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  1. We drive up to The Entrance on Friday coming and will be staying Fri/Sat/Sun nights. Its a birthday treat for the wife We will be staying at Rivere Apartments and will have 2 grandsons with us aged 5 and 8. Would appreciate any tips on the fishing there. We will have the boys fishing. Thanks in advance John
  2. Being a pomme you will have to tell me what congi meat is mate. Never heard of it. Planning to back there fishing with the wife tomorrow. I will tell you now that she will outfish me John
  3. Cheers boys,a yellowfin leatherjacket it is then John
  4. These are my 2 previous leatherjacket captures. A chinaman leatherjacket http:// A fan bellied leatherjacket http:// John
  5. Caught this leatherjacket in Narrabeen Lagoon yesterday and was wondering what type it was ? Have caught chinaman leatherjackets and fan bellied leatherjackets before but this species is new to me. Quite happy as it is my 47th ozzie species now John http://
  6. It did try and bite me ellicat. Will be well happy not to catch another one ever again !!! http:// http:// The stingray I was able to pick up like this as its tail had been docked by a previous captor. http:// John
  7. Did catch a pike eel once when we were staying up at Noosa. It really was a horrible thing. I was covered in slime by the time I got it unhooked. Also caught my first stingray there so that was 2 new species on that trip for me. John
  8. With a brief break in the torrential rain decided to head down to Narrabeen Lagoon for a couple of hours. Our daughter kindly dropped me off there on the school run http:// As I had done well at Pelican Bridge previously,decided to try there again. Set up a running leger with a small oval weight and a short 6lb fluorocarbon trace. As there seemed to be a lot of pickers there opted for a small hook for starters,a no 8. You can catch a big fish on a small hook but you cannot catch a small fish on a big hook Using squid for bait cast towards the middle and let the bait trundle down in the current. Within seconds had hooked up into what seemed like a good. sized fish on my light gear. It was a decent bream. A quick photo on my phone and back it went. http:// In the next hour I managed to catch 4 more bream,one being as big as the first,the other 3 being much smaller. It was virtually a bite a cast and I was still missing a lot of them. Next up it was a small tailor. http:// Oh well it made a change from the bream Just before I was due to pack in caught a decent sized whiting which made a pleasant change. http:// A most enjoyable little session with all fish carefully returned to fight another day. Lets see what the weekend brings,need to get the grandsons out fishing again. They do enjoy it. Here are a couple of images from our last ozzie trip. Joshua giving advice here to younger brother Theo. http:// Joshua here with a bream. Have taught them the importance of putting fish back and conservation http:// John
  9. Great info,many thanks for that guys John
  10. Wow what a great fish,bet that was some scrap !!!! We are thinking of heading to Brizzy for the Easter weekend,unfortunately we will not have time to fish there. Not having been there before we will spend our time sighseeing and catching up with a few friends. Planning to book somewhere right in the city centre so what places can anyone recommend us to see in the city. Cheers. John
  11. Yes the creek is fresh water. Have seen/fed quite a few eels in it. One is really big and must be well over 10lb in weight . Would have a fish for it if it were not a "local pet". No wonder it has got so big John
  12. A neighbour here at Warriewood has just told me that he has seen carp in Narrabeen Creek !!! Does this follow that there are carp in Narrabeen Lagoon ? John
  13. Thanks for the positive id ellicat looking forward to my next session now. John
  14. Decided to have a few hours at Narrabeen Lagoon yesterday so bought some fresh squid at the local fishmongers and arrived there at about 10am. Started off on the northern bank and set up a simple running rig on 6lb mono. It was shallow close in so waded in and cast from about 10m out. Narrabeen Lagoon really is a stunning location to fish http:// I fished here for a while with only 2 small bream to show for my efforts. I simply shook these off at the waters edge Time for a move. I moved futher east along the shore heading towards "Pelican Bridge". This was my next fishing spot. http:// This spot was much deeper and I fancied my chances,a pal of mine had caught a couple of good flathead here a few days earlier. I gave it about an hour here,missing 2 decent bites. There were a couple of good fish at this spot jumping clear of the water - I think they were mullet. While wading at this spot I spooked a flathead in the shallows which was nearly 2 feet long !!!! Headed off the "Pelican Bridge" next and set up at the bottom of Woolies car park, http:// Here it was virtually a bite a cast but I could not hook up. I suspected they were small bream so dropped the hook size to try and confirm it. I did eventually hook up but got a flounder not a bream. Could you ozzie fishos confirm it is a flounder please ? I carefully unhooked it and back it went. http:// It had been arranged for grandsons Joshua and Theo to meet me here straight from school for a quick fishing session. I rigged up a second rod the same as the first for them. Just in time as ]the boys turned up seconds later. Check out 5 year old Theo,he looks well happy here. http:// 8 year old Joshua was well made up also http:// At this point Joshua hooked into a really good fish but after about a 2 minute tussle it bit him off. Think it must have been a flathead Double trouble http:// Just to prove I was there here is "grandad" giving Joshua a helping hand. I even deserted by beer to do it http:// Not a very productive day fishwise but most enjoyable. Looking forward to my next fishing session. John
  15. Got my NSW fishing licence now just need to find some time to wet a line somewhere John