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  1. I've done a fair bit of research already and know most of the ins and out, I even have a couple of quotes (going to be north of $20K one way for the record), Just wondering if anyone here has any experience with a specific broker, I'd like to get some first hand accounts before leaving my prized possession in the hands of strangers for that kind of trip.
  2. Well to update, I signed the contract this week and I'm moving to Brisbane. I'm looking for a shipping broker to help me get my boat over, anyone have any suggestions?
  3. Thanks for the replies. Yes Aussie, that's kinda what I was afraid of with the SPB, I draw more than a meter and weigh 9 ton, don't really want to risk putting her on a sand bar. In your opinion, is the pelagic fishing off the top and outside of Moreton Island comparable to Gold Coast? might be a simpleton question but my experience is limited in both areas. Cheers,
  4. Thanks for the reply. Yeah i've looked at a couple charts and sat photos etc. I have little experience in the area but I have been around the bay a bit and have been to Moreton Island but never been over SPB. I have been through the seaway in GC once and seemed good, it would be ideal for obvious reasons. Leaving the boat in GC would probably also save a significant amount of fuel at 80L/hr considering there are marinas within a couple miles of the seaway, just not sure if I want to drive 1.5+ hr each way every time I want to mess around with the boat.
  5. Guys, New to the forum, been doing a lot of catching up. I am contemplating a move to Brisbane from North America for a career opportunity and I'm looking into the logistics of mooring a boat in the area. I recently bought a Carolina Classic 28 and I don't want to part with her so I would like to have her shipped over if we make the move. If I do that, where would be the ideal place to moor her? I enjoy most kinds of fishing but, Ideally, I would like relatively easy access to offshore fishing for dolphin, billfish, tuna etc. But not have to drive or fly hours and hours to use my boat. My wife and I would both be working in Brisbane CBD almost full time with some flexibility, I would like to keep the commuting down to an hour so living in GC or SC is probably out of the question. Is it practical to access the ocean via SPB on most average days in a vessel like mine? would it be more practical to moor my boat down in GC and drive down to go fishing? I would love to be as close as possible to my boat as I love working on it and keeping things tip top. Here's a picture of my new ride for good measure. Cheers, Harper
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