his dog stood on the tinny triumphantly, he didn't not stop at the pontoon just drove on. What a gentleman! eh, all these time he didn't talk or respond to us at all, let his actions did all the work. After that, i didnt have enough lines or baits to continue, the other guys left as well. We were all utterly grossed out by this act, all these years of fishing, sure there were times where boaties accidentally took my line, but you could tell they were not on purpose. This guy was definitely on another level. There were a few boat come and go when i was there, but most of them were far away from the jetty. My dad has never seen anyone like this in his 4 decades of fishing experience here nor overseas. He was outrageous as well, I had to pretend that my two new spools of braid were very old and needed replacing anyways, to calm him down from having a heart attack. I mean, really, who wouldn't be pissed.... I would understand if we were fishing of the pontoon, which will cause inconvenience for boats, but we were on the jetty fishing legally and morally, he just had full intention of making sure none of us could fish. I really hope this doesn't happen to anyone else... Thanks for hearing me out.
  7. Fisherman's gear

    south queensland How To Avoid Catfish

    Thanks mate, i might start using floaties.
  8. Fisherman's gear

    south queensland How To Avoid Catfish

    How do you keep your bait off bottom? I normally just use a running sinker and 80cm fluro leader with a single hook.
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