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  1. Hi Folks, Currently sorting out some fishing gear that's been in storage for a while. I've got quite a few spools of line (not reel spools but the spools the line comes on when you buy them). What's the best way to tie these off so that the line doesn't unravel? Cheers, Chris
  2. No, it's all black. Can't remember when I got it - probably mid-90s. Made in Sweden and seems to be pretty good.
  3. Hi Folks, Just got back from Lakes Entrance. Was fortunate to fish Bunga Beach and managed to land a nice salmon. I'm currently using a Butterworth surf rod (15ft I think) with an Abu 7000C overhead reel. The combination work well however there's one problem - lots of crabs at Bunga that constantly steal the bait. I was talking to a local who was using a shorter, lighter surf rod (around 9-10ft) with a lure. The rod was a lot thinner and "whippier" than mine. Just wondering what people would recommend for using with my 7000C in the surf with lures? I'm thinking of something around 9-10ft. Cheers, Chris
  4. Hi Folks, I'm about to head to Pambula for the school holidays with my partner and seven-year-old daughter. In my younger days I spent a lot of time fishing at Phillip Island (Victoria) as my parents had a holiday house there (Smiths Beach) and my late-Father was a very keen rock fisherman. When my parents (sadly) sold the house at Phillip Island I kept all the fishing gear which has been in storage for quite a while now! I have three rods - a surf rod, a boat rod and a light rod with a matching small spinning reel. I've also got a handline. Just wondering where people would recommend for fishing around Pambula/Merimbula for me (surf/rocks) and also for my young daughter (maybe a pier where she can use a handline). Any info appreciated - times, tides, spots, bait, etc. Cheers, Chris
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