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  1. Great info,many thanks for that guys John
  2. Wow what a great fish,bet that was some scrap !!!! We are thinking of heading to Brizzy for the Easter weekend,unfortunately we will not have time to fish there. Not having been there before we will spend our time sighseeing and catching up with a few friends. Planning to book somewhere right in the city centre so what places can anyone recommend us to see in the city. Cheers. John
  3. Yes the creek is fresh water. Have seen/fed quite a few eels in it. One is really big and must be well over 10lb in weight . Would have a fish for it if it were not a "local pet". No wonder it has got so big John
  4. A neighbour here at Warriewood has just told me that he has seen carp in Narrabeen Creek !!! Does this follow that there are carp in Narrabeen Lagoon ? John
  5. Thanks for the positive id ellicat looking forward to my next session now. John
  6. Decided to have a few hours at Narrabeen Lagoon yesterday so bought some fresh squid at the local fishmongers and arrived there at about 10am. Started off on the northern bank and set up a simple running rig on 6lb mono. It was shallow close in so waded in and cast from about 10m out. Narrabeen Lagoon really is a stunning location to fish http:// I fished here for a while with only 2 small bream to show for my efforts. I simply shook these off at the waters edge Time for a move. I moved futher east along the shore heading towards "Pelican Bridge". This was my next fishing spot. http:// This spot was much deeper and I fancied my chances,a pal of mine had caught a couple of good flathead here a few days earlier. I gave it about an hour here,missing 2 decent bites. There were a couple of good fish at this spot jumping clear of the water - I think they were mullet. While wading at this spot I spooked a flathead in the shallows which was nearly 2 feet long !!!! Headed off the "Pelican Bridge" next and set up at the bottom of Woolies car park, http:// Here it was virtually a bite a cast but I could not hook up. I suspected they were small bream so dropped the hook size to try and confirm it. I did eventually hook up but got a flounder not a bream. Could you ozzie fishos confirm it is a flounder please ? I carefully unhooked it and back it went. http:// It had been arranged for grandsons Joshua and Theo to meet me here straight from school for a quick fishing session. I rigged up a second rod the same as the first for them. Just in time as ]the boys turned up seconds later. Check out 5 year old Theo,he looks well happy here. http:// 8 year old Joshua was well made up also http:// At this point Joshua hooked into a really good fish but after about a 2 minute tussle it bit him off. Think it must have been a flathead Double trouble http:// Just to prove I was there here is "grandad" giving Joshua a helping hand. I even deserted by beer to do it http:// Not a very productive day fishwise but most enjoyable. Looking forward to my next fishing session. John
  7. Got my NSW fishing licence now just need to find some time to wet a line somewhere John
  8. Settled into our daughers here at Warriewood now. Applied for our fishing licences online last Friday,annual ones. Just waiting for them to arrive in the post. Busy sorting through the fishing gear in the garage to see what I need,if anything. My new mob no is 0410697327 in case anyone wants to get in touch Its grandson Joshuas 8th birthday tomorrow so will be heading to Pittwater RSL to throw a party for him. I do love your RSL clubs here in Australia We will having a few scoops I am sure John
  9. Many thanks for that comprehensive reply Benno,its much appreciated mate. Will be taking all of your ideas on board As soon as we arrive will be applying for a yearly fishing licence for the wife and I,think they were 30$ last trip. Under 18s do not need a licence under NSW regulations. Looking forward to fishing with the grandsons again Watch out for my fishing reports on here Benno. John
  10. Have fished Narrabeen Lagoon a few times during our last few Australian trips. It really is a lovely place and great to take the grandsons to. They have caught bream,whiting and puffers,even the wife caught some. Was wondering if lures are worth a go and if so what type ? We fly out 06 Feb for 3 months and will be staying at our daughters at Warriewood. Any of you fishos live around there and fancy showing a wrinkly auld pommie barsteward the ropes feel free Have caught fish by the caravan park and just upstream of Pelican Bridge. Will add a few images from trips we had there Grandson Joshua getting some casting tuition from his dad. http:// Me and my good lady. http:// Grandson Joshua giving grandson Theo a few pointers http:// Joshua with a bream http:// Dorothy with a whiting,as usual she outfished me !!! http:// John
  11. A big kingie would be nice but any chance of a shark do you think ? I know there are plenty inshore John
  12. Just 9 days to go now till we fly out - not that I'm counting During our 3 month stay I do have a charter trip organised out from Sydney. Its a 6 hour deep sea fishing experience with Sydney Sea Charters,Rose Bay. Anyone been out with them ? It was a Xmas gift from my daughter. John
  13. Drop Bear,just watched an ozzie travel show here in Pommieland "Cruising with Jane McDonald". She was in Brizzie and it has won us over - I think. If we come up your way will message you Would be good to meet up. How far away are you from the city ? John
  14. Its the dodgy Sydney one I was referring to Drop Bear My ozzie fisho mate was a great sport,do not think he possessed a pair of shoes either Ollie was fearless,he targetted sharks off the shore a lot. Once we set up at dusk on Manly(Sydney) beach and Ollie paddled out a large bait on his surfboard whilst I let off line on his shark rod. He overturned at one stage but managed to dive down,get his bait and remount his surfboard. A total nutter. Will add a few images from that session for you http:// http:// http:// No shark takers that evening but I managed a few bream and my very first tailor http:// John
  15. The Damper was mint Drop Bear and looking forward to some warm ozzie sunshine. Cheers John