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  1. I've organised a charter out of Evans Head in March. Looks like i'm going to get my first ever mackerel.
  2. I'm at Yeppoon and we sometimes see these and other Mackerels in Winter/Spring around our waters but they haven't shown up for the last few years. So best get myself down to SEQ or Nth NSW to tick these fish off my Bucket List.
  3. My wish list for 2020 is: 1: To catch a legal sized mudcrab 2: To catch a Mackerel (Spotty, Spano, any) 3: To catch a Barramundi 4: To catch a Threadfin Salmon 5: To catch anything other than a catfish, ANYTHING. All 5 are seemingly impossible, but i just keep on trying.
  4. I'm so jealous stuck up here in Yeppoon. Cant wait to get down there one day soon.
  5. I'm heading down south to chase mackerel too soon. But more towards Gold Coast & NSW as the Macks don't seem to come up the coast anywhere near Yeppoon. So i have to go chase them down there.
  6. Very nice. Wish we had fish like that here around Yeppoon.
  7. Yes, we get heaps of undersized males, and thousands of female crabs. Sometimes 10 big females in each trap. I only zip tie the tops shut if i leave overnight. But don't like doing that, prefer to crab on an incoming tide, both day and night, and work the pots up gutters, creeks, and into shorelines as the tide advances, check every hour or 2. Change baits as it get chewed, i normally use mesh bait bags to slow down the destruction of my fresh baits.
  8. Far from crab heaven, to many pros up here, even when you get many many miles away into what you would consider a remote areas the creeks and gutters are just littered with hundreds of pro crabbers pots. Hard to find a spot even some days.
  9. Thanks LeoB, ive always used ultra fresh high quality baits. Im just starting to think that this area like most in Qld these days is overfished.
  10. Been trying unsuccessfully to catch a legal Mud crab for a couple years now, and with Christmas coming up I thought i'd have another try at them. Apparently they come in around Yeppoon / Port Alma when conditions are suitable, im just wondering what baits work best? As I've used mullet, whole & half etc, (cut a bit to let juices flow), Chicken frames, mackerel heads & reef fish frames from the seafood shop, Roo tail & even a tin of cat food. But nothing has worked. Any other suggestions?
  11. Never hear of them being caught around here much.
  12. Dam, I'm all the way up at Yeppoon, :-(
  13. Surely these fish head up to Qld occasionally?
  14. or even over the border into NSW, apparently they are thick down there in the summer time
  15. Spanish is one of my dream fish to catch. Will be heading to SEQ after Christmas with my new boat to try find myself one.