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  1. Appreciate that Scaley, you have been helpful as always mate. I think what i do wrong is probably I drift fishing a lot in these areas as I dont have an electric motor and afraid to lose my anchor there, which result in a lot of snags like you said and not a lot of fish. Or i use no sinker the bait just drift on the surface with the boat. Looking to explore the electric motor option soon, hopefully I will score a tuskie. Thanks again.
  2. Hi Old Scaley, any tips on catching Tuskies? I have fished for them for a while, never caught an undersized one even. I even trapped some small live crab just to target them to no avail. I think i am targeting them on the right area around bay island where there is a lot reefs and broken rocks, but i don't have the result to back it up. Can you give me a couple of tips?
  3. Very good read Wazza. Question though, when you say float a pilly out, did you mean float it under a float or ballon? or small to no sinker let it drift down the water column.
  4. Old Scaley, thanks for your input, this is exactly what I am looking for. And my plan is also leaving early 5ish, and come back by then. Probably takes me 2 hrs to get there and back from Port as my boat only does 18kts on a good day. Thanks a lot mate.
  5. Thanks Ellicat, I think i will start seeing doubles if it goes to 15 knots. I will stick to below 10 knots for now.
  6. Google found me this old thread. Got myself a 4.3 stacer with 30hp 2 stroke. Been having a burning desire to go somewhere other than inside the river and southern bay, especially chasing mackies in measured mile. My question is how do you pick a good day as many of you mentioned here. I am looking at this Thursday, will I be able to make it out and back safely? Thanks everyone.
  7. Nice catches Dino. Can you eat these fish? How do they fare in the plate? How would a 4.3 tinny handle the fresh water in a gusty day though? I have never fished fresh water myself. What's there to look out for? Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi Daryl, Any chance we can listen to this again somewhere? Just got into fishing for Tailor. Sadly missed your show.
  9. Nice photos mate. I found big arrow squid hard to catch too, see them around a lot but just won't take any jig you throw at them.
  10. Hi Benno, Can you shed some more light on how/where to catch them? Fished around Wynnum Jetty plenty of times, seen a lot of other types of crabs but never a soldier crabs. Do you catch them with your hands or set a trap? I have only caught them down the coast when i go pumping some yabbies.
  11. Hi Tugger, read a lot of your great report and catches on this forum. How does one like myself attend the social event without a boat? Is it too late to sign up for it? Thanks
  12. Thanks DB, I think i have accidentally caught them use cast net before from Brissy River. How do you hook them as bait? What sort of rig do you set up for bait bass fishing? Will it just be like running sinker for normal breams?
  13. Awesome report Drop Bear, i have never done any fresh water fishing myself, but reading your report tempts me to give it a go. Solid catches. 1 question there, it sounded like you were using shrimps for bait, are they like those little weird looking prawns with two white claws? Or they just like prawns but live in freshwater. Thanks.
  14. The coward knew it was too dark to film him. I will still love my fishing, already re spooled my reel and ready for next trip. Appreciate your love mate.