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  1. Thanks mate I’ll have a look at that over the weekend. Do bass like any bait or is my best chance of hooking them with lures ??
  2. @Nickflud i should have tiem to get out over easter too mate, im based in beenleigh adn usually fish the albert. Have you heard of any other spots?
  3. @Drop Bear that was meant to be new area wiht some success
  4. @Nickflud May be another week or two before i can organize a trip out at the weekend mate. you fished for carp before ?
  5. Hey all I ended up heading back home to ireland at short notice but back on the river now, went out again at the weekend tried a new swim wiht some success, but far too many turtles. Might give it another shot on friday morning
  6. ErinGoBrach


  7. Never mind i figured it out October November sounds good. Know of any one who's fished the banks ?
  8. Where the hell is Forgan Cove ? Already have SIPS too.
  9. Hey All Any progress on a get together? Id be keen to join in, only got a kayak recently but loving getting out in it
  10. Im planning an early start out there in a few weeks just have to go check out a spot to land the Kayak mate, or may just hit the banks at ceder creek
  11. Hey guys finally got my ass into gear and got back out on the Albert. Got myself a Kayak to try some ares a little further up river, no luck in the lower reaches but have finally found a few carp above the weir. Good sizes too. All dead and buried so i will be heading back to get hooked into a few more. Great fun and great fight out of them too as i expected. Any one keen to join me for a few carp??
  12. Thank's mate, will remember that for the weekend, im defenitly not a fan of the cat fish.
  13. Hey @ellicat im fishing the bottom, looking for big Carp mate, Heading back out at the weekend or tomorrow to try the weirs or further up stream. river runs a little too hard close to where i live so need deeper water i think
  14. So the Albert is full of Cat fish?? no Carp tonight just barbing little bastards of Cat fish laid down some bait for tomorrow hopefully a little ground work and i can get some feeding tomorrow night.